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Curacao: Dutch Ingenuity Meets Marine Magic

thing you can really do here is go swimming. Once a Dutch territory, Curaçao became an autonomous country within the Kingdom of and Women's Rights' ( UNICEF, ) as well as on OSE's previous To meet these aims, and given the size of the country and challenges in the availability of statistical information in. Curacao: Dutch Ingenuity Meets Marine Magic. Posted May 1 . It's truly magical seeing such a large, but gentle creature swim around us. Swim Club Bulado, Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles. likes. representing Curacao at 14th FINA Swimming World Championships in Hangzhou China.

The competition truly became a grassroots initiative — from emailing hundreds of clubs across Europe, to contacting potential sponsors, to receiving permits from the appropriate sports authorities in Paris. Although there were ups and downs, the rewards were worth the effort. Particularly remarkable was the unique atmosphere, at once convivial and competitive.

The competition was new and exciting for many of the swimmers, some of whom had never traveled abroad before. The scope of the competition widened — it was not just for EU citizens or European citizens, it became a competition open to swimmers from across the globe. The EU Swim is more than just an average swim meet. Many of the teams have come to participate nearly every single year, and traveling to a new country for the same competition on an annual basis has become a reunion of sorts — the opportunity to see old friends and make new ones. | EU Swimming Invitational | Page 2

Every edition of the EU Swim has had its own unique elements — but the overall mission has remained the same: Dotted with white sand beaches in hidden coves and extraordinary rock formations, the west coast is popular with tourists and locals alike. The colorful corals seem to wave to us in the current as we descend down a sea wall.

The boys are thrilled to spot eels and colorful fish including the spiky lion fish, a stoic stone fish and the very cool juvenile drum fish! We end the day sampling excellent gourmet pizza at Zanzibar while watching the sunset. Heading to ft. Used for a combination of scientific research and tourist enjoyment, the sub seats four people plus the pilot. It ends up being a real highlight on our trip! Not many places in the world can you ride a private submersible hundreds of feet below the surface!

I am a bit nervous remember…thoughts of Abyss are in my headbut am put at ease by the excellent captaining skills of Barbara and the constant safety checks with the surface.

The boys, who think my being nervous is silly, love spotting corals, fish, a scuba diver in the shallower depthsand even a couple of ship wrecks ones they would not be able to reach while scuba diving! Seamus feeding the ostrich at Curacao Ostrich Farm In the afternoon, we decide to check out life above the waves at an Curacao Ostrich Farm. Known for its arid climate, Curacao has vast aloe plantations, lots of cacti and this ostrich farm reminding us of South Africa. They have lots of fun petting and watching the other animals on the farm as well including ponies, pot-bellied pigs, peacocks, chickens and more.

Meeting the dolphin before our dive at Curacao Sea Aquarium Since we are virtually staying in an aquarium, we have one final surprise for the kids…another animal encounter. This morning, we are scuba diving with a dolphin! Monique Alexandre Maria and Mr.

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We actually just had the pleasure of celebrating our 43rd anniversary as a swimming club! Over the years, Bulado Swim Club has produced many talented swimmers who have achieved local, national and international success and who have broken quite a few records in the process.

Right now, we have a total of 95 athletes on our team. About 10 of these swimmers train in the USA and in Europe.

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We maintain a full training regime of 10 sessions per week lasting between 2 — 3 hours. We do dryland, video analysis, nutrition, technique work, speed training, sport massage and physiotherapy. What was it about the EU Swim that made you decide to make room in your busy schedule to organize the 11th year? When our club participated in the 10th EU Swim in Orlando, we were impressed to see all the participating clubs from all over the world.

We liked the atmosphere and friendliness of the meet and of all who took part in it and we wanted to also have the chance to organize the competition by combining it with our annual traditional Bulado Meet. Although the Bulado Meet does comply with all the rules and regulations for an international competition, it has never before been promoted and brought to such an international level in the ten years of its existence. We know that organizing this meet will be very time consuming, but we are willing to take on this task together with all of our parents, volunteers and professionals.

Our goal is to make the 11th EU Swim Meet one of the most unforgettable for our club and for the country of Curacao.

List of Dutch records in swimming

We think this is a wonderful and great combination and we are looking forward to it! How was your experience at your very first EU Swim in Orlando? We can sum it up in two words — Tremendous and Excellent.