Meet the parents hot scene from titanic

Titanic Movie Review

meet the parents hot scene from titanic

'This was the beauty of it: The nude scene where he draws her – that was Kate Winslet on why she refuses to sign photos of Titanic nude sketch . charges rules judge after mogul is met by actresses including Marisa Tomei, Donald Glover reveals his father has died as he pays tribute to his 'love and. Jack and Rose's sweaty sexy car scene (that handprint, am I right?!) might have set We will just have to settle for watching and rewatching Titanic. Related: Meet The Stratolaunch, The World's Largest AirplaneCNET. Undo . Father's Day. The pair met on holiday on Branson's Necker island in , when Kate helped rescue Film:Kate Winslet in Titanic's famous scene quotes, a photo and the message: “Kate, every child deserves their father this Christmas.

A man kisses another man on the cheek in celebration. A young man kisses a year-old girl's hand in greeting. An elderly woman jokingly asks a group of people if she needs to explain that she as a year-old girl and a young man "did it" meaning sex. A year-old girl tells a man that he should read into Freud concerning the man's obsession with size and the man later remarks that he does not know Freud. A year-old girl tells a young man that a woman designs "naughty lingerie.

A young man struggles in the water near a year-old girl floating on a piece of wood and assures the girl that she will live and "die an old lady in her bed"; we watch as the young man slowly becomes frozen in the water, the girl tries to wake him and realizes he is dead, and she lets go of the young man's frozen hand and his body quickly sinks.

A man leaps from the edge of a boat; we see his body slam into a propeller.

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A boat begins to buckle and snap in half; we see people scream as the ship crashes down on other people trying to swim away.

Many people try to hold onto a boat as it tips sideways; we see people falling, including multiple people losing their grip and hitting pipes and gates as they fall to their deaths.

Half of a ship is sucked underwater and we see a year-old girl surface, unable to locate a young man in the crowd of screaming people fighting to swim; a man grabs the year-old girl's head to try to stay afloat when a young man punches the man in the face.

meet the parents hot scene from titanic

A man grabs a woman and pulls her off a lifeboat. Several people attempting to swim away from a boat are implied to be killed when cables snap and a pipe falls on top of them. Men pull groups of men and women apart. A man grabs a woman and places her into a boat as she shouts. A man is about to punch a young man in the face but punches another man, who falls to the ground as the young man runs away.

A year-old girl shouts and shoves a man into an elevator. A man shoves his way past a group of people; we see one of the men spin around from being shoved.

meet the parents hot scene from titanic

A man roughly grabs a young man at another man's instruction, and we see the man pull off the young man's coat and accuse him of stealing a necklace; a third man roughly pulls the young man away, handcuffing him as he is shouting that he's innocent and we see the young man handcuffed to a pipe as a man cocks a gun and tells another man that he will watch the young man. We see two men arm wrestling. A woman shouts at a teen girl her daughterchiding her as she violently yanks the laces of the girl's corset.

As a young man, handcuffed to a pipe watches water pour into the room he is standing in, he remarks to himself, "This is going to be bad. A year-old girl tells her mother that over half the people on a boat will die.

meet the parents hot scene from titanic

The "Haves" for the most part -- excepting Molly Brown, the Captain, and the ship architect -- aren't the most admirable lot. Many people onboard act selfishly, like Cal, who pretends a small child is his to get a spot on a lifeboat, or the shipworker who refuses to allow his half-filled lifeboat to return to save more people.

Violence Extremely intense action, especially as the Titanic begins to sink.

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There's mass chaos that leads to fist fights, pushing, gun violence, and even suicide. People plunge to their deaths in icy waters, some of them being killed by falling debris from the ship. Almost everyone left in the water drowns, and there are close-ups of some passengers who choose to never even attempt to leave the ship, preferring to await the inevitable in their rooms or lounges.

Sex One scene of a topless woman as she poses for a painting, plus shots of that painting, as well as a few other nude drawings.

Kate Winslet: Nude Titanic portrait still haunts me and I always refuse to autograph a copy of it

Jack and Rose flirt, kiss passionately, and eventually make love. The love scene doesn't include any nudity, but the couple is sweaty, out-of-breath, bare-shouldered, and on top of each other. Language The most commonly used swear is "s--t," which is repeated several times throughout the movie.

Other strong language includes one "f--k," "son of a bitch," "damn," "hell," "ass," "bloody," and several "goddamns" "oh my Gods," and other exclamations, especially toward the end. Insulting taunts include "slut," "whore," and "moron. Jack smokes cigarettes in a few scenes. Rose tries to smoke a cigarette, but her fiance stops her; later she does smoke one.