Ratchet and clank meet jak daxter

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ratchet and clank meet jak daxter

Ratchet & Clank is a 3D platform video game developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 2. Ratchet & Clank is the first game in the series and precedes Going Commando. The game follows the anthropomorphic character Ratchet meeting the robot . Naughty Dog's Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, asking that Insomniac. Jak and Daxter and Ratchet and Clank crossover fanfiction archive with over 18 stories. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Jak . THE MOVIE IS IN LESS THAN A WEEK BOIIII YE!!!!!! Ratchet and Clank meet Jak and Daxter.

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As Jak went to retrieve the paddles, a strange mechanical roar was heard over his head. Jak looked up and saw a rocket ship zooming towards the island.

The ship flew into the mist that covered the island and vanish. Seconds later, a crash was heard. That didn't look good," said Daxter, who ran to the bow of the ship. On the island's highest point sat a black rocket ship. The cockpit opened up and a yellow cat-like creature hopped out. A small robot then climbed out of the rocket and landed next to the cat.

ratchet and clank meet jak daxter

This planet appears to be untouched by Chairman Drek's ship. Do you hear that?

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Clank hid behind Ratchet. Something behind those bushes was heading in their direction. Without a moment's notice, a purple frog-like creature leaped out of the bushes and began hopping towards the two space travelers. Ratchet fired his blaster at the creature, which was destroyed after three hits. When the creature vanished, six egg-shaped objects appeared in its place.

Ratchet walked over to the orbs. He reached over and placed the orbs in his vest. Ratchet turned and saw Clank in the cockpit trying to restart the rocket. A little red light was blinking on the control panel. He watched his robot buddy getting back out of the jet. They appeared to be on some sort of island. A large building was standing on one end of the island, but the mist was obscuring the view from up there.

At this time, Jak and Daxter landed their boat by the dock and got out. They were attacked by several creatures along the way, but they were easy to defeat. He pointed to a tall hill in the island.

ratchet and clank meet jak daxter

A black spaceship was sitting on the peak of the hill. Let's go check it out! Him and Jak approached the ship. Jak leaned out to try and stop him, but it was too late.

Jak and Daxter

A high pitched alarm rang out. Jak and Daxter covered their ears. Not too far away, Ratchet and Clank heard the alarm and ran back towards the ship. When they reached the clearing, Clank hopped down and pushed a button on his metal body. Him and Ratchet looked to the left and saw two life forms rubbing their ears. Jak and Daxter looked at the cat creature and robot with surprised expressions.

He pointed at Clank. He is destroying entire planets and me and my accomplice are going to stop him. Jak and Daxter agreed.

You mean for your ship? We got your blue eco, green eco, yellow eco, red eco, and dark eco I mean, look what it did to me! Both games feature big-eared protagonists seriously, look at Rachet and Jak that work alongside a smaller but still useful sidekick.

ratchet and clank meet jak daxter

They combat the forces of evil, ranging from evil dictators, mad scientists, alien creatures and sometimes their own species. They do so with a combination of platforming power and guns.

ratchet and clank meet jak daxter

Also, throw in some time traveling and item collecting too. Behind every good hero It is interesting seeing the character progression with main characters like Ratchet and Jak.

ratchet and clank meet jak daxter

Not just in looks, but also in personality. When they were both starting out, they had rather opposite personalities with each other. After so many games in each of their series, it still holds true. Well, Ratchet started off mostly as a selfish jerk before mellowing out over the course of several games and become the happy go lucky hero we know and love.

Jak started out as a basic mime protagonist, before being tossed in the future and forcibly experimented on gave him a darker personality and proper speaking lessons. He has since mellowed out as well, but still holds a lot of edge to him, like a finely honed blade. Their partners in crime, Clank and Daxter, haven't had as much personality growth in the games themselves.

Clank has usually been the stoic, intelligent type to provide Ratchet with useful information and skills needed for missions at hand. Daxter has always been a bit of a clown, making light of the situation in order to brighten moods while also trying to prove how impressive of a fighter he is.

Still, both characters have proven time and again that they can fight by themselves to an extent anywaybut do their work better when fighting alongside their best friends.