Two of swords love relationship

Two of Swords tarot card meaning Love – Counselling Tarot and Mindfulness Brisbane

two of swords love relationship

In love this card is saying you are stuck in an unhappy situation that you see The Two of swords indicates that the new relationship has vast. Two of Swords as Feelings (Love, Friendship and Ex-Lovers). The Two of Swords as Feelings in Love. The Two of Swords tarot card shows a woman that is. Two of Swords in Love. The two swords are literally blocking the emotions and heart. It can indicate a relationship that won't progress because one person is.

Being confused about what you want from a relationship. Lack of intellectual stimulation. Boredom may be an issue.

Two of Swords Tarot and its Meaning for Love, Money and Happiness

Fertility or virility issues…. Being at a crossroads. Weighing up Pros and Cons. Extremes Two of Swords — A painful decision has to be made about a relationship. Feeling torn between your heart and your head.

Two of Swords as Feelings (Love, Friendship and Ex-Lovers)

Not knowing what to do. Blindly ignoring relationship issues. Not wanting to confront issues or deal with them in the hope that they will go away. A warring couple; neither will back down or give in.

Painful past experiences may be tainting your relationship or your search for a new one. Hard to let anyone get close to you. Appearing cold and distant. The need to let go of emotional and psychological baggage. Someone refusing to accept your choice of partner. However, it can be overcome with committed effort on both sides. Reversed — A painful decision is made and action taken.

Seeing your relationship for exactly what it is.

two of swords love relationship

Being totally honest instead of hiding things. Increased estrangement if talks to find a solution breakdown. A couple in an entrenched battle.

Love can warm up again or turn ice-cold.

two of swords love relationship

Terrible confusion about what to do can be totally paralysing. Eventual forgiveness or absolute refusal to forgive. No Gain without pain. Three of Swords — Upset, tears and strong emotional outbursts. Heartbroken or feeling betrayed. Learning a hard lesson. Vicious rows and accusations. Words designed to hurt. A love triangle — third person in a relationship or external interference.

Legal wrangles between couples. Feeling down and depressed about your relationship. You are ignoring your true feelings. Interpretations The right keyword for the upright Two of Swords tarot card is ignorance. In a relationship situation, it implies that the facts are right in front of the two lovers, but they are intentionally pretending to not see them. Now you have to be careful in understanding in how you interpret these facts.

Consider the red flags you have in the relationship.

Two of Swords tarot card meaning Love

Are you sure they are not such a big deal for you? If you cannot still see them then it can be because of the intense love you have for your partner. Yes, you are so crazy about him that you are failing to see if any way the relationship is hurting you psychologically.

The Two of Swords as Feelings in a Love Reading

Basically, that is what Two of Swords sums up. If you still have not understood the meaning of Two of Swords then lets look at an example. Imagine that a hunk approaches you. The Two of Swords and its Meaning for Health The Two of Swords is a minor arcana card that represents the idea of things being in somewhat of a stalemate in your life.

You can link this to events, people, your thoughts and feelings or anything else that is connected to your life. Also, there is an idea that you are finding it tough trying to make a decision and are too busy weighing up both sides that you are unaware of what to do next.

two of swords love relationship

This is certainly the feelings that you are going to discover if you draw the Two of Swords in an upright position within your health sector.

This can indicate that your current illness can be the direct result of some kind of blockage within your body with the main focus being on your emotions being strangled and not discussed. It is understood that the card can indicate that these blocked emotions will lead to anxiety and stress which then, in turn, can point towards a number of physical health situations and problems that you then need to contend with.

There is no doubt that, when it comes to health, then the Two of Swords does have a primary focus on your mental health rather than physical. If you draw the card in the reverse position, then it can indicate that there is a certain struggle in trying to balance out your life in order to then benefit from it as much as possible. You need to largely dedicate yourself to dealing with both your stress and anxiety as that is going to largely be at the absolute root of the various health issues that you are having at this moment.