Balto 2 wolf quest ending relationship

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balto 2 wolf quest ending relationship

Nava is an elderly wolf who was the wise leader of the wolf pack encountered by Balto and Aleu in Balto II: Wolf Quest. Relationships get the leadership by force, near the end Balto was gonna leave but Niju attack him and Aleu then Balto. Aug 10, Aleu and Niju relationship in Balto 2 Wolf Quest Movie: Unlike Nava, or someone made an Alternative Ending where Niju Forced Sex Aleu. Balto II: Wolf Quest is a American direct-to-video sequel to Universal Balto and his mate Jenna have a new family of six puppies in Alaska. Five of their .

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I read some scathing early reviews. However as an adult fan of the original Balto, I think I can say that those who revere the original can probably watch this without fear of having a stroke. Certainly it isn't in the same league as its predecessor, but who really expected a DTV sequel to be that good?

In fact Balto Wolf Quest only narrowly avoids being a good movie.

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I'm aware that you might equally argue that it narrowly avoids being a disaster, too, but I can't help the feeling there was a great movie here trying to get out. So what kept it from being good, rather than just ok? Balto's visions in the first half of the movie which incidentally is much stronger than the second half turn out to be a bit of a smokescreen for a plot twist late in the movie, but far too much time is expended on them for it to be excusable for them to frittered away as like this.

In fact the movie is really about Aleu Balto and Jenna's daughterand having the first half of the film told from Balto's POV, though ambitious, is a tactic that ultimately fails.

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By the time Aleu emerges as the major character, the movie is nearly over. That's a second fault: Thirdly, with the exception of Aleu herself, the new characters range from indifferent the wolf shaman to very regrettable the trio of bad guy wolves, one of whom sounds like something out of Hogan's Heroes.

Jenna, who has what many will find a disappointingly small part in this movie, is also way off character, and even off-model drawn wrong.

Fourthly quite a few precious minutes in an already underlength film are wasted with songs, and whereas they aren't deployed every 10 minutes, the two which are sung by the characters are used awkwardly to develop the plot - which should have been done conventionally, through dialogue and action.

balto 2 wolf quest ending relationship

Fifthly, the use of CGI animation for some scenes sits very awkwardly with the conventional animation style sometimes used in the same shots I'm sure this has been remarked on elsewhere Lastly it just doesn't have emotional clout of the original. So with all that against it, did it do anything right? The backgrounds are beautifully vibrant, and well above average for a DTV animated movie.

balto 2 wolf quest ending relationship

Balto and Aleu reunite and reconcile, and find their way to the ocean, where they are attacked by a group of starving wolves led by Niju. The confrontation is defused by the elderly Nava, the true leader of the pack, who welcomes Balto and Aleu.

Nava announces to his pack that the wolf spirit Aniu has contacted him in "dream visions". Aniu has told him that the caribou herd they depend on during the winter has moved across the ocean and will not return, and that they will soon be led by a new leader, "the one who is wolf but does not know". Balto La Busqueda Del Lobo Balto Wolf Quest: Movies & TV

Nava believes that Balto, who is half wolf himself, is the chosen one that Aniu was speaking of. However, Niju refuses to abandon his homeland, and takes control of the pack, and plots to steal from other animal clans in the area to survive the winter.

balto 2 wolf quest ending relationship

Aleu has a "dream vision" of the caribou herd crossing a bridge made of ice floes. The next morning, Niju prepares to lead an attack on a clan of bears, but is stopped by Balto just as a large group of ice floes in the ocean come together to form a land bridge. Balto then leads the pack across the bridge until Nava falls behind. When Aleu attempts to help Nava, Niju attacks, and Balto doubles back to save them, leaving the pack leaderless.

balto 2 wolf quest ending relationship

Nava cannot make the journey across the ice in his old age, and Balto tells Niju to go lead the clan. Niju refuses, too afraid to leave his home, and soon returns to the shore. Balto prepares to go to the pack, but Aleu realizes that her true place is to take leadership of the pack as Nava foretold.