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sia meet and greet pictures ideas

May 20, 3) Halsey is the queen of poses. Twenty One Pilots' meet and greet for Live 's BFD — Twenty One Updated. Adorable family shot -- this whole session is fantastic and full of great ideas. of great ideas. Dios creo al hombre el 6to dia. Very cute family photography ideas. In a rare interview, Sia Furler, the poster girl for 21st century pop, talks fame, When we meet in London, just before Christmas, she's wearing her blond every female singer “Instagrams pictures of their trip to the gynaecologist”. . “I love the idea of how fast can we make the song, but I don't think that I'm.

She may write more than her peers, but explains that the flip side of productivity is lack of quality control. One out of 10 songs is a hit. So where a lot of people will spend three weeks on one song, I will write 10 in three weeks. Maybe the song that they sculpt is going to be as successful as just one of the 10 that I wrote. I definitely have one song on her new album. Elastic Heart and Chandelier were intended for Katy Perry, but came back to her.

Looking back on her early solo albums, Furler says: When I started to write for pop people I was like, wow, this stuff is incredibly simple. So that just adds exponentially more work.

And on top of that, you have to travel. I toured for 13 years, and it was very lonely, and it was hard work. The Grammy thing, you directed every little thing: It was amazing to watch. Thank you for saying that. Or is this still a vanity project? Or am I really directing?

It feels like a truly collaborative experience. A song can be good to one person and bad to another. An acting performance can be loved or hated. So I could probably use humbling in that department.

I wrote a short story eight years ago. I just want to make a beautiful film. Every now and again I get scared. But this is such a new area for me. I still have some insecurity.

So, like, once a week I get washed from the top of my skull down to my toes with this vomitous feeling of fear. Right, I have to do it. It really is just a process of doing it, which is why we do this crazy thing called performing. Why do I do this to myself? That sounds so terrifying and horrible, by the way.

Was that when you wore that beautiful white dress that was frilly around the shoulder?

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But you know you have to do it. I hope we can put stupid accent in brackets next to where we say silly things. I bet we could. Obviously, everyone knows you write a lot of songs for people other than yourself. Or are people coming to you? How does it work? I record myself singing. And what happens is that sometimes I like a song so much I keep it for myself. So a lot of the songs on your album, those were tracks that were already produced? On my old albums, I always started writing the song from scratch with whoever I was collaborating with.

Now people will send me tracks. I love it too much. Greg produced my album.

sia meet and greet pictures ideas

In fact, for this album, there were a couple of days where I did go in specifically to write for myself. Because I had no plans to make another album—until I realized I needed to put an album out to get out of my current publishing deal. I had no plans to promote it or tour it.

Ramesh Kumar I really enjoyed the the photo walks I did with you, especially trying out the prime lens even though I found it difficult to get used to. It made me want to try using it more. Actually two of my photos with you made a travel magazines photos of choice this month. Takes decisive action to help all students and is only happy when the student is. He is an asset to any organization and I would wholeheartedly recommend him as I know he will be successful in any new challenge he faces in his future.

Must say that it seemed to be quite an interesting and thought provoking session with him sharing so much of insights on how to capture life. Thank you for the wonderful time and God speed to you! You have taught me adding life to my pictures… Went to Sanjeeviah park this morning with my friends… And found a tremendous improvement in my photography. Not just learnings it gives you the best teacher you can ask for.

And then a whole bunch of budding photographers with whom field trips and photo sharing enhances all your learnings. The facebook group is a continual support system anytime and anywhere.

Not just friends, I have family here! Khanjan Antani — 5 star Saurabh ji is very well going for his mission statement…down to earth person… Nikita Nair — 5 star Owning a camera does not guarantee great pictures! One has to know how to use it, and there are plenty of ways people can do that. One of the most sure-shot options is to learn from an experienced person.

sia meet and greet pictures ideas

Though i have not spent much time with Saurabh, being in this group has certainly inspired me to think differently. All the credit for the same goes to Saurabh for sharing his passion and igniting the creative side of his students. The respect and awe that he invites and the humility with which he accepts it is certainly admirable. This group, the sessions, the field trips, the various updates and posts on photography altogether is the perfect package for anyone interested in learning this art.

Would recommend Saurabh as the perfect guide for the same. All the very best!!! Sudeepti Adda — 4 star Sia Photography- A place where people r taught to click not jus pictures but live pictures. Saurabh Chatterjee] teaches how to add Life to every pic u click. A pic which made me salute saurabh was the one in which a boy stands in a dump yard but the pic portraits it as if the guy is standing in a foggy n cloud place. Though I never attended any field trips, I always follow the Pages in which several tips n tricks r given, n finally I can use my cam well now.

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Not jus as a teacher, as a person also I got to know Saurabh off late. Such a down to earth person. Am so happy to be a part of your group and for sure will start attending the field trips too soon.

Venkat Kosuri — 5 star Without any training, I have taken pictures over the years. Photography has always fascinated me since childhood, my uncle let me use his SLR for the first time when I was in 10th Grade and that was love at first click! There have been a couple of people I looked up to for advice and guidance, they were very helpful and taught a few concepts that improved my technique quite significantly.

However, there were always a few things that were hazy in my mind for a long time. Saurabh, you cleared that haze! Wish I had known you 5 years ago, you were probably not teaching then.

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The examples are well defined, the anecdotes are entertaining and educating at the same time. Switching between theory and practice during the session, emphasizing on field work and encouraging people to keep taking photos till they improve, and following up with invitations to join you on photo walks — what else can one ask for?

Sunil too has learnt so much about photography since he joined your session, his summer vacation has turned out to be amazingly educational. He is learning humility, simplicity and patience besides photography from you. Heartfelt thanks for being an amazing teacher!!

Robin Kumar — 5 star Thank you Saurabh. Made my life more beautiful. Want to feel yourself great as a good photographer? With him U can learn photography from the scratch. Thank You Saurabh — He is among the best photographers.

Calm, sensible, knowledgeable…perfect indeed! Anyone can take pictures but if u want to put life into a pic then he is the best person to learn from… Sara Iqbal Ali — I have attended his class on three occasions and learnt basics of photography and Lightroom. He is an excellent teacher and breaks down even the most difficult things to simple understandable levels.

I fully absorbed whatever he taught. He has an eye for detail and gives very helpful feedbacks on our clicks.

I would highly recommend him to anybody who wants to learn photography. Nipun Ranjan — Saurabh, thank you for the opportunity. Not sure if I can call this a review… but what I say is definitely from the bottom of my heart. I never thought I had any artistic abilities in me, never pictured myself as a photographer and never seriously thought I had the passion for photography except may be a desire to capture the moments I enjoyed the most with my family and friends.

A sunrise, flowering trees, old buildings, huge crowds, puppies, babies… almost everything I see, I now look for something more. Often times I find something beautiful in it. I think that change is directly attributable to you and the community you allowed me to be part of. The pics, the views and the perspectives you and the rest of the SIA family shares has definitely shaped my sensibilities and my and desire to learn photography.

Second, when you share your views, especially when it is more than a comment about the picture, but about the values and belief system you stand for, I find them very positive and impactful. I believe these qualities permeate your every interaction with your students and help shape them into not just good photographers but great individuals too.

I wish you and SIA continued success. Ramesh Maddukuri — Me and my wife got a chance to join Saurabh on one of his photography tours of rajasthan. We started off from Ahmadabad and covered various parts of South Rajasthan for 9 days. For monuments etc, He even researches the existing pictures on internet so as to determine all the possible interesting angles with which the shots can be taken.

We found Saurabh to be an extremely positive person who would inspire you in many different ways. He is extremely focused and does not waste even a single second of the day. When we were taking break after the hectic day, he would be busy reviewing the pictures taken during the day. He is an extremely flexible and open to suggestions. He would map the photography concepts to things that a layman can easily understand.

At the end of the trip, I have a lot of happy memories and would highly recommend his tours to others. Its not just a photography tour but a mix of many different things. A road trip with a lot of fun, exploration and education. Gaurav Gupta ————- Minati Sarma — 5 star I was a little hesitant at first to approach him as I knew nothing about photography.

But after talking the beginner session and seeing his amazing work, must say it was a wonderful experience and I learned so much in a short time. Thank you Saurabh for the time and lessons learned. I felt like its a promise from you after I join your workshop. Many people are recognizing me as a great photographer because of your knowledge sharing in your workshop, field trips and constructive criticism on our work. That is the power of your teaching.

No Doubt you are my great teacher in photography. Anil Singanamala — 5 star Perfect place to learn. Only after attending your workshop, I am able to understand how a picture can say a millions words: You are always helpful and available to solve our queries no matter how basic the query is. Thanks for teaching us photography. Nipun Ranjan — 5 star I have attended his class on three occasions and learnt basics of photography and Lightroom. SIA is like a family for me and met a lot of good friends in my journey so far.