Toody and muldoon meet the russians

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toody and muldoon meet the russians

This is the list of episodes from the television sitcom Car 54, Where Are You? While Car 54 is in a garage for repair, Toody and Muldoon hastily borrow a . 49, 19, "Toody & Muldoon Meet the Russians", Stanley Prager, Nat Hiken and Billy. That's show business. © 4Nov62; LP Toody and Muldoon meet the Russians. © 27Janó5; LPll. Toody and Muldoon sing along with © 7Oct02; Mitch. Season 2, Episode 19 - Toody and Muldoon Meet the Russians: Muldoon and Toody are assigned to help guard a visiting Russian official who is under the.

Aided and abetted by a collection of slightly off-kilter co-workers, wives and family members, Toody and Muldoon represented a new breed of policemen in a medium that most assuredly did not lack for crime dramas.

toody and muldoon meet the russians

They were, however, cops of comedy…and for two seasons they made us laugh long and hard before getting their pensions and serving out their retirement in the Old Syndication Home. I am unabashedly a fan of both Car 54, Where are You?

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Hiken had one of the most fertile comic minds in show business…but he was also both a perfectionist and a workaholic and he literally burnt himself out, succumbing to a massive heart attack in So over the long birthday weekend, I watched every episode of Car 54, Where are You?

We have a black guy on our show! Army is integrated, so my army is going to be integrated. Anyway, in watching these classic shows I began to compile a list of my favorites…and I did this for several reasons. I say this because what I find funny or consider a great 54 episode may not jibe with your own opinion…and putting the shows in their original broadcast order will eliminate any Schnauser-like arguments that might result.

My other explanation for doing this is that…and I know this is going to come as a great shock to you, but While I help the rest of you to the fainting couch, I should point out that thinking in this fashion does not make these individuals bad people…just horribly, horribly wrong.

Neither of my parents are 54 aficionados, either…but then our shameful family secret is that Mom never cared for The Dick Van Dyke Show, further evidence that I was probably adopted.

My good friend and Facebook compadre Andrew Leal, when he mentioned that he had planned to watch the DVD set to one of his friends, was rewarded with this response: How Smart Can You Get?

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And with that out of the way, a list of my personal Car 54 favorites and in some cases, I listed some alternate episodes that are similar to them but manage to put a fresh face on old material. Finally, after learning that the diamond cutting business requires a steady hand and a clear eye and therefore booze is verbotenToody and Muldoon get Charlie a job with a diamond cutting firm, and with the temptation to imbibe having been removed, Charlie proves to be an exemplary employee.

The Convenient Store Next Door: One episode is based around an eatery next to a bank. A single scene at the end of the episode replays the entire plot with the buildings' next owners, who are posing as stamp dealers. Each opening credit sequence had Toody and Muldoon doing different things as they drive in the squad car such as: Ross provided his own voice.

Toody & Muldoon Meet the Russians

Many of the scenes of Car 54 on the road are obviously shot with a green screen, with whichever of Toody or Muldoon is at the wheel turning it back and forth even when they are driving in a straight line. As part of their odd couple dynamic, Toody is short and stocky while Muldoon is tall and skinny. The Film of the Series: Filmed in but not released untilthe film basically tried to turn Car 54 into a Police Academy type movie.

toody and muldoon meet the russians

Original cast members Al Lewis and Nipsey Russell appeared as their original characters. In "Toody and Muldoon Meet the Russians", the duo are assigned guard detail for a group of visiting Soviet dignitaries, who decide that the overworked, underpaid NYPD officers are the perfect place to start fomenting Communist revolution in the United States. The Inspector Is Coming: In "Toody and Muldoon Crack Down", a chief inspector tours the 53rd precinct and finds that Toody and Muldoon are letting over a hundred minor violations obstructed fire escapes and sidewalks, unauthorised loudspeakers, etc.

However, his outrage dissipates when he discovers that overlooking minor violations is part of how Toody and Muldoon have ensured that no major crimes have taken place in their sector in the nine years they've been patrolling it, and that the duo are universally beloved by the local residents and business owners as friendly, helpful, and reliable.

The unmarried Muldoon lives with his widowed mother and two younger sisters.

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His mother still calls him her "big baby boy", although she also repeatedly tells him he should meet a nice girl and get married. In "Boom Boom Boom", comedian and TV presenter Jan Murray, appearing as himself, is a celebrity judge for a barbershop quartet competition.

However, the rules of the competition require that all quartets perform the same arrangement of "By the Light of the Silvery Moon". Murray is gradually driven insane by the endless "Boom, boom, boom" accompanying figure in the song, so that by the time the 53rd Precinct Whippoorwills Muldoon, Toody, Schnauser, and Nelson take the stage and begin singing, he screams and flees the room.

toody and muldoon meet the russians

He seems fine after a few days, but when the Whippoorwills rehearse in the room next to his rehearsal room, and then again on the street below his psychiatrist's office window, Murray begins uncontrollably repeating "boom boom boom" and eventually has to be taken away in a strait jacket.