Facebook broadcast relationship status funny

Funny Facebook Relationship Status (24 Pics)

facebook broadcast relationship status funny

Here's why you might want to keep your relationship status to yourself. to broadcast your romantic success to the Facebook acquaintances. It's REALLY complicated: The most awkward relationship status updates on Facebook (and the reaction of spurned lovers who log on to learn. And at first, it was a successful one: a way for users to broadcast their " Changing Facebook relationship status has, for better or worse, joined first date, of online relationship declarations as to make fun of the feature itself.

7 Reasons Not to Make Your Relationship 'Facebook Official'

It doesn't make your bond any stronger. If anything, it only proves you need validation from others about your relationship status.

facebook broadcast relationship status funny

Stories of students denied admission to college after posting party pictures on Facebook have led people to think carefully about the information they post online. The largest group, 38 percent, chose not to list their status at all.

The privacy issue seems to be even more important when it comes to relationships.

  • The Importance of the Facebook Relationship Status: It's, Well, Complicated.
  • Your Facebook Relationship Status: It's Complicated
  • 7 Reasons Not to Make Your Relationship ‘Facebook Official’

Of all the personal information Facebook allows us to broadcast to the world, the ups and downs of your love life are among the most personal. You want the information on your profile to be representative of who you are — otherwise, you may mislead someone.

But some feel that removing their relationship status from Facebook is one way to rebel against social media pervading every aspect of our lives.

The fact that it has become a status symbol in our society is laughable. Everyone should do it once to know how it feels when it ends and everyone and their mother literally questions you about it.

facebook broadcast relationship status funny

When it comes to a decision about the personal information that you post online, the best decision is the one you feel most comfortable with. The first four categories are pretty self-explanatory, but when should you use them?

Funny Facebook Relationship Status (24 Pics)

A Jane Austen of Facebook has yet to emerge, let alone a Miss Manners, and no one seems to have a grip on what the social norms ought to be.

Proper breakup etiquette is not to change the status until after you've had the 'we need to talk' talk. Then you race each other home or back to the iPhone to be the first to change your status to single.

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Some couples are together for years but neglect to announce their coupledom to their social network. One common theme among romantically inclined Facebook users is that there are almost infinite ways for the Facebook relationship status to go awry. There's the significant other who doesn't want to list his or her involvement causing a rift in the real-world relationship ; the accidental change that alerts friends to a nonexistent breakup causing endless annoyance ; but worse than both is when the truth spreads uncontrollably.

Lesley Spoor and Chris Lassiter got engaged the night before Thanksgiving.

facebook broadcast relationship status funny

The couple thought about calling their families immediately, but instead decided to wait a day and surprise everyone at Thanksgiving dinner. The problem, of course, was Facebook.