Created to be his help meet summary of beowulf

Beowulf: A Summary in English Prose

created to be his help meet summary of beowulf

Article created by: Victoria Symons; Themes: Heroes and heroines, Myths, After all, Beowulf is – at its heart – the story of a heroic man who kills aid in an epic encounter that literally shakes the Danish hall to its foundations (ll. eorþan sceata on elran men / mundgripe maran' ['he had not met in the. Pearl says that her motive in writing Created to Be His Help Meet is to teach The title and synopsis of this book contain several assumptions. Overjoyed, Hrothgar showers Beowulf with gifts and treasure at a feast in his honor. With the aid of Wiglaf, he succeeds in killing the beast, but at a heavy cost.

During the ensuing battle Grendel's mother carries Beowulf to her underwater home. After a terrible fight, Beowulf kills the monster with a magical sword, probably put there by the Al-Weilder, that he finds on the wall of her home.

created to be his help meet summary of beowulf

He also finds Grendel's dead body, cuts off the head, and returns to land, where the Geat and Danish warriors are waiting expectantly. Beowulf has now abolished the race of evil monsters.

created to be his help meet summary of beowulf

The warriors return to Hrothgar's court, where the Danes and Geats prepare a feast in celebration of the death of the monsters. Beowulf bids farewell to Hrothgar and tells the old king that if the Danes ever again need help he will gladly come to their assistance. Hrothgar presents Beowulf with more treasures, and they embrace, emotionally, like father and son. The Geats sail home. After recounting the story of his battles with Grendel and Grendel's mother, Beowulf tells King Hygelac about the feud between Denmark and their enemies, the Heatho-bards.

He describes the proposed peace settlement, in which Hrothgar will give his daughter Freawaru to Ingeldking of the Heatho-bards, but predicts that the peace will not last long. Hygelac rewards Beowulf for his bravery with land, swords, and houses. The meeting between Hygelac and Beowulf marks the end of the first part of the poem. In the next part, Hygelac is dead, and Beowulf has been king of the Geats for fifty years.

A thief steals a jeweled cup from a sleeping dragon who avenges his loss by flying through the night burning down houses, including Beowulf's own hall and throne. Beowulf goes to the cave where the dragon lives, vowing to destroy it single-handedly. He's an old man now, and he is not as strong as he was when he fought Grendel. During the battle Beowulf breaks his sword against the dragon's side; the dragon, enraged, engulfs Beowulf in flames and wounds him in the neck.

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All of Beowulf's followers flee except Wiglafwho rushes through the flames to assist the aging warrior. Jesus willingly became a helper to the Father.

The Holy Spirit became a helper to the Son. As I reverence my husband, I am creating a picture of how we, the Church, should reverence Christ.

Created to be His Helpmeet

Alas, these nuggets of gold are surrounded by too much waste, too much folly masquerading as biblical wisdom. This is one of the harshest, angriest books I have read on this side of Richard Dawkins and this critical spirit is displayed in insulting language, in lack of sympathy, and in the passing of harsh judgments.

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Here is an example from early in the book: First she mocks her ugly appearance, and then her ugly demeanor. When a woman writes to ask Pearl how to deal with a husband who idolizes television and allows their young children to view inappropriate shows, Pearl responds by telling her to imagine the day her husband leaves her. The young children will cry when you leave for work, and the older children will be glad to see you go so they can exercise their new found liberties.

If you continue to dishonor your husband, the above scenario will likely become our own personal nightmare—soon! It got worse when he wanted you to do something exotic sexually. Any pain during what is a normal bodily function means that there is something wrong, not that you need to deny yourself, merrily pretend there is nothing wrong and get through it.

Another thing that bothered me is a woman was confessing that her husband was breaking into cars and having her stand guard. Debi's advice was to call the cops and turn him in How about confessing herself since she was helping?

These would be biblical and godly instructions.

created to be his help meet summary of beowulf

Another thing - and this is the last one, I promise - she instructs women to visit their husbands in jail who have molested their children There is a time for forgiveness, there is a time for confronting your offender, and yes he is their father, but this turned my stomach and it's in knots writing this.

Making an innocent child visit and pretend everything is okay with the man who tarnished and stole their innocence Don't bad mouth the man, but don't bring him jailbait either. And - okay, I do have one more - I grew tired of her using scare tactics to get the reader to do the right and in her mind "godly" thing by your husband.

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He will have an affair if you don't do this. He will leave you for someone else if you don't do that. I love God, and I love my husband and I serve both out of reverence for God because it is love that drives me, it is joy, it is security in my faith and in my God.

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I know he will take care of me and I desire Him above all else Having said all of this, I will say that I agree about serving, I agree we need to consider others before ourselves, and we especially need to consider our husbands above ourselves. But I will have to leave the rest.

My husband and I read this together, and he doesn't like it at all.