How to revitalize a long distance relationship

Can you revive the spark in a long-term relationship? Science reveals all

how to revitalize a long distance relationship

Naturally, one of the best revitalizing techniques for long distance relationships is to meet in person whenever possible - while on leave, during holiday breaks. Here are some tips and ways to save your dying long distance relationship. Its success depends on one important factor: making the same choice, the same. The Secrets To ACTUALLY Making A Long-Distance Relationship Work Living away from your partner, whether for a short or long period, can cause expected.

Cons of being in a long distance relationship Sometimes the craving to meet each other supersedes every other emotion. Sometimes it gets frustrating doing everything on phone, messengers and video chats. You miss the physical presence.

how to revitalize a long distance relationship

Is he busy with that hot girl from college he talked about? Is there someone else in her life? And it could really lead to more shitty situations and would make things worse than they could ever be. Or even worse, trust issues seeps in, the partner in some cases also feels being cheated!

People desire intimacy and not being able to get it gives birth to irritation. Sometimes the distance do take its toll but then that is what you have to avoid. So, here I am going to share five tips that could save a long distance relationship. Long distance or not every relationship needs trust. If there is no trust then there is no point of being together.

how I deal with being apart from him... (long distance relationship)

So start trusting your partner and leave no space for unreasonable and silly doubts. Same goes for handmade greeting cards, small presents and cute SMS. And all these little things surely do count. You love her, right? So why hesitate in showing that! Be it through video chats the best! Only conversations can bridge the gaps that distance creates. So let that be.

5 Awesome Tips To Save Long Distance Relationships

Talk as much as you can. Do these things alone, if need be.

how to revitalize a long distance relationship

Remember, investing in yourself is another way of investing in your most important relationship. Neglecting other important relationships Are you spending all your spare time on your phone or computer? If you focus all your free time and energy on your long distance love, your relationships with those close to you will suffer. You will be happier and healthier if you have a strong network of friends beyond your partner. To do that, you need to spend time connecting with them.

Check in with yourself by answering these questions. Had a quality catch-up with someone other than your long distance partner? Who do you owe a phone call or email to? Growing apart When your love moves far away and some aspects of your relationship pause or slow down, the rest of life continues.

how to revitalize a long distance relationship

You are both accumulating experiences. Some of these experiences will change you.

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The reverse is also true. No matter how much you love each other, there is a real chance that a slow drift during your time apart will cause you to grow away from each other in ways that frequent flier miles cannot fix.

This is one of the hardest long distance relationship problems to fix. Talk about this risk with your partner. And here are some things that will help prevent that from happening: Both agreeing that you want the distance to be temporary, and having a close-the-gap goal in mind. However, the opposite can also be true.


Distance can also enable poor communication patterns to become established. For starters, especially when one or both of you is busy, it can become easy not to invest in connecting deeply with your partner. In-depth conversations can become fewer and farther in between. It can become habitual to mostly talk about how your day was, or keep the conversation fairly superficial and brief.

Try talking only a couple of times a week for a while so that you can recharge. Then, when you do talk, focus.

9 Ways to save Your Long Distance Relationship Love

Jealousy Feeling a little jealous now and again is not unusual in a relationship, particularly when you are separated from your loved one. A little jealousy can even spark fresh attraction and a new appreciation for your partner.

how to revitalize a long distance relationship

However, while a single candle can illuminate a room, a blaze can burn it to the ground. Uncontrolled jealousy can lead to a destructive combination of suspicion, possessiveness, insecurity, anger, and shame. Controlling jealousy is not easy, but it can be done. Take a look at this article for more on the nuts and bolts of how to get a handle on overcoming jealousy: Jumping in the deep end Growing apart is a particular pitfall for couples that were established before they started doing long distance.

Couples who like I did start their relationship across distance face almost the opposite problem—the temptation to become too emotionally intimate, too quickly. In some ways, getting to know someone via email and phone calls can help your relationship.

The distance can force you to talk about all sorts of things you might not have discussed if doing other things or, um, each other was a realistic option. On the other hand, falling in love long distance is a risky business.

Remember that the rules of long distance relationships should be the same as those posted at public pools: Walk, do not run. And no diving in headfirst. Take your time getting to know each other. Approaching your new relationship in a measured manner may yield benefits for years to come. Miscommunications Miscommunications and misunderstandings happen frequently in relationships.

They happen when you share the same house with someone. Luckily for me, Mike is not easily offended or hurt or, for that matter, deterred. Another time, Mike and I were discussing something that I was very worried about. This makes effective communication harder.

When you feel confused or hurt, remember that you may have misunderstood what your partner said or meant!

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Ask questions to clarify, and really try to respond thoughtfully rather than just react.