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th Annual Elementary School Swim Meet took place February 3 rd, 4 th and 6 th On February 3 rd Victoria North (Districts 61, 63 and private. Swimmer, Current Age, LSC, Club, Time, Date, Swim Meet. 1, Gloria Kuang .. Cailin Wong, 9, MR, New York City Aquatic Club, , 10/19/18, MR LIE Octoberfest Swim M .. Sylvia Albuquerque, 10, MA, South .. Braelyn Reese, 10 , VA, H2okie Aquatics, , 4/20/18, HYCAT Odd Age Group & Sen. Metro Aquatic League City Swim Meet Results. Results from the Metro Aquatic League City Swim Meet. Read More.

Hillcrest Elementary captured the public school championship. At the Western Canadian Junior Championships in Edmonton Andrea Ranson 1 st in the 50 free, 1 st in back consolationBrad Johnson 4 th in the 50 free, 6 th in the freeWayne Bonsdorf 4 th in 50 free consolationNeil McKinlay 1 st in the free consolation, 1 st in the IM consolation and Bill Winram 5 th in the IM consolation. With one day left VicO was in 5 th place overall.

After the first day the VicO team was in 10 th place and dropped to 11 th after the second day. The team finished 13 th overall after three days of competition. Wayne Kelly finished 2 nd3 rd freestyle, 3 rd fly Serge Score finished 3 rd in the breaststroke, 2 nd breaststroke, Jon Kelly 2 nd IM and Pam Rai finished 2 nd 50 freestyle. VicO also finished 3 rd in the women s 4 X Medley Relay while the men s team finished 3 rd in the 4 X freestyle relay.

This was also the first year for the junior championships to be run on a Canada wide basis. The Cohoes finished 3 rd overall at the Championship. VicO finished 6 th overall and 4 th in the Women s score. Jon Kelly 3 rd free, 2 nd IM, Kim Bey 3 rd back, 2 nd back and Pam Rai 2 nd 50 free, 1 st fly medaled for the club.

Jon Kelly swam in the Pan Pacific Championships in Tokyo August 15 th 18 th and was part of the Freestyle relay team which finished 2 nd.

The year-old Victoria native collected three gold medals Sunday to close out a triumphant three days at the event hosted by the Canadian Dolphins Swim Club.

Delaware Swim Team Presents their Kick-Off Classic A/BB/C/ Trophy Meet October 22-23, 2005

He also had a first metre backstroke and second individual medley Friday and another gold Saturday in the 50 freestyle. Other swimmers representing the club were: The meet's overall title went to the Vancouver Dolphins with a point total of The Vancouver club has won 17 of the last 19 B.

Age Group Championships which are held twice a year. About 50 clubs, 30 from B. A contest was held to design a logo which would be used for caps and other items. Colours to be used were blue and green. This was the last National meet where VicO swam as a team, after this they competed at a national level as Island Swimming. This was the first national meet where we competed under the Island Swimming banner.

Anne Barnes from Island Swimming won the 50 Backstroke, backstroke and finished second in the backstroke. The women s team finished third overall and Anne and Jon Kelly, 2 nd fly, were selected to the Pan Pacific team where Anne finished 5 th in the Metre Backstroke while Jon finished 4 th in the Metre Fly. Also, please note the following: Except where venue facilities require otherwise, changing into or out of swimsuits other than in locker rooms or other designated areas is not appropriate and is prohibited and The use of audio or visual recording devices, including a cell phone, is not permitted in changing areas, rest rooms or locker rooms Page 4 of 16 5 Meet Times: Thursday evening, doors will open at 5: The rest of the meet, doors will open at 6: They will be ed to participating teams and published on the meet website.

Page 5 of 16 6 Warm-up Procedure: Warm-ups will be divided into two 2 thirty 30 minute assignments with teams being designated lanes depending on age groups and team entries. Warm up assignments will be ed to coaches one 1 week prior to the meet and will also be posted on the RBY Swim Team web site.

Feet first entry will be required and swimmers must enter the pool from the starting end. Lanes that are shared will have the last five minutes of warm up designated as sprints. The Competitive Coordinator and the Meet Committee has mandated that all entries be submitted with appropriate proof of times. Swimmer Check-In Scratch Procedures for preliminaries: Scratches for preliminaries will be accepted the day prior to that session and the coach has the ability to modify those scratches at the computer podium 15 minutes after the start of warm-up for each session.

Scratch Procedures and penalties for timed finals: The Scratch Table for Finals will be located next to the computer podium of Pool 1. Scratches for finals are due within 30 minutes from the time the top 16 or 24 swimmers are announced in the morning.

All events will be positive check-in Swimmers that are swimming will have a single line through their name. Swimmers that are being scratched from the session will have their name circled and SCR will be written next to the circle Swimmers scratching from individual events will have a single line through their name the event number circled and SCR will be written next to the circle.

All entries not scratched will become official entries. Any swimmer not scratched using this procedure, who does not swim an event will be considered a no show and shall be disqualified from their next event in that session, including entry as a member of a relay team.

Additionally that swimmer shall not be seeded in any individual events on succeeding days unless that swimmer or the coach declares an intent to swim at the scratch table prior to the close of the scratch period for that day s events.

Protests of judgment call of officials can only be ruled on by the Meet Referee. All other protest must be made in writing by the team s coach within 30 minutes of the swim in question and all such protests will be adjudicated by the Meet Committee Championship Finals, Consolation Finals and Bonus Finals: Swimmers initially qualifying for Championship, Consolation Finals and Bonus Finals shall have 30 minutes following the announcement of their names as finalists to scratch a final event by notifying the scratch table.

Failure to compete in a Final Event from which the swimmer has not scratched shall disqualify the swimmer from their next scheduled event individual or relay. No penalties shall apply for failure to compete in finals if: The referee is notified in the event of injury or illness and accepts the proof there of. It is determined by the referee that failure to compete is caused by circumstances beyond the control of the swimmer Free, IM, Free, and Free Events: The Free and Free will be run fastest to slowest as a timed final, each in a separate session see session schedule on previous page.

It is the swimmers responsibility to warm up for the Free event.


The IM and Free events will be run slowest to fastest as a preliminary event, each in a separate session see session schedule on previous page. It is the swimmers responsibility to warm up for the IM and Free events. Heats may be combined to reduce time. Swimmers entered in these events will be responsible for providing their own timers and counters if applicable.

Proof of time is required for entry into these events. Positive Check-in is required Declaration of Intent to Scratch: Such declaration must be made known to the pool referee before the heat or swim off is announced. A declared false start counts as an event swum for the swimmer and will be counted in the maximum number of events allowed to be entered by each swimmer.

Page 7 of 16 8 Relays: Entries must include the swimmer s name, age as of December 1, and seed time in yards. Minimum age to swim an open relay event is 12 years old. For open relay events, only the name and seed times are required.

All relays will swim in the night finals sessions. Teams may only enter A and B relays. Each coach shall submit a relay card for each relay, listing the name and swimmer meet ID number for each swimmer in the relay, in order. Relay cards with swimmers names identified are due 30 minutes before the start of the session blank cards will not be accepted.


Relay changes may be declared by submitting a new relay card, of a different color redto the Operations table before the start of the event prior to the relay event. Lane Timer sheets will be used to verify the swimmers. No zippers or other fastening devices are allowed except for waist tie on a brief or jammer. Extensive details of this ruling can be found on the website under volunteer officials rules and regulations.

The point value for the first through sixteenth place finishes in both individual and relay events are as follows: Relay events will be scored according to finish times of all A designated relays in all heats. Page 8 of 16 9 Awards: First through eighth place in all individual and relay events. Ninth through sixteenth place in all individual and relay events. The top two boys and girls team in each age group will receive an age group championship plaque.

The top three boys and girls teams, according to overall cumulative boys and girls point totals, will each receive a championship banner. The top combined boys and girls team, according to overall cumulative point totals, receives the Meet Championship Banner. Individual entries fee per event: Community YMCA Swim Team In case of severe weather conditions or other emergency situations, which force cancellation of any portion of this meet no refunds will be made on any entry fees or swimmer surcharges.

The Meet Committee will make all decisions concerning meet cancellation after consulting with Franklin and Marshall. The decision of the Meet Committee is final. The entry fee amount increased by. Each swimmer is limited to Seven 7 individual events over the course of the meet.

Each swimmer can enter a maximum of one 1 relay per day, Each swimmer can enter a maximum of three 3 individual events per day. Open events do not count towards the meet total. Other than entry qualifying times, there are no restrictions on the number of entries per team in individual events, as long as each entrant meets eligibility and time requirements.

Entries must be submitted in computer ready form with a printout copy and must include a proof of times. Hy-Tek Software is the standard used. RBY will send each eligible team an event file for Team Manager to facilitate entry into the meet.

Electronic entry files should be sent via to: State Entries in subject line. The meet entry coordinator will respond to entries within 48 hours. If you do not receive an response within 48 hours, assume that your has not been received. It then becomes the sender s responsibility to make sure that the host club s meet entry coordinator receives the. Page 9 of 16 10 Starts Admission and Programs: This information will be posted in the pre-meet information ed to coaches.

The host club will have stopwatches available for timers. The host club will create a warm-up schedule and timing assignments that will be fair and equal to all teams. These will be ed to all participating clubs and posted on the website: All team banners will be collected from the coaches on the first day of the meet at the coaches entrance. Spectators and teams shall not be permitted to bring their own catered food or bulk supply of food, such as coolers of food and beverages, nor shall they be permitted to set up any furniture of their own to facilitate their dining needs.