Philosophy on love relationship

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philosophy on love relationship

The philosophical treatment of love transcends a variety of sub-disciplines .. love only involve those with whom the agent can have a meaningful relationship?. Love That Works: a Philosophy for Lasting Relationships. The cultural myth of the perfect partner or soul mate is a distraction that keeps us from. Willow Verkerk considers what Nietzsche has to teach us about love. between the sexes correlate with oppositional gender roles in love relationships.

Rather than focusing on finding the right partner, commitment works best when we approach it as a method of personal growth. The late psychologist Caryl Rusbult coined the notion of the " Michelangelo effect " in describing how committed, loving relationships have the power to sculpt us into the people we want to be.

Michelangelo used to say that the figures he created were asleep within the stones, waiting to be discovered. This is what love that works on us over time can do by both reflecting and eliciting the values that we commit to creating with our partners.

As the work of love changes you and helps you grow into the person you want to be, the relationship creates a commitment of its own. You come to believe that your relationship is better than anything else available and without effort creates a willingness to problem solve and interact, rather than react and withdraw.

The work becomes its own incentive and you recognize that your own well being is linked to the health of both your partner and the relationship.

Love That Works: a Philosophy for Lasting Relationships

However, given that different people, societies and cultures have different ideas about what constitutes a virtuous life, it is pretty much impossible to create an idea of the virtuous human. But looking at your actions and the sort of person you are, rather than focussing on the idea of duty or consequences, seems to be a more relevant way of making decisions in relationships.

Rights Finally, you could bring in the idea of rights. If by breaking up with your partner, you destroy their self-esteem, is there a sense in which you are denying them of a basic human right and thus performing a morally wrong action?

Can we Analyse Love and Relationships Rationally? When making these kinds of decisions, I imagine that most people draw on ideas of morality pulled from several different systems of relationship philosophy. But rationally analysing a relationship seems somehow cold and heartless.

Some questions just seem as though they should not be asked within this logical framework. Take this question found on askphilosophers. Eros looks at man and woman as lovers while phileo look at man and woman as best friends.

philosophy on love relationship

Phileo love involves doing life as friends, with loyalty and communication. It's about sitting down when you don't feel like, and going over the budget and making decisions. It's speaking the truth in love when you've been irritated or wounded.

Nietzsche on Love

If Eros love is the spark that repeatedly ignites our passion, then it is the steady fuel that feeds our joy. Doing life together, not only as passionate lovers but as best friends, is at the core of genuine love, satisfying sex, and a lasting relationship. As much as Eros and phileo contribute to a healthy relationship, they need a third companion to bring depth, strength, and lasting character to lasting romance and friendship. That is while the most influential kind of love we can experience and express is sacrificial love - agape love.

Phileo love- family or brotherly love Hebrews It is all about learning and covering. It is a love that supports, defends and protects the other. It will not expose the other partner's weaknesses to ridicule and will not taunt the other on account of the disclosures made about the past under the principle of historical nakedness.

philosophy on love relationship

Phileo love is about respect and friendship, forgiving and forgetting, sharing blames together and learning new things concerning the other. Agape is unconditional love, where one accepts to love the other despite their differences, despite all the conditions, despite the mistakes and hardships and this is usually the love that marriage strives to reach and is the love that many associates with a higher being.

To "remain" in Jesus' love John It takes a deep and conscious engagement in a specific direction that can look quite contrary to your immediate surrounds and circumstance. If you keep my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have kept my Father's commands and remain in his love.

Nietzsche on Love | Issue | Philosophy Now

It is a daily choice to align yourself in, and with, the Agape Love that is the Source of your life. If there is, it is not Agape.

The hardest work a person will ever do, I think, is to establish their heart in an invisible truth, despite the facts. To become fully persuaded Rom 4: But the principle works the same whether what you are focusing on is wanted or unwanted.

Your feelings tell you whether you are standing in Agape or not.

philosophy on love relationship

It boils down to the simple fact that we are not merely physical and our physical senses are not the only ones we possess. Everyone has experienced evidence to support: In other words, we can believe apart from what we have seen with our earthly eyes, heard with our natural ears or experienced in our daily happenings. That's because we are connected to something far more expansive than our own bodies. A singular intelligence that is Agape Love. In Him, we live and move and have our being.

philosophy on love relationship

If we are truly willing and want to accept the truth, it will reveal itself to us. Absolute Life This is the goal of faith and its the ultimate purpose of my existence.

The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love. It can take the form of punishment For the one on the receiving end and even those who are looking onthese type of actions can feel or look cruel, harmful, destructive, etc. But if the parent is coming from a place of love and protection, rather than from a place of ego, pride and self-centered fear, it is Love. When Jesus of Nazareth threw out the money changers from the temple, it appeared that He was acting in anger.

But in essence He was acting from Love of His Father. Lasting Love is transformational. It is not something you understand, but something you experience. Lasting Love is a true mystery. When we are able to look past the bodily designations When we are with that person and want to bask in that Lasting Love, there are ways to experience it.

philosophy on love relationship