Chelsea vitesse arnhem relationship quotes

A look at Chelsea's relationship with Vitesse Arnhem: Who wins, who loses - Sport Witness

chelsea vitesse arnhem relationship quotes

Unsuspecting Chelsea prospects increasingly find themselves in a place Fast- forward to last month when Vitesse Arnhem hosted a struggling FC into the relationship between Vitesse and the Premier League giants. Chelsea ORDERED partner club Vitesse Arnhem to start losing matches of incendiary allegations about the club's relationship with Chelsea. Colorado Launches No Cost Solar ProgramEnergyBillCruncher Solar Quotes. Vitesse CEO: Chelsea relationship 'fits perfectly with modern developments in Based on de Wit's quotes, it seems like the club is very happy with its but for those of us who have become big supporters of the Arnhem club.

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The year-old Mount was on the brink of making the Chelsea first team last year, scoring goals and dominating battles in the Under squad. Perhaps it was planned for years or maybe it was a shock when the Englishman was ordered to pack his bags. A middling side for much of its history, Vitesse have seen improved fortunes ever since a Russian-backed takeover at the turn of the decade injected the club with hope — in the form of funding.

chelsea vitesse arnhem relationship quotes

The fans who braved the chilly weather were treated to a respectable win, with early goals from towering defender Matt Miazga and incisive number ten Mason Mount.

Vitesse may not be as glamorous as the big three in the Netherlands, but the soul of the club is knotted tightly with the city itself. It may seem somewhat strange that this historical club on the western Dutch-German border became subject to mass scrutiny in when former Georgian footballer Merab Jordania purchased the team.

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  • A look at Chelsea’s relationship with Vitesse Arnhem: Who wins, who loses
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Vitesse had been embroiled in a period of underachievement and financial misfortune for the better part of the new millennium. This made the first foreign purchase of a Dutch club a bit easier to swallow.

chelsea vitesse arnhem relationship quotes

Arnhem fans simply wanted to achieve more than safety from relegation each season, which was something Jordania promised. However, the purchase came with plenty of strings attached. The purchase allowed Vitesse to spend their way out of trouble.

Chelsea and Vitesse’s relationship reaches a new level of weird

Bony would go on to lead the Eredivisie scoring charts while Kashia has been captain of the team for over half a decade. The most notable of these was Nemanja Matic, at the time a young Serbian midfielder struggling to succeed after moving from Slovakia a year earlier. Matic started most games for Vitesse that season and began building his reputation as a midfield controller.

Although Chelsea sold him on to Benfica after the loan spell, it was his development in the Netherlands that is often cited as a reason for why he was bought back three years later. The inquiry absolved the clubs of any wrongdoing, but in the true source of funding came to the forefront. According to The Guardian, the funding for the initial takeover was provided by another associate of Abramovich.

I am no financial expert and have done my best to not bore you with financial details, but it seems that the entire process of the Vitesse purchase was in many ways coordinated by Abramovich himself. Perhaps the relationship between the clubs is a lot closer than the Vitesse fans would care to admit. During the season, Vitesse were performing phenomenally and challenging for a Champions League spot at the midway point of the season.

After attempting to sign a player to bolster their second-half push, Jordania says that Chelsea thwarted the deal. Therein lies the underlying issue of an otherwise sensible partnership; practically one party [Abramovich and his posse] controls both club entities.

Chelsea and Vitesse's relationship reaches a new level of weird

They call the shots, and if one decision hurts Vitesse for the good of Chelsea, that decision will be made. The point of interest still stands, though. Since the purchase, Chelsea have loaned an astonishing 24 players to Arnhem, in addition to selling youth prospect Mukhtar Ali this year on a permanent basis Transfermarkt. But, from a Chelsea perspective, the problem with these players being sent to Holland is their long-term development. There are some recent examples of organic squad crafting by the Vitas, but the numbers are low.

But the latest link between the clubs is even stranger. It starts with third choice keeper Eduardo. The Portuguese keeper signed for the Blues two years ago and has played exactly zero minutes for the clubs.

He was released when his contract expired this summer. Except, according to reports the Blues changed their mind and offered him another year. And then they started talks with Vitesse for a one year loan. Keep in mind, Eduardo has not played for Chelsea because he is not ready.

He has not played for the Blues because he is past his expiration date. At 35, he would be the oldest player in the loan army. But again, Eduardo was released. He was a free agent. Vitesse would not have had to pay any type of transfer fee for him. It would have only cost wages to acquire him.

chelsea vitesse arnhem relationship quotes

So why did Chelsea do this? So Chelsea swoops in and offers Eduardo either the same amount of money or more compared to his previous contract. Then they loan him to Vitesse while paying a part of his wages.

That lowers the cost for Vitesse and makes the move viable for them. That means the Blues are paying for a player who they released simply to help Vitesse out.