6bt chevy swap meet

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6bt chevy swap meet

No diesel engine on earth is as legendary as a valve Cummins. At the same time they made the swap to 24 valves, Cummins put in Bosch with it to meet emissions, which warranted the increase in displacement to. The Cummins B Series is a family of American straight-four and straight-6 diesel piston engines It has also gained popularity as an engine swap into smaller trucks. . the Dodge Ram switched from the 6BT to the ISB to meet updated emissions . There are many changes over the previous B for the Dodge truck , the. Thinking of installing either a 4bt 6bt or a 12 valve cummins diesel motor in 49 's drivetrain so you're looking at an engine to rear swap.

His grandfather gifted this Chevy C10 for his 15th birthday. To satisfy his need for power, a swap to a small block Chevy gasser was installed but proved to be lacking too.

6bt chevy swap meet

Today, this truck is a Duramax diesel powered daily driver that can burn down the strip in the mid to low 9-second slot. He loves Detroit Iron and going fast on the track. Being a practical type, Rick knew that for less money than it would cost for a full blown Big Block Chevy gas motor, he could swap in a Duramax diesel. The diesel surely would offer more torque and be more reliable than a full race big block gas race engine ever would be.

Rick located a wrecked GM truck with a low mile LB7 and scavenged the harness and engine for his race ready, diesel powered, daily driver. During the week, this daily driver gets between mpg. Trucks were made for work, not comfort.

Top 10 Dumbest Jeep Engine Swaps

Vintage pickups are enjoying a resurgence in popularity, and Brian Wellman of Crandall, Indiana, is the enthusiastic owner of a very unique, classic Dodge. While it was acquired in the rough, this W Dodge Crew Cab was restored to a near-new condition. The major upgrade was the swap to a valve Cummins. While unique in and of itself, owner Andrew Derdok wanted something extra special for his restoration.

That special touch is the 5. The diesel is backed by a Dodge automatic; and 3.

6bt chevy swap meet

The original plan was to make this truck a daily driver and function as a true truck to carry a dirt bike and other toys in the back. That plan changed, of course, when the finished rig was show quality. It came to him with a hp small-block Chevy gasser V The trouble was, the power came at a cost.

6bt chevy swap meet

The cost of getting just 8 miles per gallon was seen at every single fill-up. This was swapped into the Camaro, with a 47RH automatic from a Dodge diesel truck. The Camaro now gets mph around town and turns in At 11, he convinced his parents to buy the Jeep Cherokee Chief from a neighbor.

The 6BTA had recently been rebuilt, and it was treated to some upgrades before being slipped into the Jeep. A SunCoast 47RH automatic transmission sends power to the transfer case and then splits out to the front and rear Dana 44 axles. Cirius Noble is the owner of this fine Model A and it does have a diesel.

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Why not yank a 2. If it blows, you can grab a replacement pretty much anywhere. Or, why not upgrade a 2. Even the "mighty" 3. Besides, reliability was never one of the degree V-6's traits. Its only saving grace is that it shares the same bellhousing bolt pattern as Jeep's 2. We'd rather have one of those. Ford began installing its new overhead cam 4. Since these engines litter the boneyards nowadays they represent a great high-revving source for a fuel-injected engine.

There's very little aftermarket support for the 4. Furthermore, the overhead cam design of these engines translates into an exceptionally wide package that's sure to have interference issues in most engine bays.

And despite the perception, the 4. It's just that they make comparatively poor torque down low in stock trim, so you really have to wind 'em up. Perhaps if you scored a supercharged 5. There's no wow factor and no really good reason to run a Mod Motor. Medium-Duty Diesel The candidate: We're talking about the 5.

Everything You’ll Need to Pull Off a Diesel Conversion, Plus a Little More.

For some reason guys think one of these engines will make any Jeep better everywhere from the trail to the street. Most expect exceptional low-end grunt in the rocks and mileage numbers on the street in the high 20mpg range. These engines are without exception packaging nightmares in most Jeep chassis. Besides the fact most weigh in excess of 1,lbs, the related turbo, intercooler, plumbing, and cooling components will put many swappers over the edge.

The massive torque of most of these engines will require equally-massive axle and drivetrain upgrades, not to mention frame and suspension bolstering. Plus, comfort will suffer thanks to the immense vibration and exhaust fumes. Or start with a larger candidate, like a J-truck. There's a wow-factor with a cleanly-done big diesel swap, but it's a deceptively-complex undertaking that will overwhelm most enthusiasts who try to tackle it themselves.

Ford Flathead V-8 The candidate: Back in the late '40s and early '50s the Ford flathead V-8 was the affordable alternative to the new and expensive overhead-valve V-8s like those offered by Oldsmobile and Cadillac.

The ''54 Ford flathead belted out hp depending on model and year, which was a real improvement over the Go Devil's 60hp.

Old is new and the tattooed hot rod culture is en-vogue once again. It's retro-cool to slap a Ford flathead V-8 in a flattie using swap meet parts for a unique wheeler that'll turn heads when the hood is popped. In our travels we've come across a few genuine examples using old-school conversion bellhousing adapters, but don't hold your breath looking for one to surface.

It's not a swap a casual admirer of the hot rod culture should undertake, but it's worth looking into if you've got the time, deep pockets, and conviction to make it happen. During a brief search we found a company called Flatattack Racing Products flatattackracing. This bellhousing could also be used to mate the flattie to an AX, which can be mated to a Spicer As long as the suspension is kept at stock height there should be plenty of driveshaft to make it happen.

Jeep cube F-head The candidate: With the intake valves moved from the block to the head, the F-head could breathe much more freely than the L-head.

It's nearly a bolt-in swap that will up the power over the older L-head and help a stock ish Willys maintain speed on grades. It delivers 20 percent more horsepower and nearly 10 percent more torque.

Chevrolet Cummins 6BT 12 valve Diesel Suburban Swap Part 4

However, nowadays there are other ways to get drivability out of your L-head and better swap candidates that don't use antiquated parts like the F-head and don't require a special carb or a hole to be cut in the hood for carb clearance.

If you want power in your L-head-powered flattie, why not be different and slap a 2. Or, if you're really good with swapping in a different four-banger, why not run a 2.