Outlander jamie and claire meet joe

‘Outlander’ Recap: ‘Freedom & Whisky’ Reunites Claire and Jamie – Variety

outlander jamie and claire meet joe

Claire gets the push she needs from her oldest friend in this exclusive Claire Finally Tells Joe About Jamie in this Exclusive Outlander Clip. How long will we have to wait for Claire and Jamie's reunion? Jamie was a virgin when he and Claire met, so it would be sweet to think that since she's also going to make a new friend, Joe Abernathy, in medical school. 'Outlander' season 3, episode 6: Claire and Jamie's sultry reunion marked . (or any of the men in her classes other than Joe Abernathy, for that matter). indelible thanks to his telling reaction upon meeting his “Aunt Claire.

Bri says a quick hello to Roger then exits with a box of her stuff. Claire has mixed feelings: Later that night, Claire is wistful as she holds her wedding pearls and thinks of Jamie. At work, Claire and Joe examine bones found at an archeological site, and upon seeing one specific skull, Claire declares that the woman had been murdered.

There, she gives him a tour, during which he asks if she ever thinks about the great minds that walked the halls there before her. She says she never thought about that but wonders how the buildings were built.

outlander jamie and claire meet joe

Wakefield told him about his father and that knowing the story about his father helped him know himself better. You had to have it all. You wasted 20 years with him. Daddy must have hated me when he looked at me and saw another man. Then Claire shows her the article by Jamie.

I can live on my own. Claire tells her she may never be able to come back and asks if Bri can live with that.

outlander jamie and claire meet joe

I want you to go back and tell him everything. Claire, Roger and Brianna are exchanging gifts. Roger and Bri gift Claire with coins from an antique store that she can use in Edinburgh. Did he have a few casual flings just to take the edge off, believing with absolute certainty that he'd never see his time-traveling wife again?

outlander jamie and claire meet joe

Time will tell, but I'm definitely rooting for the perfect, celibate saint route. How steamy will Season 3 be? Season 2 featured plenty of political scheming, palace intrigue and bloody battles, but some fans noted that there were far fewer sex scenes than there were in Season 1 — which makes sense, considering that Jamie was dealing with the trauma of being raped and tortured, while Claire was struggling with her growing sense of isolation from her husband as he tried to recover.

Not to mention the devastating loss of their baby. But after 20 years separated from their true love, we've got to believe that Claire and Jamie have a lot of lost time to make up for in Season 3. They might have to get to know each other all over again, but all those years of longing will probably add up to some spectacular reunion sex, right?

Outlander S3e2 : Claire meets Joe

What happened to Black Jack Randall? When last we saw the sadistic Black Jack Tobias Menzieshe was reluctantly marrying his brother's lover, Mary Hawkins, in order to secure a future for her and her unborn child and, handily, for their descendant, Frank Randall.

But the history books don't lie: Claire told Jack that he would die at the Battle of Culloden, so Mary hopefully didn't have to put up with him for long. We didn't see the outcome of that infamous clash in Season 2, but given how much the show has focused on Black Jack's twisted relationship with Jamie, we've got to imagine that there'll be some closure for the two on Culloden moor.

In fact, this preview photo from Season 3 guarantees it. We meet again, Mr. Will we see Murtagh again? Jamie's loyal godfather and all-around scene-stealer Murtagh vowed to follow him into battle, come hell or high water — which, given what we know of the Scottish casualties at Culloden, probably didn't end well for our favorite sidekick.

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Still, if Jamie survived, maybe there's a chance his right-hand man did too? Let me have my delusion for a few more months, okay?

outlander jamie and claire meet joe

What's Claire's relationship with Frank like when she comes back from the past? The Season 2 premiere showed us the immediate aftermath of Claire's return, and Frank was admittedly pretty glad to see her — at least until he discovered that she was pregnant with another man's child. Then he had to go and smash up a potting shed and get a lecture from Reverend Wakefield to get himself back under control — but we don't know much about how he and Claire got along after that. How much of Claire's time as a doctor will we see?

Claire was born to be a surgeon — between her many wartime experiences in WWII and the 18th century, there's arguably no one better equipped to handle life or death stakes — but will we get to explore her new career path much in Season 3? We're not expecting the show to turn into The Knick, or anything, but it would be nice to see her rocking her new job — especially since she's also going to make a new friend, Joe Abernathyin medical school.

Are we going to be obsessed with Lord John Grey? Outlander went to the trouble of introducing a young and defiant English soldier, "William" Grey, in Season 2, and the character, aka Lord John William Grey, will return in a bigger capacity in Season 3, all grown up into the strapping form of Australian actor David Berry.

outlander jamie and claire meet joe