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mother 3 unused ending a relationship

Alternate ending (British English: alternative ending) is a term used (usually in movies) to The Butterfly Effect: Evan watches a home video of his mother pregnant with Final Destination 3: The film has two alternative endings (based on the .. to Aleksandr Petrovsky, (2) resumes her relationship with Mr. Big, and ( 3) turns. The unused battle sprites were from a section of the game nearly entirely removed. . Also, the "end of the world" as it is described in Mother 3 could be in Mother 1 when that game's Magicant disappeared, Poor or abusive relationships. MOTHER 3 is the long awaited sequel to EarthBound and the third (and final) entry in Shigesato Itoi's MOTHER franchise; it continues the tradition of weird .

Note that you'd also have to change all the instances of the title in the main text, too. That's a lot of work. There's also the fact that the game has been regularly called MOTHER 3 by fans and news sites and magazines since it was announced back in The game is also called Mother 3 in Smash Bros. Brawl everywhere, including the Smash Bros. While changing the name wouldn't hurt all this too much, it seemed to fit better if we left the name untouched.

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If Nintendo ever decides to release it in English, they can choose whatever official name they want. Speaking of which, publicly-available financial documents see here actually list the game as "EarthBound 3". Is that because they simply translated "Mother" to "EarthBound" so investors would know? Or would they actually have tried to fix the numbering scheme had they released the game in English? This is very reminescent of the Final Fantasy series and its crazy numbering in the old days and just adds to the confusion.

If you've played the game, you can probably understand this. There's even an unused line well, at least it hasn't been found in actual use yet from near the end of the game where Duster or Kumatora actually mention that it's a strange coincidence that all three of the main characters are without mothers.

You can probably find many more subtle things where the title comes into play, but in any event, that's another reason for keeping it the same. The idea of having multiple patch versions was brought up by a few fans, but to keep sanity and to make the release seem a litte more official-like, we opted to go with just one patch. There are probably many more reasons for staying with the existing title, but at this point this is just getting too long. We did name the. I can't remember, plus I'm not very good with manipulating sprites and OAM and all that.

Maybe in a future version, I dunno. First, and probably most important, are the names themselves. Strangely enough, the game only has one "Don't Care" name for each character In actuality, each person has seven possible names, but the designers made them all the same, probably per Itoi's request.

The favorite food thing and favorite thing have many different defaults though, which is why it seems so strange I think. Incidentally, all the descriptions for these characters also appeared on Itoi's MOTHER 3 World preview site, so it was neat seeing all these things coming together. Now for the names themselves. In the English translation as demonstrated in Smash Bros. Brawlhis name is pronounced with English pronunciation rather than French pronunciation, which leaves the "s" off when said aloud.

Claus Claus also gets his name from the same novel; Claus and Lucas were brothers in the book, too. This information is actually very old, there are Itoi interviews dating way, way back where he discusses this. Flint Many characters in this name are based on themes. Flint is one such case.

He gets his name from a type of gun: Hinawa Hinawa gets her name from a type of gun too: This is apparently an " arquebus ", or you could just say "matchlock" for simplicity's sake, since I've never even heard the word "arquebus" before. Because of this name theme thing, we considered localizing her name as something else. One that I still remember is "Amber". I was hesitant to change her name at first, since people had been playing the game for almost two years and had grown accustomed to the name.

Changing it would cause mass hysteria. But I realized that on the other hand, the translation was for people who HADN'T played the game to death yet, so it was troubling. I decided to wait on it and figure it out later. But then Smash Bros. Since millions of people would be playing it, and since it was from an official source, I decided to go with what Brawl named her, which was "Hinawa".

I considered instead giving her "Amber" as one of her alternate default names, but then that'd be strange that she had alternates but no one else did, and I didn't want to come up with things for all the others. Plus you can name her whatever you want anyway. Boney Boney's name is strange. It's unclear if his name comes from anything. Fans have called him Boney since the old Nintendo 64 days though, so I just went with it.

Not a very difficult foe, so for the most part, you can just wing it. Ancient Banana, Luxury Banana Dogfish: The absolute king of anything that has two fins and two floppy ears will always drop Meteotite, so yay for money. Beef Jerky Slimy Slug: Sprinting Bomb Greedier Mouse: Kill it and take the delicious food it has hidden away. More exclamation points means more danger. This poisonous eight-legger might be worth avoiding, but is still weak to being squashed.

This enhanced version of Mr. Batty hangs around in attics waiting to suck your blood. Bug Spray Gently Weeping Guitar: Watch out for its sonic attacks, and hit it. Magic Gelatin Beaten Drum: It can change the battle music, but you and your dog are just better off beating the drum.

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Sprinting Bomb Jealous Bass: This vehement violin will cause you a lot of treble. Actually, just ice the baby. The older one will follow. Beef Jerky Reconstructed Lion: Just use Freeze and hit them until they die. Secret Herb Fierce Pork Trooper 1: Using his enhanced animal senses, this powerful pig mask packs a punch. What happened to you!? Just kick it up and use Thunder if you want to bother.

These obstinate fences stop even the most wary travelers who are stupid enough to walk into them. Just use PK Thunder and knock it around a bit. If it calls its friends, watch out. Fresh Mint Bright Smile: Scrapper is back, and better than ever! Use PK Thunder to end the battle fast. Secret Herb Atomic Power Robot: All it does is heal and use a laser.

Not a very strong enemy, but it might explode when you beat it, so watch out. This ultra-powerful chimera has an extremely annoying ramming attack, so use PK Freeze to put out its fire. Pencil Rocket Forlorn Junk Heap: While still just an assortment of clay and scrap metal, it seems to have one intention: Put up some shields and use fire to melt him. All this hapless hamster enemy does is fawn over you and be confusing.

Magic Gelatin Minor Robot: No one cares about Minor Robot. Lightning will shorten the battle and short-out the robo. It can destroy itself to heal another.

Tell it to chill out. Fizzy Soda Surprise Box: Use PK Freeze and blow out the candles on this party crasher. Use lightning and raise your stats. A short circuit has obviously crashed, creating some bizarre electrical demon. Prepare for music changes and get ready for the return from his intermission! Someone wanted to be buried with their cat, but it accidentally got out.

Put it on fire like a cat with toilet paper on it. Secret Herb Bro Team: The true power of the brothers is revealed! They have an epic battle attack sound and dish out a lot of damage. It explodes when you kill it, and drops nothing noteworthy.

Is it even worth fighting? Imagine being kicked by a horse. Now imagine that seven more times. Use fire, ice, LOVE, or avoid it altogether. Magic Tart Almost Mecha-Lion: Thaw him out to turn him back to dead. Rotten Milk Pigmask Captain: Use pencil rockets or bombs to inflict major damage. Cup of Pork Noodles Nice Poser: All this tin terror does is confuse your party and make them cry. Secret Herb The Squeekz: He looks like Elvis, and his chances of winning are about the same as you ever meeting Elvis, too.

The second form of the final enemy. This time, it possesses infinite capacity for speed. Use a lot of shields, okay?

This aerial sasquatch will stomp on your entire party, but you can just turn it around and make anyone wonder if it was real or not. Luxury Banana Chilly Dog: Secret Herb Frosted Bun: Magic Tart Steel Mechorilla: This is one of the biggest mechanical chimeras yet! Use a lot of stat boosters, and use PK Thunder if you need to deal some extra damage.

Just use PK Thunder and kick it around. Pencil Rocket Naughty Mushroom: This evil fungus really struts its stuff! Use any attacks to get it out of your way so you can continue. Bread Roll Filthy Attack Roach: If you have PK Fire, he should be no problem anyway. Sounds like nails on a chalkboard! Fortunately for you, all it can do is say dumb things. Punch it, lightning it, or ignore it. Especially when you have kids chucking bombs at you! Use pencil rockets or something and he dies.

Hot Dog Sushi Pigmask Major 2: This green goon is a huge fan of dying to pencil rockets. Turn it around and bash it or use PK Freeze, whichever suits your style more. She has heat flashes often and takes out everything on you, so you might want to have some fire pendants handy.

Freeze her to shut her up, jeez! It may be fast, but it poses little threat to well-equipped party members. Just smash it or use any PK attack. Hot Spring Egg New Fassad: After falling off the tower, he had to be put back together. The sea is no problem for these Pig Masks! Like all other aquatic enemies, PK Thunder works really well, but really, you can just hit them.

Pork Stew Carefree Jellyfish: Shock it back with PK Thunder. Fortunately, that makes it seven times as easy to hypnotize.

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Put it to sleep and shock it. Magic Gelatin Rock Lobster: This radical badical lobster shows up when everyone has matching towels and has a lot of defense.

mother 3 unused ending a relationship

Try using PK Thunder to teach him a lesson. This is one of the toughest fish roe enemies in the game. However, it has a surprising aversion to freezer burn, so ice it up. The master of spinning stuff around will attack you with the full force of Storm. Use lightning attacks, and put up power shields on everyone to protect against his wind attacks. The first enemy you see on the island is also one of the strongest.

What is it, a nightmare? Watch out, it hurts when it hits you. This hellish grin has a massive amount of defense. Secret Herb Eerie Smile 3: The first hallucination you see is actually a killer mushroom.

A bizarre ghost of the past?

Mother 3 - Final Battle + Ending English *SPOILERS*

Swat this Squatter Demon wannabe back into reality. This souped-up simian has a lot of Offense. Set it on fire to stop it from monkeying around, and hope it drops an Illusion Glove. Try explaining that one, or better yet, just hit the bug. A tougher variety of the Titany that has an extreme amount of defense.

Secret Herb Unwelcome Gust: Magic Pudding Barrier Trio: All they use is PK attacks, so use psycho-shields. Twice as endangered, twice as ferocious, twice as tasty. Double Jerky Tender Loving Tree: Fresh Egg Mystery Metal Monkey: This familiar-looking enemy gives you a good experience for beating it and sometimes your favorite foodso use PK LOVE or be prepared to have to do a lot of comboing!

The only somewhat-threatening enemy that ends with an exclamation point. Despite being outgoing, this explosive enemy can never seem to stay in any relationships.

It really needs to cool down with PK Freeze. Super Bomb Negative Man: If things get rough, use PK Fire to dry up the mess. Turn it around and let him have it so he can let you have it. Mystical Stick Pigmask Colonel: He has the most awesome cape!

You can actually get it from him, too. The commander of the pig army is extraordinarily strong. Just raise your stats and fight the good fight. The ones in Mexico are way worse.

mother 3 unused ending a relationship

Lightning is a potent weapon for use against these ones, however. Secret Herb Putrid Moldyman: Attack Attractor Miracle Fassad: Use all of your might in the first part of the battle and use Psycho Shields in the second half.

mother 3 unused ending a relationship

This giant-little-giant statue has an innocent mind, so you can scar him for life by flashing him. An incredibly tough chimera that launches missiles at anyone that talks to it. Use thunder and turn him around as much as possible to stop him from attacking, and lay the smackdown.

Thud Charm Hippo Launcher 2: You can also put them to sleep to make the battle rest a little easier.

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