Cait likes and dislikes in a relationship

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cait likes and dislikes in a relationship

I advise you guys not maxing your relationship with Mccready yet. There is a .. You can't repeatedly receive 'likes/dislikes' from a companion. A guide to companion likes and dislikes in Fallout 4 so that you can get their Likes and Dislikes List for All Companions Raising Relationship with Cait. Cait's likes and dislikes . using chems for few hours, you will come to a point in your relationship whit Cait when she will ask you to help her.

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I've noted those that have strong feelings about this, so you can send them off to another location and work with a different companion when you're doing faction quests. Radiant quests, being repeatable, are a good source of affinity for some companions.

cait likes and dislikes in a relationship

Some actions will rarely be taken, such as when you heal Dogmeat, as you can only have one follower at a time - it'll be rare for the dog to be injured in town, though you may try causing that yourself if you have the spare Stimpaks!

For now, it works and you can heal him over and over with companions who like that action in town.

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No one dislikes shooting the dog. Commonwealth decency standards are remarkably low. If a companion likes you in the nude, you can fast travel over and over without wearing any armor and with them following you to gain affinity quickly. Those who like drugs are generally easiest to befriend, as well as those who like modifications to gear.

cait likes and dislikes in a relationship

Getting the Perk Once you hit 1, you should see that the companion 'Idolizes' you. This means you now have the new Perk if there are no other conditions.

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Danse requires Blind Betrayal to be complete, and some Companions must be talked to for the Perk to kick in. She does not trust the player at first, but over time the two of you will get along swimmingly. Cait was raised in the wasteland to abusive parents who after she turned 18 sold her into slavery. She spent five years as a slave, stealing caps until she was able to buy her freedom.

Shortly after being free of her bonds, she tracked down her parents and murdered them.

cait likes and dislikes in a relationship

With the guilt heavy upon her conscience she turned to chems, more specifically Psycho. She then spent her time fighting in the Combat Zone until the player encounters her.

After she trusts you enough, she will tell you about her history and give you the quest "Benign Intervention" which sets you upon the path to cure her addiction to chems. Successfully pick a lock Consume chems and alcohol Only works until you complete her quest, then she will approve of using addictol Intimidating, violent or greedy dialogue options Criminal activity like pick pocketing However, she disapproves of these actions: Use of chems after completing her quest.

Dialogue choices which avoid combat Cannibalism Other than that, there are a few unique choices you can make to increase or decrease your approval with Cait.

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