What episode does lyra asks dawn if ash is her boyfriend want to meet

What episode in Pokemon is the one where lyra asks dawn about ash being her boyfriend

what episode does lyra asks dawn if ash is her boyfriend want to meet

What episode in Pokemon is the one where lyra asks dawn about ash being her boyfriend? Ash does like Dawn as a friend but there's no strong hints towardsa romantic . through episodes - (galactic battles) dawn, ash and brock meet Lyra and On Pokemon does dawn kiss ash and if she does what episode ?. When the problem is solved, she asks Ash if he would like his hair done, too. in a storage room at the Valley Windworks, Lyra asks Dawn if Ash is her boyfriend. . Dawn puts on a show for Ash and his Pokémon, but Ash does not know why. Page 3 Read PearlShipping: Ash X Dawn from the story Pokemon couples by storage room at the Valley Windworks, Lyra asks Dawn if Ash is her boyfriend. However in the last episode she will tell Ash she wants to come to Kanto with him , out for Ash one last time, prompting a startled Ash to turn around and see her .

Apparently, Ash never asked her to do that, so she projected the thing herself. She also spends the whole night outside with Ash they're seen to stop training at the sunrise. Yes in Dee Dee, it's Dawn! When Ash gives Dawn a cup of hot milk after her fainting, she seems surprised, and gently smiles at him telling it's been a very nice gesture from him.

Probably, because of Ash's usual denseness, Dawn didn't expect him to be that tender with her. She thanks Ash, but doesn't say anything to Brock also when Ash tells her it's been Brock's idea. Later in the episode, after the appeal round, she has a high-five with Ash. A Grand Fight for Winning!

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Dawn declines, saying she has something to do. Zoey assumes that this "something" is cheering for Ash in his upcoming battles, an assumption that Dawn soon confirms is correct. The Eighth Wonder of the Sinnoh World!

Kenny invites Dawn to a journey together, but she's unsure about her future; she tells Jasmine that the only thing she's sure of is that she wants to support Ash during the Sinnoh League, without knowing what to do after that.

When Ash and Kenny are battling, Dawn is supporting Ash as she used to do in every battle, and she looks sad when Kenny wins. Later, even if Kenny insisted, Dawn decided to stay, at least temporarily, still with Ash at the Sinnoh League. However in the last episode she will tell Ash she wants to come to Kanto with him, indicating that maybe she had already made that decision after the Ash-Kenny's battle.

Familiarity Breeds Strategy When Ash and Paul find Dawn and Paul walking together, Dawn looks awkward for a moment, and then runs to Ash's side as if embarrassed to be caught by Ash talking with another boy. Memories are Made of Bliss! As Ash and Brock prepare leave the Sinnoh region, Dawn initially proclaims that she would like to accompany Ash to his hometown in Kanto now that her Contest run has concluded.

This plan is quickly derailed, however, when an opportunity for Buneary in Sinnoh presents itself. Near the episode's conclusion, as Ash and Brock walk away, Dawn calls out for Ash one last time, prompting a startled Ash to turn around and see her right arm raised high above her head.

The two high-five for the last time in the DP series this seems to be the first time that's Dawn "asking" for the high-five. The camera pans down to show Pikachu and Piplup high-five and then hug one another. Dawn begins to cry as the boat departs but, upon hearing Ash yell words of encouragement, regains composure, quickly running after the boat and waving alongside a tearful Piplup. Piplup, Pansage, and a Meeting of the Times!

When Ash enters Cynthia's villa in Undella Town, Dawn playfully hides behind him while giggling when he cannot find her. She then surprises him with her appearance.

Some moments later, she winks and raises her arm to propose Ash a high-five, like they used to do in Sinnoh. Later on, during her battle against Cilan's Pansage, Dawn also makes Piplup use Ash's old Counter Shield, a move they developed together. Expedition to Onix Island! Dawn begins to mimic Iris in calling Ash a kid in order to tease him.

Ash's hints Edit Dawn of a New Era! Just like Dawn, after Nando told them that their arguing was baseless, Ash apologizes to Dawn, saying he hasn't been very nice with her. Mounting a Coordinator Assault! After his performance Ash meets Dawn in the hallway, and wishes her good luck giving her their first high-five.

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Ash notices this and, with a grin on his face, remarks, "Gee, thanks Dawn. Ash calms Dawn's nerves after she makes what she thought had been a bad appeal and consoles her through the use of Dawn's frequent catchphrase, "No need to worry! While doing so, Ash expresses an encouraging look.

After Paul tells Ash that he has not seen either Brock or Dawn, Ash wonders if his friends have gotten lost in the maze. He then imagines Dawn yelling, "No need to worry! Informed of this, Dawn objects on the basis that she won't do well, but Ash counters with his belief that she will do great and asks her to simply try her best. Dawn agrees, and Ash, with a big grin on his face, raises his hand for a high five.

Ash is deeply saddened when Dawn loses in the appeal round for the second time. After the loss, "Jessilina" walks up to her and tells her to leave. Dawn refuses, telling "Jessilina" that she wants to stay, while the camera focuses on Dawn's slightly shaking fist.

The camera then cuts to Ash's face. The brown in Ash's eyes can be seen; this usually happens only when Ash is very upset. It was a little weird, but I didn't terribly mind at first. It was when he started being so controlling over me that I got fed up and admitted to him that I didn't like him like that. I'm not gonna go into detail about it After all, it wasn't Kenny she really cared about.

Her mom simply nodded understandingly, not even attempting to comprehend kids and their strange emotional phenomena.

But asking about Kenny was just a distraction; she thought it was about time she confirmed her true suspicion. So Kenny's out of the question. By the way, I talked to someone you know not too long ago," she said. Dawn's eyes perked up a bit. Yes, Lyra called here about a week ago asking for you, but you were off in Hearthome. She had a few interesting things to say," she said, chuckling to herself.

She had hoped her mom was going to say that Ash had called. Then, she actually asked about what your She had asked about whether you had a boyfriend or not," Johanna said. Surprised, Dawn lifted her head up. Why would she ask something like that?

Dawn's cheeks were now a deep shade of pink as she remembered the days Lyra spent with her and the rest of the group. She recalled them being trapped in the basement of some building. It was there when Lyra had asked Dawn if Ash was her boyfriend.

Dawn had quickly denied it, but she couldn't help but imagine what it would be like if he was. She smiled at the thought.

what episode does lyra asks dawn if ash is her boyfriend want to meet

Now that you aren't traveling with Kenny anymore Dawn's eyes lit up with excitement. When can I leave? Maybe I'll see Ash there! She threw the door open to her room and started packing her things for the Unova region.

what episode does lyra asks dawn if ash is her boyfriend want to meet

Ash, I don't know how you feel about me exactly She thought to herself as she packed. Johanna immediately called Cynthia, telling her that Dawn will be on her way to Undella Town.

When Dawn came downstairs, Johanna smiled at her. Finally, our trapped heroes are reunited and are able to escape! Having found Marill, they are confronted one last time by Team Rocket and its newly charged machine, the Magcargo cannon. Team Rocket takes its shot, but is left powerless against another of Pikachu's attacks, which sends them blasting off once again!

Plot Khoury and Lyra join the group and travel together. The episode starts off with the group relaxing for a lunch break. As Lyra and Dawn comment on her newly hatched CyndaquilPiplup offers his greetings. Piplup's first try is returned with Cyndaquil turning its back away. Devastated, Piplup tries once more only to meet the same greeting.

Angry, Piplup then pecks Cyndaquil's behind which it also pays back in kind. The two are then ready to brawl when Pikachu breaks them up. Ash then suggests to have a battle to find out more about Cyndaquil's personality and strength, to which Cyndaquil agrees.

what episode does lyra asks dawn if ash is her boyfriend want to meet

Grotle starts off with Razor Leafwhich Cyndaquil dodges by jumping up high, and then uses Flame Wheel. Grotle takes the hit and Ash commends Cyndaquil on the power of its move, which causes it to jump with joy. Grotle then uses Energy Ball which Cyndaquil dodges again and then uses Swift from above. It is powerful enough to cause Grotle to be pushed back which Khoury and Lyra comment on its excellent first time and agility. Lyra's Marill hears them and wanders off Cyndaquil dodges another Razor Leaf and uses SmokeScreen from above.

From the ground, it uses Swift to cause Grotle to flip over! Ash responds with a Rock Climb that lifts Cyndaquil in the air where Grotle hits it. It quickly gets back on it feet, ready to battle, when Brock calls off the match! He states that since its Cyndaquil's first battle, it should rest.

Piplup then goes over to congratulate Grotle, only to see that except for Ash, everyone's attention is on Cyndaquil. Piplup becomes so jealous, that when Dawn offers it a Poffinhe jumps in the way and eats it.

This results in a brawl, which only ends when Dawn tells them that if they don't stop, there'll be no dinner for either of them.