Meet all the tf2 characters ages

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meet all the tf2 characters ages

Icon, Leaderboard class medic TF2 It is also critical for Medics to heal all of their teammates rather than focusing only on their Heavy-buddy. . In the Meet the Medic trailer, multiple items for the other classes make appearances, including. There are nine official classes that can be played in Team Fortress 2; they are All nine classes are grouped into three specific combat types. I find the fascination with female TF2 characters well, fascinating. . The men are all different builds, different ages, with different quirks and.

You maintain your health while making a break for safety. Although a good weapon of choice, it won't necessarily save you every time. It is also quite weak, so use it when you really need to defend yourself. When using the Medigunthe Medic is vulnerable to almost all the other classes, relying entirely on his heal-buddy to defend him. While healing teammates, it is generally best to constantly remain in motion, as this makes the Medic slightly less vulnerable to both Spies and Sniperswho love stationary targets.

This also allows the Medic to use their team member as cover while they heal them. It is also critical for Medics to heal all of their teammates rather than focusing only on their Heavy -buddy. This recovers all of your teammates after taking a point from the other team, charges your Medigun faster The Medigun charges faster when healing teammates than when over-healing teammatesand also allows you to over-heal multiple teammates simultaneously, giving them that much more health to take enemy hits.

meet all the tf2 characters ages

This comes at a small disadvantage, however: The best use of this gun would be during the event where enemies thin out the number of Sentries and when Spies are few on the opposing team. It also makes a good offensive maneuver when keeping the enemy at bay. The Bonesaw holds the greatest chance of offering critical hits out of all the classes' melee weapons.

This allows for some surprisingly effective attacks against Spies after either the Medic or his heal-buddy. This can also unbalance the enemy, since many do not expect to be attacked by the Medic while engaging the Medic's heal-buddy. However, its attack rate is slower than the normal Bonesaw which may give the Medic a second of vunerability when he attacks.

Even with the razorback, a spy can take out a sniper with 3 shots of the revolver, 2 with the Ambassador as long as one is a head-shot, or even just one with the Enforcer while undisguised. The last is the T-Pose, which is a Ramsey with a jagged blade. It is much weaker than a Kukri, but deals 6 seconds bleeding damage that can reveal Spies and out-damages the Kukri over time. A Sniper's job is to scan the area for potential targets, and more specifically, make good use of his distance and obscurity by making few, but effective shots, and not remaining in one area for too long at a time.

More importantly, as the sniper IS a support class, his role is more importantly to take out extremely valuable assets of the opposing team, i. A single Sniper can cover a very large area, making him a very dangerous threat to be up against. While powerful as a field presence, the Sniper still needs to be extremely wary of enemies that have slipped past him and could be making their way to his hiding place to kill him, considering especially the fact that despite his high-damage output, he still has the same health as that of a scout.

A Sniper also need-be aware of potential targets being able to see the enemy-colored points of light cast by the rifle's laser sight. To counteract this, a Sniper can aim at a nearby obstacle, obscuring the laser from the enemy but still being able to monitor something like an enemy doorway or the Capture Point, keep in mind, while the presence of that ominous looking laser-point can tell your enemy "you're being watched", it can actually play a valuable mind-game on the enemy and discourage them from using a certain exit, which can give your team the tactical advantage of a well coordinated 'bottle-neck' ambush.

A Spy has the best chance of taking out a Sniper, just above that of another sniper or a scout.

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Activating their cloaking device, a Spy and slip past a Sniper's guarded area virtually undetected to sneak up behind them and back-stab them. As mentioned, Snipers can take down each other as well, but in this case, it boils down to who is the faster, better shot, or whomever is more aware of the situation. Sniper Tactics Edit First rule of a sniper: You stay in front, very close. You can be both the key to a failed defense or a failed offense.

However, until you are good, you shouldn't be directly at the front line, and even then you will need teammates to take hits. At first you may find that the Sniper's somewhat weak close-combat ability and low health almost forces you to camp at the back, but please ignore this feeling; as you get more confident in your aim, you can attempt to get closer and closer to the front lines.

In this position you will be able to take on more immediate threats to the team, give enemy spies a much harder time, and help your team much more. Nothing is more frustrating than to run around the corner, thinking you've reached the high ground to pick off those slow heavies and get gunned down by some sentry. Or to actually be sniping those heavies and a spy stabbing you in the back. Admit it, we all hate it when that happens.

In short, stay alert. You must know your enemy, and of course, your weaponry. First off, your trustworthy sniper rifle, a beautiful weapon with a scope to zoom in and a long barrel for that accuracy. This is the weapon you would want to wield most of the time.

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Your SMG Sub-Machine Gunalthough weak, stimpaks enough punch to take out injured enemies, or enemies you've hit with an uncharged headshot and need to finish off. It is also useful for scanning for spies, as hit spies will flicker, revealing their location. It can also be a last resort against scouts that get too close, although the kukri is probably a safer bet at close range.

However, after a couple seconds the SMG outdamages the kuriki, making it most effective to hit a enemy first for an instant 65 damage, and then start shooting for a head-start in the damage race so to speak. And last, your wonderful kukri. This fine piece of weaponry is -ideal- for the close combat situations, it's not stronger, nor faster than any other but it's perfect for spies attempting to sneak behind you.

Or perhaps even some hyped up kid attempting to bat your head in. If crits are off, however, you're better off just going for an uncharged headshot unless you know they've been weakened. Sniping in General Edit Sniping in general is hard, it requires skill and dedication to learn how to master those headshots. Start off by picking sniper's most favourite targets, the heavies.

meet all the tf2 characters ages

Get those headshots, then try to headshot little faster targets, like soldiers. And slowly move up the ranks. You must know when to shoot and when not to, where the best sniping locations are and where enemy snipers might be hiding. Check for enemy sniper dots. Keep an eye on your back. Mind your health, you only have Medics and heavies first, soldiers and demos second.

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Time your Target to get a critical Shot. Jarate is good at finding hidden cloaking spies.

meet all the tf2 characters ages

When you bump or see a spy cloaking, throw a Jarate at them. Also Jarate is good for extinguishing you or your teammates from fire. Try to take down level 3 sentries. You are the second best class at removing them without assistance from your team, and do a very good job of it. Don't go out of your way, however, and don't try and do it if your team is already there. There's nothing more frustrating than a friendly soldier running in front of you and back again, leaving you with the four sentry rockets to deal with.

Try to snipe engineers behind their sentries. See an engineer hiding behind a sentry? Just make sure the engineer's head is visible above or outside the silhouette of the sentry even if you can see his head THROUGH the sentry, you still can't hit him as the sentry hitbox blocks itaim a little higher than his head head hitboxes are alarmingly big in TF2 and pull the trigger.

Then simply unload one fully charged and one partially charged shot to drop the sentry. Try to hit your Enemy Do not: Camp in one spot. Don't just stand on the 2fort balconies either; it's bad form. Consider that you can also snipe from in front of the bridge at ground level.

You'll have one up on enemy snipers and the other classes of the enemy team will be without cover, while you can use the pillars of the bridge to block rockets. Never trust random team members. If some random teammate pops up without clear reason, only seeming to stand there.

meet all the tf2 characters ages

Don't assume he's "watching your back".