Hack gu vol 1 ending relationship

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hack gu vol 1 ending relationship

santemontreal.info vol. gundamxz 10 years ago#1. So. What did The anime,. hack roots did give more detail on the backstory before the games, but, man, it sure was boring. As you can guess, I liked the Alkaid marriage ending the most . hack//G.U. Vol.1//Rebirth .hack//G.U. Vol.1 再誕) is the first of the three part video you will be the same one that she gave Kite at the end santemontreal.info . Atoli is approached by Ovan, and he tells her about Haseo's relationship with. A remaster of the game,.hack//G.U. last Recode was announced to celebrate both the Additionally there was a disc included with some editions of Volume 1. in Redemption allows you to have a Friendship/Marriage Ending with him/her .

As you can guess, I liked the Alkaid marriage ending the most. Haseo sure treats each girl differently. He's like a jerk to Atoli even in their marriage ending "shut up and follow me.

He seems nicer to people like Alkaid. I guess Haseo knows that even he tried to be mean to her, Alkaid would just overpower him like how they first met in the Icolo home, lol. In my opnion, Haseo and Alkaid seemed like the best match for each other. They both have so much in common. Haseo treats her pretty nicely when you compare it with Atoli, yes. I wouldn't say they spent a lot of time together as much as the other girls since Alkaid wasn't involved in GU's activities, but it was evident that it was enough time for Haseo to really care about Alkaid.

I mean, look at his reaction when he saw Alkaid going comatose. I must say this event was one of my favorites, but I sure hated the bad camera angles and the fact that didn't make it movie cutscene. Although Haseo spent so much time with Shino before in the Twilight and the fact that his whole involvement in this whole series is to save Shino, when they are finally reunited, Haseo doesn't display the same emotions as he did with Alkaid no hug and no emotional voice, baby.

I guess that was the other thing abou thte ending I didn't like too much. The long awaited reunion between Shino and Haseo were like I felt a little sorry for Tabby though.

I don't recall even once besides the mentions of the Twilight Brigade that Haseo even mentions Tabby in the entire 3 games. Tabby, who has tried hard to help Haseo, gets absolutely no mention at all. It's almost like Haseo completely forgot about her.

It's also unfortunate that most of the good characters you could use in your party aren't usable till after main storyline is over natsume, azure kite, bourdeau, etc. Well, those are my comments on this game sorry for the ultra long post. I will now go back in time and play the previous. I'm not sure if it's because of the way I watched it four episodes at a timebut I couldn't get enough of Roots.

I absolutely loved it. That's probably the biggest problem with the Cubia arc. It makes itself seem too important, when really, Cubia was just tacked on at the end because Redemption was too short.

The Cubia segment was rushed, I agree - but that's just because Cubia wasn't supposed to be there. As far as the game goes, it really should have ended with Ovan's defeat; the way the Cubia arc works in comparison to the rest of the story pretty much explicitly states this.

They are the villains; everything that happened in the game up until Ovan's defeat happened because they were there. Cubia appeared, with no given explanation, because the creators needed to add to the story at the very last minute. This is really a matter of perspective; personally, I really didn't like the segments with Alkaid hereafter referred to as Yowkow.

Also, in both versions, Azure Kite 's PC name will be that of which the player chose in the converted data. Uploading clear data from Reminisce or Redemption in a new game starts Haseo at level 35 with equipment ranging from levels Many players of the original game "The World" quit the game after learning that their old character data had been destroyed. Major guilds became a large part of the game and most players took sides; this led to the game being overrun with Player Killers.

The game follows Haseoan Adept Rogue. Fortunately, he was rescued by a mysterious player named Ovan. Eight months after he had joined the game, Haseo had developed an intimidating name as a powerful PKKer, known as "The Terror of Death". Sakaki confronted Haseo in Mac Anuintroducing his subordinate Atoliwho shocked Haseo briefly, bearing an uncanny resemblance to Shino.

He demanded to know why Haseo was so obsessed with bringing death and chaos to The World, but Haseo merely shrugged him off. Suddenly Haseo received a message from Ovan, who had been missing for over six months. Finally being able to meet with Ovan, Haseo grew angry. He demanded to know where Ovan had been the past six months. He promised to meet Haseo there, so they could face Tri-Edge together. After rebooting his system in the real world, Haseo realized that his entire operating system had reformatted itself.

Everything, including his old e-mails from Shino had been lost. Logging into The World, Haseo found that his character had been reformatted as well, and returned to level one with none of his job extensions.

Catching a glimpse of Ovan in the crowd, Haseo pursued him through Mac Anu, but nearly ran into Bordeaux in his pursuit. Watching, and hiding, from a safe distance, Haseo overheard her making plans to get revenge on him for his PKKing. Heading back through the city Haseo ran into Gaspard and Silabusmembers of a Guild designed to help newbies to The World, entitled Canard. Mistaking him for a newbie, they dragged a reluctant Haseo along on an adventure with them.

However, at the bottom of the dungeon they were encountered by Bordeaux, who had been tracking them. Laughing about how the "Terror of Death" had been reduced to nothing more than a newbie, she prepared to PK him, causing a strange power to begin welling up inside Haseo, which had consequently been released by his being Data Drained. Suddenly a strange woman named Pi appeared, and managed to drive off Bordeaux.

She offered her help to Haseo, but he refused, comically saying he didn't want the help of an "old hag". Angered, Pi left, but not before warning Haseo that he had a dangerous power hidden inside his character. Returning to town, Haseo bumped into Atoli, who said she was making it her personal mission to explain Moon Tree's teachings to him.

She gave Haseo her member address. Later, Atoli invited Haseo to a field alone. It was a straightforward area, but after opening the Beast Statue treasure, Atoli's sensitive hearing picked up the resonance of a strange noise, which closely resembled the sound from a tuning fork.

She and Haseo followed it, and was led to one of Tri-Edge's Signs. They activated it and were transported to the Lost Ground of Indieglut Lugh. There, they witnessed a mysterious player with a cat on his shoulder humming, and cradling a bunch of mysterious, floating, black dots.

hack gu vol 1 ending relationship

After noticing Haseo and Atoli watching him, he left. After leaving the field, Kuhn gives Haseo the guild key to Raven. There Haseo met Yatawho told Haseo about a power his character holds, and recruited Haseo as a member of the guild to help the AIDA investigation in exchange for providing Haseo with information on Tri-Edge.

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Back in the town, Silabus and Gaspard made Haseo run their guild shop. While selling items Haseo meets "Bo", the younger brother half of the character called Sakubo.

hack gu vol 1 ending relationship

Haseo quickly befriended him by giving him a discount on an item. Haseo went along with him and Pi to the field but was ultimately unable to summon his Avatar. Haseo returned to town to find out that Silabus and Gaspard want Haseo to be the guild master of Canard, because, they tell him, he has good leadership qualities. To this Haseo grudgingly accepted. Here Haseo discovered that the current Emperor, Endrancewas the same man whom he encountered with Atoli in the Lost Ground.

He also found out that Endrance has an Avatar himself, and used it against the enemy players. Angry, Haseo stormed out to confront him and met "Saku", the older sister of Bo, a huge fan of Endrance.

hack gu vol 1 ending relationship

Endrance commented that even though Haseo can see his Avatar, he really has no power. Haseo retorted that he will be the one who will defeat him in the arena. Though Silabus agreed to help Haseo in that endeavor, he suggested that they should get themselves a third party member, preferably a cleric, as Gaspard doesn't like arena battles. Haseo reluctantly decided to convince Atoli, who fits in that description, when he received an invitation from her to visit another favorite area of hers with just the two of them.

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Though he attempts to try to get along with her, Atoli's view on how The World should be played conflicted with his view and made him angry at her. He then told her to leave and not show her face to him.

hack gu vol 1 ending relationship

Haseo returns to his guild with the bad news.