Shizuo and izaya meet the press

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shizuo and izaya meet the press

Izaya Orihara is my favourite character from my favourite novel (and anime) from Ryougo Narita's novel series and multiple-media project Durarara!! The next time we meet Izaya we find him in a situation where he meets. Heiwajima Shizuo and Orihara Izaya start dating before their freshman year making Izaya laugh, and he stood up on his tiptoes to press a kiss to on Shinra was just for the boyfriends to pretend not to have met before, and. Shizaya. Erika is a fan, if only to be refuted by everyone else's horror. There's they had Meet Cute, with Mikado marveling and blushing at Izaya's presence.

Different from Heiwajima Shizuo, whom he hated, Shinra was probably something he should have aspired to be. Yet he was attempting to betray even a friend like that. There is nothing to be afraid of. This is the way I have lived my life all along, he laughed as he thought- Laughed- Laughed- Laughed- He clenched his right fist and slammed it hard into the telephone pole next to him.

It made a loud sound, but since Izaya was in a secluded alleyway, no one took notice of him.


Why did he slam his fist into the telephone pole? What was on his mind? No one in the world would ever know. We barely get to see the side of Izaya where he shows anyone that he struggles or suffers, that is why this scene is important to me. Right after his secret outbreak his two sisters join him and actually treat him nicely for a change.

That is why I was so disappointed that the Durarara!! Nevertheless, I do understand that not everything can be included in an anime adaptation as the novels are simply too vast to do so. They decided to rather focus on telling the main story as clearly as they could, therefore details about characters—and not just Izaya—had to be left out.

He is not someone I would call evil especially as I am distancing myself from using the terms good or evil in Durarara!! From the first second the two boys met in highschool they hated each other with passion. They are exact opposites, and as the saying goes, those attract each other: It is usually the information broker that instigates their fights and provokes the bartender. It is another paradoxical thing about Izaya that, one the one hand, he wants nothing more than to kill Shizuo but on the other hand, he does enjoy scheming more plans to lead his nemesis into death traps or simply play pranks on him.

In the final arc of the series, Izaya discloses that his strong hate for Shizuo is mainly based on jealousy. Shizuo, without any conscious effort, has the things Izaya wishes for deep down in his heart: Thus for him to get everything Izaya wants obviously causes frustration and envy.

The last point I want to address is the depiction of Izaya in the animation and through the score by Makoto Yoshimori. Elite seiyuu Hiroshi Kamiya lent his voice to Izaya which will forever be one of the best choices the production team has made.

Since Kamiya is an extremely talented voice actor he had no problems switching between a cheerful, mental, indifferent, uppity, charming or menacing tone. Yet all in all I love the animation, merely because they went as far as to devote themselves to finish the series even if it took them five years.

The OVAs are a very entertaining addition to the series.

shizuo and izaya meet the press

Teaser pictures showed a genuinely smiling Izaya, something rare of sight. Thus I am expecting even more additional details on my favourite character, I wonder what we can expect of this unusual setting? I never get bored when I think about his dishonesty towards himself and the ongoing contrast of what he wants people to think of him and what he actually feels like doing. It creates a layer of uncertainty where we, as the addressee, can always project new interpretations on the character and shape him in a way we find most logical, relieving or challenging.

Izaya and Shizuo

Edit Shizuo Heiwajima states that he hates violence. He and Tom Tanaka are listening to a man's excuse for not paying up when Shizuo gets angry and throws a sign post at him. Tom complains they will never collect any money if Shizuo keeps beating up clients when they arrive at a vacant apartment.

The resident has been missing for several days and the two decide it must be because of the human traffickers. Tom and Shizuo are in a crowd in downtown Ikebukuro when Shizuo sees a flash of red - the eyes of the Slasher. He decides something strange is going on in the town. Simon Brezhnev greets him, but Shizuo ignores him and continues walking, and Tom explains Shizuo is acting a little like a rebel lately.

Kyouhei Kadota also says hello, but Shizuo ignores him, too.

shizuo and izaya meet the press

After Shizuo stops under a poster advertising Yuuhei Hanejima 's new movie, tabloid writer Shuuji Niekawa complements Yuuhei's looks and acting skills, then tells Shizuo he must be very proud to be Kasuka Heiwajima's older brother.

This angers Shizuo, who throws him in the air. In a flashback to Shizuo's childhood, he was angered by Kasuka eating his pudding and tried to throw a refrigerator at his little brother. However, he only succeeded in breaking his arm.

Due to this, he was teased by his classmates in elementary school and threw a desk into the wall, once again injuring himself. In the hospital, a child Shinra Kishitani discussed his thoughts on Shizuo's abilities.

According to him, while most people's strength is limited by their brains to prevents muscle and bone damage, Shizuo can always reach the limit of his adrenaline. Shinra asked if he could have a blood sample to examine. Shizuo grabbed his arm and accidentally broke it. Soon after, Shizuo decided that if he was going to destroy his body if he held back, he would stop holding back.

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As Shizuo and Kasuka walked home, they met a kind shopkeeper who commented on Shizuo's tendency to get injured and gave them bottles of milk. Later, he saw men harassing the shopkeeper, lost control, and destroyed the shop, injuring her in the process. Sitting at a park with Kasuka, Shizuo asked if his little brother is ever scared of him, to which Kasuka replied, "not really.

Celty Sturluson drove up and Shinra told her he was worried when she didn't come home. He asked if she was looking for her head, which she confirmed, but he joked with her, saying she was probably seeing another guy to which Celty punched him.

Shinra introduced Shizuo and Celty by announcing that he was going to marry her. After destroying the Raira's soccer field, Shizuo met Izaya OriharaShinra's friend from middle school. Shizuo instantly dislike him and attempted to punch him, but Izaya responded by slashing Shizuo's chest with his knife.

Izaya Orihara

Izaya said their fight was indeed a blast. Shizuo proceeded to chase him through the streets of Ikebukuro, then was run over by a truck.

Izaya paid the driver, who was shocked.