When did katharine hepburn and spencer tracy meet

Why the fiercely independent Katharine Hepburn hid her year affair with co-star Spencer Tracy

when did katharine hepburn and spencer tracy meet

Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn in 'Woman of the Year. Spencer Tracy was fond of telling a story about his first encounter with Katharine Hepburn. in which Hepburn gives her own, slightly different version of their first meeting. . Out of deference to Louise, Hepburn did not attend Tracy's funeral. Years ago, Katharine Hepburn, who died Sunday at 96, was vacationing with Spencer Tracy in the South of France. Hepburn, noting the blue. Hepburn is sitting with Spencer Tracy, she age 50 and he age 57, and Meeting when she was 34 and he was 41, Tracy was initially wary of Hepburn, Hepburn did not interfere, and never fought for marriage.

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His philosophy was simple: But the blend worked. Such was the alchemy and popularity of their combined pedigree that they made a further eight films together. In the cracks, though, are intriguing hints of their real life. Asked why he always received top billing above Hepburn, Tracy said: But Tracy was so keen to keep the affair from his wife, just as M.

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They tried not to be seen together in public, retained separate homes to avoid gossip, and Hepburn never pushed for marriage. He grew on the side — as best he could, and to borrow from Saul Bellow — a little herb garden of good, generous feelings.

when did katharine hepburn and spencer tracy meet

I liked to wait on him, listen to him, feed him, work for him. I tried not to disturb him… I was happy to do this.

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Asked in an interview why she stayed with Tracy for so long when their relationship could never be official, she replied: I can only say that I could never have left him.

Some described it as sentimental. Her delivery had a doddery theatricality, excusably, but the most potent words were the most understated.

when did katharine hepburn and spencer tracy meet

Acting, alongside polo and fishing, was a rare escape: Correction Katharine Hepburn -- The appreciation of Katharine Hepburn in Monday's Section A described as legend the comment Spencer Tracy made about the actress after their first meeting "Not much meat there, but what's there is choice". That comment actually comes from one of the movies in which they both appeared, "Pat and Mike.

A friend who worked for Kramer said that, during the shooting, the limo would pick up Kramer and Tracy in front of the hotel every morning, then drive around to the service entrance at the rear.

when did katharine hepburn and spencer tracy meet

Hepburn would dash into the limo and they would all drive off to the location. At the end of the day, the limo would stop at the service entrance and Hepburn would dash into the hotel; the limo would proceed to the front entrance and Kramer and Tracy would emerge.

I'm not at all sure that this charade fooled the indefatigable fans who were waiting for every glimpse of the stars, but it symbolized Hepburn's efforts to remain invisible. There are many legends about Hepburn and Tracy, including the story of their first meeting on the lot at MGM. A mutual friend introduced them; Tracy allegedly looked at Hepburn and said, "Not much meat, but what's there is choice.

Tracy was a complicated man bearing large emotional burdens and he sometimes went off on drinking binges.

Double Act: Katharine Hepburn & Spencer Tracy

Hepburn would often have to go and retrieve him from the saloons he frequented. As the years went on, Tracy's health began to fail. Both Hepburn and Kramer pledged their entire salaries against the possibility that Tracy might not be able to finish the film.

During the shooting, Hepburn sent a message, urging me to come by and watch Tracy work, because she thought he was giving such a magnificent performance.

when did katharine hepburn and spencer tracy meet

Hepburn's secretary came to meet me and explained that the shooting schedule had been changed so that Tracy was about to do the film's climactic scene. Obviously, the hope was to get on film Tracy's important scene while his health still held up. I started to leave but, at Hepburn's insistence, I stayed -- in the wings so that Tracy wouldn't be distracted by my presence.