Museveni and mbabazi relationship trust

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museveni and mbabazi relationship trust

WikiLeaks expose Onek, Museveni, Mbabazi he told journalists in a teleconference on Dec.9 that the relationship between . According to Nyende: â €œExposing secrets has a net effect of reducing trust in the people and. President Museveni with Amama Mbabazi Timing, it has been said before, is everything. My relationship or workings are not known to people. Ugandans put trust in me because the five people who stood against me did. How Museveni failed to resolve Mbabazi saga. But as of now, Uganda enjoys a good relationship with Sudan, South Sudan, and the lies” about the Land Bill, but failing to push the law means peasants will “lose trust in us.

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In this year journey, let people leave these issues for me and Museveni to handle. If I believe that something is correct, I pursue it to its logical conclusion.

OKUHINGIRA EWA MBABAZI: Museveni ne Ramaphosa bakwetabyeko

Sign, and he would have ruled himself out of the race. Refuse to sign and he would be confirming rumours of his ambitions. Indeed, Mbabazi can now claim to have signed the resolution under duress, especially from the youthful MP Evelyn Anite, who is now a state minister for Youth and Children Affairs. Nevertheless, although he signed as numberMbabazi went on to describe President Museveni as one of the best leaders in Africa: Mbabazi denied being involved in the said activities although he admitted that his wife was mobilising for him to retain his SG seat.

She embarked on that process because she felt that I was unfairly treated at Kyankwanzi. She, on her own, decided to mobilize against the resolutions Let anyone who knows any person that I have ever met… or even among you [MPs]; if I have ever approached you and asked you to support me, come forward.

museveni and mbabazi relationship trust

Predictably, he spent much of the time answering questions about his differences with President Museveni and the Kyankwanzi resolution that endorsed a sole candidacy for the president.

He talked about a meeting he had held with Museveni: My wife explained what has been going on and all these things about me standing for the president. Museveni said he had not heard anything [concrete] but rumours.

How Museveni failed to resolve Mbabazi saga

Others have been standing. I will remain in the movement. People should not be worried. In the movement, everyone who wants to stand is at liberty. The caucus wrote to me on the sole candidate idea, I forwarded it to CEC. CEC said it took note of the idea of the parliamentary caucus. The president did not say he accepted what he was asked. Recently when I was in a meeting [in Kyankwanzi], I saw young people showing me how to behave towards Museveni.

I sat and listened but wondered. I have worked with Museveni for over 40 years; there is no problem [between us]. But in those years we have not had the same ideas; imagine two people with the same ideas all the time, there must be a problem. Our way of working is unique. We agree to disagree. We discuss and agree. My relationship or workings are not known to people.

He [Museveni] did not write about this in his book but I will write my own book explaining where we have come from with President Yoweri Museveni. In the SG election inI got a landslide victory. Ugandans put trust in me because the five people who stood against me did not get even half of my votes. We agreed on how to handle this. We agreed that we get someone in charge of mobilisation [Richard Todwong] to help me. But that Todwong replaced me is a lie.

To the contrary, I am the one who suggested his name to President Museveni and we agreed. In the interview, Mbabazi discussed the politics of succession in Uganda, among other issues. When asked about his relationship with President Museveni and the first family, Mbabazi said: Asked if he would offer himself for president inhe said: Museveni speaks As is usually the case, Museveni, 64, spends the next three or so hours tackling the first item on the agenda - communication from the chair.

He lectures the top NRM leaders on the achievements of their party, addressing himself to seven points; prosperity for all, CHOGM, energy, roads, universal secondary education, security and the controversial land Bill.

Prosperity for all Museveni tells CEC members that a lot of effort has been spent on educating the leaders about the Prosperity for All bonna bagagawale programme.

museveni and mbabazi relationship trust

He discloses that six homes have been selected to benefit from the National Agricultural Advisory Services NAADS and they would work as model homes for the rest of the country to copy.

People in West Nile, Museveni tells CEC, grow tobacco which fetches Shsper acre annually, yet if such farmers were growing oranges, they would be able to fetch Shs 12 million from the same piece of land per year. The President adds that money has been budgeted to finance seminars for LC-III chairpersons and sub-county chiefs to explain such issues. Museveni further informs his colleagues that his government will support sub-county Savings and Credit Co-operatives SACCOs provided they fulfill one baseline condition: Then government can top up.

This organ is supposed to meet every second Tuesday of the month but it has not sat since shortly after CHOGM last year. The reason government lent money to Aga Khan is because his funders were taking long. Museveni says Aga Khan has since repaid the money with interest. Borrowing from money lenders, Museveni explained, is expensive and investors would always pass on the interest they have incurred to the consumer, making electricity unaffordable. If the investors expected to build a dam at Karuma delay, the energy fund could be used to start on the work, he vowed.

Roads All has not been done but it should be counted done. Work cannot commence immediately because these roads are still being designed. Secondary education President Museveni says that the Universal Secondary Education NRM promised in the manifesto has started well; problem is the overpricing of construction of classrooms.

When he asks officials from the Ministry of Education, they tell him that contracting makes the construction expensive. The officials, he charged, are part of the classroom cost inflation. The failed peace talks, Museveni said, were to help Kony but his refusal to sign the final peace agreement came as no surprise him.

Therefore, Kony will be flushed out of his hideout. The problem of Karimojong rustlers has also been solved and peace returned to neighbouring districts that suffered at the hands of cattle rustlers. Ending Karimojong incursions into neighbouring districts, he points out, has boosted trade between northern Uganda and South Sudan. Land Bill The Land Amendment Bill is meant to regulate the relationship between landlords and squatters.

museveni and mbabazi relationship trust

This controversial law is the same as the Envujjo and Busulu law enacted by the colonial administration. The Envujjo law came into being after the Bataka rebellion of The colonial governor Sir Mitchell put in place a commission and in it came up with a report that led to the Envujjo law.

Under this law, the rent busulu was fixed by the colonial administration and eviction was stopped. Fixing rent busulu is what NRM did while promulgating the Constitution. It was fixed at Shs 1, The bibanja [tenants] have been the ones solving their problems with landlords on their own. Museveni says the land Bill, which seeks to amend the Land Act, is just a helping hand. We have disagreed on principle and we cannot change. Museveni responds that when Bujagali is completed it will add another MW and the overpricing will stop.

Hassan Basajjabalaba Entrepreneurs League Chairman says the land Bill overprotects squatters at the expense of land owners. Museveni responds that harsh penalties should also be set for illegal occupants. The bona fide tenants Museveni wants to help are those who were on the land before the Constitution.

Timing: what Mbabazi has said about Museveni

Illegal occupants and illegal evictors should, Museveni says, face punitive measures. Museveni says he is let down by technical officers but promises it will be worked on. He also tells Agaba that he will now regularly meet with the youth, adding that his State House Youth Desk should become more active. Abasi had also reportedly complains about the lack of services in Kitagwenda, which is forcing people to demand a district separate from Kamwenge.

Kadaga again speaks about cliques in the Movement and some government officials who malign their seniors. She tells Museveni that David Mafabi, one of his political assistants who works with Amama Mbabazi at the party secretariat, has maligned her but no action has been taken against him.

Ofwono Opondo has also made deliberate attacks against his seniors but no action is taken against him, she complains.