River phoenix keanu reeves relationship

The Love, Loss, And Devastating Past Of Keanu Reeves

river phoenix keanu reeves relationship

Talking with glossy mag Vanity Fair, Keanu Reeves admits to using, and vastly enjoying, recreational drugs. We're Relationships with the self. in conjunction with another magazine article on his late co-star River Phoenix. There will always be a question about River and Keanu. When I saw the film in January of I thought, "Oh my god! River just told Keanu. When Keanu Reeves was filming Speed, in , he spent every spare . In , he lost his close friend, the actor River Phoenix, to a drug.

After reading the script, he said he was attracted to the various situations in the story. A little like daily life but more intense.

What I really meant was that I hadn't worked in over 8 months. So I was happy But I can't predict what will happen in the future.

However, it doesn't prevent the producers of "Speed" of talking about a sequel. What better compliment for an actor. And so, he doesn't appear too menacing to men and women find him very attractive.

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He did vigorous weight training during two months but without the aim of becoming an Arnold Schwarzenegger. When someone asked him if that helped him gain self confidence, he humourously replied: He learned the basics from watching him work on stage with Claudette Colbert in a play whose name he couldn't remember during this interview. At 17, after frequent school changes, he finally dropped out and started working at various jobs.

He worked at a skating rink and an italian pasta store while playing on stage in community theatre. Two years later, he moved to the United States where he still lives.

He would most probably be the shiest among this kind of hero. This is exactly like River" "All I can say is that I have never felt a thing like that before in my life," he says quietly. I don't know what it is, just that you sob for hours.

river phoenix keanu reeves relationship

River had a self-destructive side to his personality. He allowed the suffering in the world to get to him and he wanted everyone to be as free and happy as he was. I was devastated by his death, but I didn't for one moment think, thank God, I stayed clean. I live a real low-key life at the moment and I like to deal with pressures in other ways.

I miss him every day. All he can mumble is, "I miss him very much.

How Keanu Reeves Convinced River Phoenix to Play a Male Prostitute

I guess what I've come to believe, from what I've read, is that I almost take reincarnation for granted. It never seemed to me to be something that wouldn't happen. There is definitely transmigration of energy. This new generation of actors? The only one I was friends with was River Phoenix His untimely death plunged Hollywood into shock and placed him in the same galaxy as Marilyn Monroe, James Dean Can stars escape tragedy?

river phoenix keanu reeves relationship

Keanu Reeves - You have to forget their tragic death and remember that they were great actors, exceptional talents, who shone in heaven, on screen So much beauty, so much emotion, so much sorrow If people felt close to them, it's because these stars were magnificent actors and their passing is all the more painful, frustrating.

When did you and River Phoenix meet?

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  • The Love, Loss, And Devastating Life Of Keanu Reeves

We hit it off right away. We were on the same wavelength. We had finished Larry Kasdan's film, and one night in LA it must have been half past midnight, River and I were cruising down Fairfax toward Hollywood and I said to him: So are you gonna do the movie?

river phoenix keanu reeves relationship

Keanu Reeves - Not for a minute. First of all, the script was marvelous and neither River or me had this notion of our image, of respectability or this awareness of risk. The declaration of love by the fire is overwhelming Where is my Juliet? Another long silence He was a really good guy.

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What do you think of the young people who placed flowers and poems on the sidewalk where he died, and the tabloids who talked of nothing but drugs? So down he goes to the cellar, and out come the guns, knives, grenades, and the rest. I thought of it not as revenge but as reclaiming. His father Samuel abandoned him and his mother when he was three years old: Reeves last saw him in Hawaii when he was Inhe lost his close friend, the actor River Phoenix, to a drug addiction he had developed during the making of My Own Private Idaho.

The two young actors had met the previous year while filming I Love You to Death and Reeves had personally persuaded Phoenix to take this role, driving over 1, miles from Toronto to Florida by motorcycle in Decemberthe once-in-a-lifetime script by Gus Van Sant burning a hole in his back pocket. Inas The Matrix pushed his star status further heavenwards, he and his girlfriend Jennifer Syme lost their daughter in the final stages of pregnancy; 18 months after that, Syme was killed in a car accident.

Hollyweird: How Keanu Reeves Convinced River Phoenix to Play a Male Prostitute

Reeves is reluctant to talk about any of this, or in fact anything pertaining to his personal life. But his affinity ran deeper than that. The flying, the costumes, the defined sense of right and wrong. The characters could be capable and heroic, and I was fascinated by that.

As well as directing, he played the bad guy. For The Matrix, he undertook four months of martial arts and stunt work before the cameras rolled; on John Wick it was another three. Stahelski and Leitch knew what Reeves could do, because in the late Nineties, they had taught him to do it.