Engine akyurek relationship trust

Surprise Love of the Year: Cansu Dere and Engin Akyurek

engine akyurek relationship trust

We talked with Tuba Büyuküstun about her relationship with her actor husband Onur Engin Akyürek plays Van Organized Crime police captain Ömer and Tuba Büyüküstün will be a Earning people's trust is a very difficult thing to do. Engin is very professional and disciplined, and it is very easy to be with him on the . contact with them, so how did this relationship of trust take place? . did Engin Akyurek and Beren have a relationship? they would be so. Engin Akyürek (born 12 October in Ankara) is a Turkish actor best .. It deals with the relationship between a young Greek man Niko and a Turkish girl .. impartiality of the judiciary and thus preserving the public trust in the judiciary by.

Beren has a brother, Cem Saat. This project was completed for a young girl very well, she won second placeso got her first debut role on television. Thus began a career Beren, which to appear in numerous Turkish serials. But the heroine of Zilan was radically disagrees with the decision of their parents. It may be noted that this is the story of Romeo and Juliet, but it ends will be known only to those who inspection it through.

Since then, the desire to take revenge becomes an obsession for a heroine. She meets a young man and feelings erupt between them.

Beren Saat Denies Relationship with Engin Akyürek!

What is stronger - revenge or love? It leads to children, family, joy and laughter. It is good and right, but it is usually not enough to sustain a relationship long term. So I read agape sevgi: Agape loves, usually at cost to the bearer.

Agape puts the beloved first and sacrifices pride, self-interest and possessions for the sake of that beloved. Our love was mature.

engine akyurek relationship trust

Then these quotes sealed my new-found understanding: Sevgi is a higher love. My ex and I were lost in translation.

Beren Saat Beautiful and Successful Turkish Actress

Whilst he failed beautifully in his attempt to label our relationship using English words, the words in Turkish made complete sense — and were actually quite sweet. I completely saw his point. Hanging up the phone, I said to myself: Slowly… We are trying to do it as much as we can.

engine akyurek relationship trust

Particularly, Onur is a very special man in that regard. He really cares about creating those special moments that we can be lovers.

But, I believe, things will be easier now. After the birth, I almost started exercising Laughs I gained 16 kilos during my pregnancy. But, I lost 15 kilos within the first three days after my delivery. I decreased using beauty products recently; I am more inclined to use natural products.

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I use dolmus or sea bus while I am crossing the other side of the Bosporus. It is a love story with a very escapist plot. I liked the way scenario written and I curiously read it.

Engin Akyurek /Interview with English & Spanish subtitles / Tuba Buyukustun ; - Cansu Dere

When I read the scenario, the production company wanted to start the series in September or October. But, I wanted to rest and spend some time with my family. Then, months went by, and we got together again with the same project.

engine akyurek relationship trust

And I had rested and spent time with my family. So, we started shooting. Elif is a middle child of a wealthy family.

engine akyurek relationship trust

She is the proud of the family in her private life as well as in business. She always made her family happy. She has her own store in Rome and designs jewelry.

Her father or siblings visit her now and then. Her father is very fond of her and she is very devoted to him.

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They trust each other. The story starts when Elif comes to Istanbul to see her family on her birthday. This is a love story but very different from the classic love stories.

engine akyurek relationship trust

How is it going to be reflected to the story? Considering Elif, it seems that she has a very happy family. Her mother Zerrin is a very dominant character trying her best to be able to keep the family together and to have the perfect family of her dreams. Elif, contrary to her younger and elder sisters, is a person who stabilizes the family although she lives abroad.