Meet one direction at the logies

DOLLY hits up the TV WEEK Logies &#; with One Direction! | Dolly

meet one direction at the logies

Watch Aussie Stars Sing and Dance to One Direction's Logies “We thought, what better way for us to meet people we would get on with than. Girls camp out at the airport to meet the boys but 1D slip out the back and then get semi-naked on a boat. One Direction are TOPLESS on a boat in Sydney! The boys are in Oz to sing at the TV Week Logie Awards but. Harry and Zayn at the Logie Awards in Melbourne, Australia. One Direction Songs this would be the new cover for my boar but I kinda like the See more. from · wallpaper one direction | Tumblr. One Direction Wallpaper.

With screaming girls sending me deaf in one ear, my right ear was summoned to move closer to Zayn and Louis's faces, or er, mouths, naturally. I'm guessing I was less than a school ruler away from both boys. Gosh, my job really is a difficult one at times. A few things you should know: Their skin is a rude shade of spotless.

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Louis is definitely the cheekiest 1D member and joked his way through our questions. Zayn has insanely long eyelashes much longer than mine and I had falsies on! In true bromance style, Louis had his arm resting on Zayn during our chat.

Louis' trademark braces had me weak at my knees — the dude's got style. Zayn sported his buttoned-to-the-top collar. Let's just say there's a helluva lot of mousse, gel, and more mousse going on there! Cameras were flashing faster than I could blink, the boys were running up and down the barricades to high-five fans while publicists and heavy security surrounded each of them.

For this time, I experienced what it was really like being in the eye of a One Direction storm, only today, this storm was more of the hurricane variety. I spoke exclusively to Zayn and Louis who sounded pretty impressed with you guys! Boys, you are looking so hot tonight!

Do you have a message for them? Yeah, I think we just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us out here [in Australia]. The reaction we are getting is amazing and we didn't expect it.

One Direction - One Thing. 54th Annual Logie Awards 2012

I wanted to say a massive thank you to the fans for getting the album to number one for two weeks in a row. It's actually the first place that's ever done that. Our readers want to know what you love most about Aussie girls? The accent, the accent's hot I think!

meet one direction at the logies

And they all seem like they are up for a good laugh and a good time! Zayn saw a fan take her top off! Many critics praised its lyrical depth and musical composition, as well as the group's level of involvement in the production process. Payne once again claimed that the album would be "edgier" and that the group had written most of the songs for it; Horan came up with the name of the album, commemorating the fact that it is One Direction's fourth record to date and that it has been four years since the band's formation.

Signifying a further maturation of their pop sound, the album's first single, Steal My Girlwas dubbed by Billboard as "no What Makes You Beautifulbut its Coldplay -like piano pop could be a good direction", [] and that the band was "not entirely ready to let go of its bubble-gum days".

Rolling Stone described the record as "saturated with retro vibes"; its songs "split the difference between big, splashy Eighties pop rock and more elegant Seventies flavours — a very pesky whipper-snapper move that's not so far from what Haim 's hit Days Are Gone did last year.

meet one direction at the logies

Please help by spinning off or relocating any relevant information, and removing excessive detail that may be against Wikipedia's inclusion policy. June Learn how and when to remove this template message Endorsements InOne Direction became the face of Pokemon Black and Whitestarring in a series of television adverts.

To promote the launch Nokia has made a series of photos of the band members using the phones to take photos of themselves. The store will sell exclusive never seen before merchandise.

One offer will be life-size cardboard cut-outs of the boys, phone cases, T-shirts and even the 1D Onesie. The full length advert for the fragrance was released on 24 August The news was delivered via a video featuring Styles.

The band released a short, 6-minute film to promote the new fragrance. The announcement of the fragrance commercial was teased on Twitterwith pieces of the cover art which shows all five of the guys being tweeted out one at a time. The commercial, which premiered on the One Direction fragrance site, is a bit goofier than "J'adore Dior," [] In the clip, a hexagonal pink bottle can be seen sitting in the centre of a highly fortified white room with motion lasers covering the floor.

The boys are seen entering through the ceiling, suspended by wires and clad in all-black. Along with the bottle image, the band released a new commercial. The TV spot shows the quartet testing out the car's stereo, style and trunk space with a humorous tone and the tagline "It's all One Direction approved.

The commercial celebrates the launch of the new Honda Civic sedan and coincides with the release of One Direction's new album, Made in the A. The group's U.

One Direction are TOPLESS on a boat in Sydney! *SCREAM*

A prominent annual event in British culturethe group said it was "incredible" to be involved in Children in Need as it was something that they had "always watched as children". Due to overwhelming demand to participate in the fundraising, the ticket website for the event broke down.

Horan's brother Greg commented on the website crash, saying that "there were tickets and they were all snapped up pretty quick". Trekstock later added that this amount would allow them to "complete funding of their Hodgkin's lymphoma trial, in the hope of offering a much brighter future to thousands of children and young people affected by this form of disease.

The initiative aims to end extreme poverty, tackle inequality and slow down climate change with the help of their millions of fans.