Meet the press sept 2012 slayerx

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meet the press sept 2012 slayerx

A Complete Guide to Works in All Media Don Macnaughtan Buffy Meets the Academy: Essays on the Episodes and Scripts as Texts, edited by Kevin K. Durand, Cohen, Traci J. “'So I wear pearls': Exploring Gender in Tales of the Slayers. 5/6, Sept. , pp. 18– Gomez, Lisa. “Buffy Is in Bed with a Woman?. Click on a link below for information on Meet the Press shows. September Chris Christie, David Plouffe, Ralph Reed, Ed Rendell, Katty Kay, Chuck Todd. I was skeptical when I heard of a cop procedural meets fairy tale show. We've . JohnSmithNot February Grimm is one dwust15 September

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These names are just gibberish and sound like a four year old child invented them. Sorry, but I expect a certain amount of professionality from a TV show, even from a low-budget show like this.

meet the press sept 2012 slayerx

So, if you watch this show and think that they talk German: No, they do not! In this case, as the show plays in Portland, English. So, these dumb names are just an attempt to gather some exotic flair. But it's so poorly done that it's just an epic fail.

Okay, the next thing is the storyline. Same storyline in every episode, just the name of the monster changes. And why does every case have to involve a supernatural being?

It seems like there are no normal humans in Portland anymore. Don't get me wrong, it IS possible to constantly thematize the supernatural beings. After all, it's part of the premise of the show. But in that case they should not interfere with the normal world the way they do and the show would have to come up with a believable concept for a parallel society.

And they produced three seasons like this And there are other things which I don't like.

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Like all the events around the Royal Families, the "Wesen" council and things like this. To me it is just too obviously plagiarized.

meet the press sept 2012 slayerx

Things like that already appeared in too many bad novels and series. Seen it all and seen it done much better.

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Nick, the Grimm, is mediocre at best. His acting is shallow and boring. I wonder what her purpose in this show is, because she's completely useless. And IF she is acting then she is overacting in some weird way.

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And she is highly unsympathetic. And, of course, Danny Bruno as Bud the beaver is really good.

meet the press sept 2012 slayerx

It's a shame that he only got a minor role. Even worse than the overall story is the scriptwriting. The dialogues are boring and sometimes I found myself thinking: No normal person in the world would ever talk like this!

I don't care for effects or big- budget productions. The same contest will also decide which of two feuding lords sponsoring the festival, Haizen and Granion, will take control over the town. Secretly, both of the lords also scheme to have their golems mass-produced as unstoppable weapons of war.

meet the press sept 2012 slayerx

Lina and Naga can easily become antagonistic, and, following an inconclusive magical duel, they end up battling it out again — but this time they are going to fight through the golems made in their appearance. Due to Galia lacking magical clay due to Huey's sabotage, his golem is built with the sleeping Lina trapped inside so she would use her own magic to power it at the tournament.

Huey has lured Naga into his golem and so now there is a powerful sorceress in each. To Lina's dismay, and Granion's disappointment, the golem that was made in her image is a super deformed giant kawaii toy with funny squeaky shoes, dubbed "Piko-Piko Lina-chan" — instead of finding her beautiful as she believed, Galia thought she was "a girl with no hips or breasts, with a face just screaming to be characterized.

Their battle begins, but Piko-Piko Lina-chan's short limbs can not even hit the Grand Goddess while Naga just plays with her. Further enraged, Lina attemots to attack with magic, but the golem's magical properties absorb magic, making Lina's spells useless.

meet the press sept 2012 slayerx

During that completely one-sided fight, one physical attack by the Grand Goddess makes a large hole in the back of Lina's golem. The furious Lina gets free and unleashes her most powerful spell, Dragu Slave, to defeat the Grand Goddess. Lina wins, but her spell has also destroyed the castles of both Haizen and Granion.