Meet and greets in chicago 2015 homicide

Murder Rate Increase in Major U.S. Cities | Time

meet and greets in chicago 2015 homicide

Name, age + story, Date, time + case number, Block +. Community area, Cause + . Locale. Boshaun Jackson, 27 > Read more, 4/30/ President Obama returns to Chicago for his farewell address, but the hope and change he spoke of here in never came. Chicago's murder rate dropped in to homicides from its peak of , but in the country: So far in , there have been nearly homicides. The two met through mutual associates shortly after Keef was.

There are few banks or grocery stores on these blocks, but many liquor stores and off-brand cellphone shops. A silver hatchback speeds by the drug house, and DJ says driving fast is a good way to get your car shot up by wary gang members. Tray, standing on the street again, says the drug house was selling to too many customers, so the big homie ordered it temporarily shut down.

meet and greets in chicago 2015 homicide

But I never saw the police stop a car or speak with anyone on the street. He even advises officers under his command to make fewer stops to avoid encounters that could result in complaints or lawsuits.

Statistics back up his claim.

meet and greets in chicago 2015 homicide

The number of stops between January and late November dropped from aboutin tothis year, a result of chastened cops as well as a new agreement between the city and the American Civil Liberties Union that changed the requirements and definition of a stop. Gun seizures are up 20 percent over the same period, to over 8, this year, though that figure includes firearms handed in at gun buybacks—a program the CPD stepped up in Plus, smugglers bring in firearms from neighboring states.

Protests and lawsuits related to police shootings have prompted Chicago cops to pull way back, to make many fewer stops, which has contributed to a spike in violent crime in some neighborhoods.

Less than a week later, the U. Department of Justice announced it would investigate the department, focusing on its use of force and whether any racial groups bore the brunt of it.

The fight to stop Chicago's gang killings: 'He died sitting on our front porch'

Finally, the agreement between the city and the ACLU also requires police to fill out lengthy contact cards every time they stop someone went into effect January 1. Still, the department did warn officers that gang members planned to target them, and officers reportedly responded by keeping a lower profile and stopping fewer people.

Why Has Been Chicago's Bloodiest Year in Almost Two Decades

Recent research reveals another drawback to high-profile police misconduct. One study shows that after news reports about police assaults or shootings of innocent black men, calls to and other crime reporting drop significantly, especially in black neighborhoods. While I was in Chicago, Emanuel announced the hiring of officers, detectives and supervisors in a bid to lower the murder rate.

When I asked the detective whether he thought the new cops would help, he blew air through his lips to make a farting noise and gave a thumbs-down with his non-fork hand. They used to get out of their car the first time they passed by, Tray says. Up to a dozen men, most in their late teens and early 20s, stand around talking and laughing and shadowboxing, smoking cigarettes as young women stop by to flirt and smoke. The parking lot serves as an informal social club for people in the South Shore neighborhood.

A small team of social workers—they call themselves violence interrupters—stand on the corner of the parking lot and eye the young men. CeaseFire violence interrupter Ulysses Floyd, left, works to stop shootings in the South Shore neighborhood as two young residents look on. Ina University of Illinois at Chicago study found that the program cut murders by 30 percent in the two police districts where the city funded its work. I said in Grant Park when I was declared the winner of the presidency that this wasn't a task for one year, or one term, or even one president.

meet and greets in chicago 2015 homicide

And a fractured relationship between police and black teens following the police shooting of Laquan McDonald only added fuel to an existing fire. The teen was shot 16 times.

Most of the bullets were fired while his body was lying on the ground.

meet and greets in chicago 2015 homicide

Police reports later revealed officers on the scene lied to cover up the shooting. But if there was a president who could help, he says, it would be the president who marched the same streets, demanding change. Unfair to blame Obama for hometown woes?

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Melvin Worley says President Obama did all he could with obstacles in front of him to help the black community. Some of President Obama's faithful supporters gathered inside a historic Catholic church for Sunday mass ahead of his farewell address this week. Believers like Savannah Dean say their prayers were answered when Obama was elected. And when people are critical of President Obama for not fixing Chicago's problems, she says they are being unfair. She points to some of his successes: Other supporters defend Obama by saying he was the leader of the country, not the mayor of Chicago.

Homicide in Chicago: Data Storytelling Part Two

There were plenty of economic and international pressing issues he had to deal with as president. He couldn't drop everything for one city. He's only the president. He's not a dictator. He can't do whatever he wants to do," Chicago resident Melvin Worley says. Obama's next legacy Photos: Click through the gallery to see moments from his administration. Hide Caption 1 of Photos: Hide Caption 3 of Photos: Hide Caption 4 of Photos: The goal was to stimulate the country's staggering economy by increasing federal spending and cutting taxes.

Hide Caption 5 of Photos: The President focused on the three priorities of the budget he presented to Congress later in the week: Hide Caption 6 of Photos: Sotomayor went on to become the court's first Hispanic justice. Hide Caption 8 of Photos: