Holden parents relationship

the CATCHER in the RYE: 5. What is Holden's relationship with his parents?

holden parents relationship

Holden begins his story by describing his parents as private people who would be upset if they knew he disclosed anything about them; He describes his mother as "very nervous" in the aftermath of Allie's death. What is their relationship?. John Touliatos, Barry F. Perlmutter, Murray A. Strauss, George W. Holden such as attitudes toward parenting (Parent-Child Relationship Inventory) and. his fear, Holden seems to gain comfort from thinking of Allie as someone we do not know about Holden, such as his early relationship with his parents and.

holden parents relationship

He always made sure I was growing as a person and made sure I was happy. We would have dinner once a month and go to the theatre. He was more of a father figure for me than anything else. He was very caring and loving. It was a very special relationship. I never expected to have experienced something like that with a head writer.

Holden also has several cousins that include Jack Snyder and Brad Snyder. Holden began work as a stable boy before becoming a horse trainer, along with several positions in business such as manager at the town's television station WOAK and an executive career at Walsh-Montgomery Enterprises. Holden and Lily met after he began work at her mother's stables and after they began their star-crossed relationship, they were shocked to learn in that Lily's mother Lucinda Walsh was not her biological mother.

Lucinda revealed that she adopted her and was the biological daughter of Holden's sister Iva Snyder and his cousin Joshua Snyder-Stricklyn. Arriving at Tycho, Holden and Miller meet with Fred.

holden parents relationship

Fred goes over their after-action report and they decide that the only way to stop Protogen is to find their research lab and to kill everyone there. Miller later calls another meeting with Holden, Fred, and Naomi. Miller hands over to Fred the coordinates of Thoth Station he received from his former partner. Battle at Thoth Edit During the battle at Thoth, the Rocinante takes out the station's comm array and the two defensive frigates guarding it.

Once Fred and the crew of the Rocinante arrive at ops where Miller and the rest of the OPA have captured Dresden, Dresden begins to explain the Protomolecule and Protogen's involvement. Miller eventually hears enough of Dresden and shoots him in the head much to everyone's surprise. Holden begins yelling at Miller, telling him to find his own way home.

Back on Tycho, Holden meets with Sam Rosenbergthe Roci repair team leader and tells her how much he appreciates her work. Later, Miller arrives at Holden's cabin. He explains to Holden why he shot Dresden; he thought Dresden would get away with it.

Dresden was beginning to convince Miller and couldn't be allowed to get out since he and Protogen are too powerful. Holden tells Miller that he can't trust Miller to be around the people he cares about and Miller leaves. Holden then calls Naomi and she invites him to have drinks with her at the bar.

holden parents relationship

Once there Naomi asks Holden if he'd like to come home with her, which he accepts. The next morning, Fred calls Holden and Naomi to his office where Miller briefs them on the plan to destroy Eros.

The Roci will defend Eros while engineers will attach five freighters to explode on the surface to deter anyone from landing. The Nauvoo will make its way to crash Eros into the sun. With Holden and the Roci going back into combat, Fred demands that he turn over the protomolecule sample he has. Holden refuses and when Fred presses the issue, Holden calls Amos and tells him if he doesn't contact him in an hour to take the Roci and leave shooting his way out if he has to.

Under Miller's advisement, Fred relents. On their way to Eros, Holden and Naomi break the news of their relationship to Alex and Amos who are quite amused and happy. While guarding Eros, Holden is able to force the Charles Lyell and its escort Ravi to stop moving towards the station. Naomi and Holden discuss Miller shooting Dresden. Naomi compares the Belt to one big ship and Miller did what he did to save the Belt. Not long after, they pick up a large amount of UNN ships heading toward Eros.

Catcher In The Rye

Once Eros dodges the Nauvoothe crew of the Roci begin to panic. Holden opens up a channel to the Ravi asking if they would like to follow Eros as it has now somehow become invisible to radar. Holden then opens a channel with Fred. They concluded that Eros is heading towards Earth and decide to detonate the bombs on the station in hopes of slowing down the ship. Holden then contacts Miller who it turns out is still on Eros.

After working on ways to get Miller off Eros, Miller contacts Holden for what they think will be last time with the two reconciling. With the Roci traveling at high-g, Fred contacts Holden with a plan to paint Eros with a targeting laser while Earth fires nuclear missiles at it.

Holden points out that there is no way for the Roci to maintain contact with the station without killing his crew in the process. Fred responds that Holden should put the ship on autopilot if he needs to. Holden replies that he'll think about it. After discussing it with Naomi they realize that they can use the radio waves from the OPA ships on Eros to target the Earth nukes without endangering their crew which receives approval from both Fred and the UN Naval Command.

Shortly after, Holden receives a call from Miller telling him there's a problem. He tells Holden to call off the UN missiles and that he can negotiate with Julie and convince her to not attack Earth. Holden refuses but agrees to attempt to stall them long enough for Miller to find her. Holden then calls Fred and tells him of his plan. When Fred refuses, Holden tells him that, if he agrees, he'll give him his sample and notes of the protomolecule.

While waiting on Miller to contact Julie, the Ravi begins threatening the Roci.

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However, before any damage can be done, Eros stops jamming radar sensors and heads toward Venus. On the Rocinante's way back to Tycho, the crew watches Eros' descent on Venus wondering what will happen next. Three weeks later Holden attends the peace conference of Ceres with Fred, asking him to remember Miller. After successfully convincing a pirate ship to turn themselves over, Holden is contacted by Fred Johnson about the Ganymede incident.

Holden, Naomi, and Amos are sent under the guise of the crew of the Weeping Somnambulist to investigate while Alex kept the Roci hidden in case they needed to escape or were captured. Upon their arrival, much to their surprise, due to the ship being a regular, they were boarded and inspected by UN Navybut were able to hold their cover.

Holden and Amos were able to scare him and his guards off leaving him unsuccessful. Once the shakedown is over Holden meets with Santichai Supitayaporn and his wife Melissamissionaries with the Church of Humanity Ascendantwho ran the relief depot. Santichai chastises him for the way he handled the customs official, telling him things of the relief depot are hard enough.

Then, he goes on to tell Holden that he is short ten thousand kilos of protein. He escapes to speak with his wife Melissa who is much more pleasant. When Holden asks if she knows why the shooting started, she said she didn't know and assumed it was also happening all over the system.

holden parents relationship

Holden and Naomi begin to explore the station when they begin to hear a large group of people shouting. When they investigate, they discover it's a food riot; Ganymede is one of the largest food exporters in the system and continues to export food while most of the people on the station itself are starving. After he examines the situation, he goes up to the port supervisory and tells him that he is Walter Philips, OPA rep out of Tycho Station. When he fails to resolve the situation, Naomi steps in.

She calls Amos and tells him that if the freighter carrying food leaves to take everything and scuttle it. She then tells the port supervisor to either give the crowd the food or the OPA will just take the whole ship. Afterwards, Naomi accuses Holden of acting like Detective Miller but, before their argument could escalate, they are approached by Praxidike Meng asking for their help.

The three make their way back to the ship where Prax tells them his story. While Amos does recon and gathers supplies, Holden forces Prax to eat a meal and take a shower.

holden parents relationship

Amos returns with a can of "chicken food products" which Holden hopes the hacker that Prax hired will take as a token of payment. Then, Holden, Amos, and Prax make their way to the hacker while Naomi monitors them from the ship. They arrive at the hacker's home for the exchange but, the hacker believes they have more chicken and raises the price. Instead, Amos begins to beat the hacker eventually being called off by Holden when the hacker agrees to help them. The hacker shows them the footage of Mei Meng being taken by her doctor, Strickland and another woman who Prax doesn't recognize but the school's security registered as Mei's mother.

The footage follows them up to an old utility storage area before the station was finished that the security feeds do not follow. With their information, they pay the hacker and head back to the ship and discuss a plan.

Naomi will monitor them and take care of any electronic threats, Prax will be there for Mei to recognize and to give any details on her illness that affects the rescue, leaving Holden and Amos to the violence. As the three of them head through to tunnels to find Mei, they are ambushed by a group of former Pinkwater Security led by a man named Wendell.

Holden is able to talk them down and convince them to assist them in their rescue of Mei in exchange for getting them off of Ganymede. The group arrives at the doorway where they lost track of Mei and begin clearing the tunnels. During their search they come across the dead body of Katoa Merton. Filled with anger, Prax opens the next door to find a group of security guards taking a break. Prax, hysterical, inadvertently starts a gunfight.