The clone wars 2003 ending a relationship

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the clone wars 2003 ending a relationship

Yeah, a lot of people dislike the Star Wars prequels, but some things came out of Not that it wasn't entertaining (at least on my end), but the series actually intellect, and relationships which are equally important parts of Star Wars. "Chapter 21" is the twenty-first episode of the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated for Shaak Ti was intended to hint at a possible relationship between the two. Action in cartoon – or in any medium really – can end up being rather boring and tedious after a while, but in Clone Wars the vast array of fight.

Likewise I'm not sure I get the argument about lack of story-telling or pacing, in the context of what these are suppose to be: Dialogue isn't required for story-telling.

As with Samurai movies e. Akira Kurosawa's which is a direct influence of Genndy Tartakovsky it can be done visually.

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Sometimes with almost no movement or none at all. Because of the inherent nature of cartoons which take liberties in perspective, lighting and animation: Fights such as this one kind of just remind me of the light shows of the movies.

There's no abrupt stops of build up's to the pacing like the cartoon, creativity or style to the lighting and perspective. Just lots of shit going on as fast as possible. The Mace Windu fight is ridiculous for a few reasons. The first of which is that there is zero context for it.

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The second is that The Jedi may be master warriors, but they aren't superheroes. But as with the character restrictions, he eventually changed his mind.

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Warner had tracked the series' development, and decided on a theatrical launch after viewing some footage. Snyder flew out to San FranciscoCalifornia to screen several episodes, and told Lucas the only place he wanted to see the show was on Cartoon Network.

the clone wars 2003 ending a relationship

It aired on Friday nights [88] as part of an action-adventure block alongside The Secret Saturdays and Ben Alien Forcein an attempt to rejuvenate the network and compete with such channels as Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel. Snyder expressed confidence that the shows would help boost ratings: In Australia, the first season aired on Channel Ten.

the clone wars 2003 ending a relationship

On April 13,ABC3 aired repeats of first season and has since aired seasons two, three and four. Meanwhile, Grievous takes a lightsaber from the seemingly lifeless body of K'Kruhk and adds it to his collection. The ARC troopers detonate the explosives, destroying hundreds of droids.

the clone wars 2003 ending a relationship

General Grievous watches the transport head into space, musing that they have only prolonged their downfall … "Run, Jedi, run. You have only prolonged the inevitable. We can't set aside our most hallowed traditions. He thinks a hooded figure is following him, so he races off. They share a kiss and, thinking they have been seen by a passerby, Skywalker rants that they should not have to hide their love.

the clone wars 2003 ending a relationship

Amidala reminds him of his duty to the Jedi Order and that she'll always love him. He jokes that Amidala does look good in the dark and they kiss again, though this time they are interrupted by C-3POwho is clad in brand-new, gold-colored coverings.