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12 wks, At 28 weeks' gestation met targets of > kcal/wk: PMC; The relationship of objectively measured physical activity and sedentary behaviour with gestational weight gain and birth . A. M. Wallace, D. B. Boyer, A. Dan and K. Holm. Fernandes da Mota, P. G., A. G. Pascoal, A. I. Carita and K. Bo. The Voice's Bo Bruce and Danny O'Donoghue busk in London! .. Danny O' Donoghue has received marriage proposals but is happy with his skydiving. Bo-Yu Chu; Chia-Hua Ho; Cheng-Hao Tsai; Chieh-Yen Lin; Chih-Jen Lin Moshe Gabel; Daniel Keren; Assaf Schuster Towards Decision Support and Goal Achievement: Identifying Action-Outcome Relationships From Social .. Amit Dhurandhar; Bruce Graves; Rajesh Ravi; Gopikrishanan Maniachari; Markus Ettl.

Ruth Ann St Luce, 18, from London — Ruth Ann, who works for retailer River Island, has been a keen singer for a decade and wrote her first song when she was just Vince Kidd, 22, from London — Vince has written songs for record labels and was a contestant on The X Factor in with boyband Futureproof under his real name Matthew Protheroe.

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Jaz Ellington, 27, from London — Jaz almost missed the audition after being treated in hospital for an asthma attack. He started singing in church and runs gospel workshops. His audition moved Will and Jessie to tears when he was invited to sing Ordinary People. Joelle Moses, 21, from London — Joelle, who has flirted with the music industry before by recording demo vocals for the likes of Rihanna, Gabriella Cilmi and Toni Braxton.

Sophie Griffin, 17, from Co Tyrone — Sophie busks and plays small gigs and draws inspiration from Beyonce. Team Tom Adam Isaac, 29, from Exeter — he was a professional golfer until injury forced him to quit. He was so in-demand during his that he prompted a name-drop battle between Will and Sir Tom. Leanne Mitchell, 28, from Lowestoft — Leanne is a holiday camp singer who writes and plays keyboards and was close to sealing a record contract.

Chef Clubb and his teaching assistant partner have talked about marrying if they win. Ruth Brown, 20, from London — Ruth, who sings in a choir promised her music-loving father she would audition for the show before he died last year. She relaxes by writing songs and has for the Prime Minister.

Sam Buttery, 20, from London — bequiffed Sam once failed to get a part in a school play because was not thought to be strong enough. Team Danny Aleks Josh, 17, from Stevenage — the part-time lifeguard says music has been his focus since leaving school early and has kept him out of trouble. Towards the end of the first series of The Voice last May, rumours abounded that Danny was having an affair with Bo Bruce, the aristocratic contestant he was mentoring.

Hers was an unhappy childhood and Bo had taken out a restraining order on her father and successfully won a personal battle against drink and drug abuse.

By not saying anything, it created its own buzz. But I said we could use all the attention to help her. Both Danny and Jesse have announced their decision to leave the show with their replacements yet to be named Helping hand: We could easily have been photographed with her, and people could have said the same thing about either of us — that we were in a relationship with her,' says Danny.

I co-wrote her single Alive. They have bought themselves homes in suburban West London, but nothing ostentatious. Most of their money has been reinvested in their growing business empire, which includes their own record and music publishing company. Mark and Danny were in a boy band called My Town as teenagers back in They then moved to America, spending 11 years writing music for other, bigger names: It was a wise move; their three albums have to date sold more than five million.

On tour, the band keep busy during the day by writing and recording in a portable studio, erected in a quiet space backstage and equipped with its own soundproof audio booth. It keeps them out of mischief, they say, and means they can ready their next album.

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Touring is an essential part of their success, but it takes its toll, particularly on Mark, 34, who keeps in touch with his wife Rina and three children via the internet. The first time he ever heard it was in a song. The pair seem to have parallel lives. Both are the youngest of six children.

Danny O'

Both learned early on that they had to shout to be heard. Each time they perform it, there is a moment of contemplation, just before they start, when they remember their parents.

They work until late afternoon, eat dinner at 5. Among them is five-year-old Leo Ask from Hove, almost totally blind and suffering from life threatening ailments. Leo starts singing Hall Of Fame to Danny who, visibly touched, kneels down next to him and joins in.

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  • The Voice's Danny O'Donoghue admits to snogging loads of girls despite having a "face like a foot"

Emotions are so high. Before I go on, I pace the hallways like a caged tiger. Danny split form long-term girlfriend Irma Mali last year, but has now admitted that he's found someone new Prior to each show, roadies are sent off to buy a bizarre array of items.

'How could he do that to me?' Bo Bruce confirms fling with The Voice judge Danny O'Donoghue

In Cardiff it was Tom Jones masks. The props are for a specially created stage photo opportunity which will be posted on Twitter and Facebook to promote online conversations. That night is a repeat of the night before: