Magician and high priestess tarot relationship

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magician and high priestess tarot relationship

The Magician The High Priestess Tarot Card - Sun and Moon Tarot Deck The The High Priestess is a Major Arcana, or "trump" card, that represents human. Her expression seems both serene and alert as she gazes to the left of the card. The Magician looked to the right. In one symbolic interpretation. In a reading that shows both the Magician and the High Priestess it found nothing suggesting that there is a love connection between the two.

Path on the Tree of Life: Kether Crown to Tipheret Beauty Archetype: We are not really sure why, and often hear tales about a pope, who went by the name of Pope John, who started life as a woman. This woman disguised herself as a man so she could be a priest.

She was so good at her job, that she was elected pope. All was well until she publicly gave birth. This was a problem on several levels. One, there is the whole celibacy thing. And I always think that if we seem drawn to a story, we should listen to it and figure out why. Even though our lovely and mysterious priestess began life as a fake pope, she has evolved, just as other cards have evolved.

For example, our current version of the Fool is a carefree innocent representing a pure spirit and fresh start—a far cry from the dirty simpleton that graced earlier decks and really did mean a literal fool. Also, our powerful Magician —he started his career as a lowly juggler, charlatan, and con man.

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Categorizing the Priestess One of our favorite things to do with our tarot cards is to put them in order. We love to put numbers on them the oldest Majors were not numbered. Our brains are hardwired to see patterns and to understand things in terms of opposites. So, naturally, we try to pair up our High Priestess with other cards.

There are two main choices: The Emperor is off-limits, clearly being connected to the Empress. Destiny stands for happy, pleasant and astonishing twists. Justice 8 The Justice: It stands for clear, objective knowledge, for conscious and decided judgment, for incorruptibility, balance and fairness and shows us that we are right. At an ordinary level it shows that we experience the environment like our echo and are confronted in the good just like in the bad with the results of our own actions: They are recognized and rewarded accordingly, but when we try to achieve by questionable means we fail.

magician and high priestess tarot relationship

This card pushes a high degree of self-responsibility. It shows that nothing will be withheld from us, but that we have to do it alone and even bear the responsibility.

Through thorough examination however, lies an outer immobility, this enforced silence both necessary and opportunistic offers a profound grasp of what we now and a change of our view of the world and the way we experience it. The passiveness to which we are condemned in such phases can sometimes be a sign of disease and will be displayed by the card.

magician and high priestess tarot relationship

The experience expressed by the hanged man say CG Jung: Which signifies, on one hand an apparent difficulty but, on the other hand a unique situation which requires planning and sometimes a large strain.

Death 13 The Death: He is also a pioneer for the new, what is to come, the card itself, however we see at first as the end.

The Magician as Feelings in a Love Reading

It may well be that this is the long awaited liberating in that we are looking for but, obviously with this card comes some of our most painful experiences. In contrast to the 10 swords that are arbitrary and also indicate a premature end, this cards always stands for the natural end and means that it is time to let go of something.

Wrongfully Death is one of the most feared cards. Most people do not understand it, interpret it as the herald of the new and that it will bring us a deep experience of parting and of life related experiences. Moderation 14 The Moderation: It embodies the healthy contrast to the card following in the tarot game, the Devil, which is excess, harmony, balance, serenity and peace of mind are all signs of moderation. This card shows blissful experience, health and inner balance, to treat ourselves well and to stand in harmony with our environment.

A corresponding matter to this card can also mean healing and recovery. The Devil 15 The Devil: The common experience marked by him lie in dependence, lack of will, failure of good intentions and actions that violate our convictions. The Devil corresponds to the dark side of many Tarot cars: Compared with the Magician, he is the black magician, He is the dark side of the High Priestess, the hypocritical and the materialistic counterpart of the High Priest.

The struggle for power and soullessness of the Lovers. The corrupt and self-righteous side of justice. He embodies unrestrained greed for strength, in contrast to Moderation.

He is the ruler over large parts of the lunar landscape. The Devil appears to us, of course, mostly in an enticing form. The card show that we are playing with fire and hell! You must pay attention and not burn your fingers.

magician and high priestess tarot relationship

At a deeper level it means that we have come into a sphere of question with our own dark side in reach. The Tower 16 The Tower: Those are just structures and dimensions which are too small and close.

It can affect our conviction and basic principles in life as well as safety thinking in aspects of job-related and financial issues, even friendships and other relationships. In general, surprising experiences or a sudden inspiration is what breaks down the life concept.

Because one may think these are basic principles, those changes feel like catastrophes. After that shock, one may realize that he is relieved to be free from all of the old ballast. That breakthrough can be activated by personal cognition or by an exterior event. The I Ging says: The Star 17 The Star: It demonstrates that we start or plan prospective things in that we can put qualified hope, although in that early state we are not aware of its extensive effects.

Just the review shows what kind of arbitrary crossings we have set in terms, which are shown by the star.

magician and high priestess tarot relationship

Like a seed it needs some time before you are able to see the result. In the traditional meaning the star was seen as one of three guard cards. The Moon 18 The Moon: The card stands for fear, insecurity, nightmares, dark premonition and demonstrates the horror of the unseen and not-comprehensible. It is the same fear we have when walking through a lonely forest at night. It is the fear of ancestral demons which in our enlightened world have the following names: The Sun 19 The Sun: It is the illuminating load of consciousness with that we can reach clearness and conquer worries, confusion and mysterious anxiety.

Furthermore it is a synonym of adolescent virility and the feeling of being re-born. It marks the bright side of life. On a deeper level it challenges to conquer the darkness and to develop our cheerful nature, to redeem our darker brother or sister and bring them to light.

The Court 20 The Court: Court, particularly the Last Judgment, is linked to punishment, perdition, fear and trepidation. The meaning of a card can only be extracted by the picture itself and the mental and mythological illustration. The shown resurrection describes the affecting event of salvation and liberation of what was buried or captured. It demonstrates truth and divinity coming out of the dungeon into the light.

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It demonstrates the determining step to self-valuation, the succeeded procedure of alchemist metamorphosis which made the lowest to the highest. In a more common level it means every kind of deliverance: Furthermore it is a hint, that in this shown and upcoming intention there is our personal 'treasure'. The World 21 The World: To couch the beauteous of this card would mean to tell a happy-end tale.

In a hero's journey it is the happy ending, the recovered paradise which implies that we reached our goal in life. Just in very rare cases this is meant to be the 'aim in life' rather an important inter station. In an exterior experience the card describes that we found the place we belong to. In an inner experience it means that we took the important step to self-valuation, real authenticity and entireness.

On the experience-level this world-card demonstrates joyful times in which we enjoy with a lot of vitality ourselves, furthermore it can also mean cultivating international relationships and traveling. The ace of Wands is about adventure, bravery and risk-joy, enthusiasm and vim, often pointing to areas of self-expression.

Like the element of fire, represented by the Wands, it can mean the strengthening of will, beliefs and moral strength or other inner maturing and growth processes.

Furthermore the ace of Wands means the positive attitude of life, optimism, and zest of life and sometimes even heated phase of lacking patience. Two Wands Lacking dedication.

Dynamic passivity: The Magician and the High Priestess

Five Wands Healthy competition, exciting power measurement. Having creative exchanges with another. Three Wands Confidence, sovereignty and assurance. Farsightedness and good expectations. Six Wands Good expectations, success, victory, optimism, pleasant messages. I hope you find them useful! Click here for a directory of all posts in my Wild Unknown series. Tarot activities, rituals and readings to guide you in wrapping up and stepping intentionally into Many different members of the cat family have long been known for their spiritual energy, and it is a common notion that members of the cat family can see beyond our mundane realm.

This tiger sits under a black sky and a crescent moon — the first of many crescent moons we will see in this deck. Before her chest sits an sphere colored with blue and purple. This provides the only splash of color in the otherwise black and white card.

magician and high priestess tarot relationship

Her expression seems both serene and alert as she gazes to the left of the card. The Magician looked to the right.

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In this deck, as well as in many symbolic systems, night time is associated with feminine or yin energy. The sphere before her contains swirling blues and purples, colors that represent spiritual receptivity and intuition. Instead of the energy emanating from without and being channeled, as in the Magician, the energy is channeled inward and concentrated in this sphere.

The High Priestess does not try to pin down the sphere. Rather, her paws are spread out around it, suggesting complete confidence in her inner knowing.