Once upon a time emma and neal meet again

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once upon a time emma and neal meet again

Sunday's heartbreaking episode of Once Upon a Time has brought forth a With Neal's last breaths, he returned Emma's (Jennifer Morrison). Once Upon a Time: Was Neal's (Brief) Return Worth the (Long) Wait? but as a person who always felt the Emma/Neal romance got short-changed — tell me again, how did the .. They payed homage to their first meeting. "Manhattan" is the 14th episode of the second season of the American ABC fantasy/drama Emma finds their coincidental meeting to be inexplicable, but Neal suggests Gold invites Neal to Storybrooke, where he can magically change him into a teenager again and raise him properly; Neal rejects the idea as "insane.

Gold thanks Henry for bringing Emma to Storybrooke. Henry hopes that, since he forgave Emma, Baelfire will forgive Gold. Gold says that things don't always happen as expected.

Henry asks why he doesn't look into the future, and Gold explains that doing so is complicated and the future is like a puzzle. Emma arrives and claims that Baelfire escaped.

Unsatisfied, Gold breaks into Neal's apartment over Emma's objections. When Emma discovers that Neal has kept their dreamcatcher, Gold become suspicious of her interest in it and violently demands to know what she is hiding from him. Neal returns and interrupts the fight, explaining that he did not return for Gold's sake, but because he doesn't want Emma to be punished for breaking her deal.

He demands that Gold leave, but it soon becomes clear to Gold that his son and Emma know each other. Henry demands to know what is going on, at which Gold figures out the truth; Neal notes Henry's age and Emma must acknowledge that he is their son, and thus that what she previously told Henry about his father was a lie. Henry runs out onto the fire escape, pursued by Emma. Emma admits that Neal represented a part of her life she wanted to forget, and that her reasons for lying were for her own benefit, not Henry's.

Henry compares Emma to Regina, because of their lies, and demands to meet his father. In the apartment, Neal agrees to discharge Emma's debt to Gold by letting him talk. Gold invites Neal to Storybrooke, where he can magically change him into a teenager again and raise him properly; Neal rejects the idea as "insane.

once upon a time emma and neal meet again

He tells Gold that he can never make up for the trauma he caused; Neal has been haunted by nightmares of his father letting him go, and now he needs to let him go in return. Neal and Emma agree to try to avoid hurting Henry as they did each other. Neal goes to speak to Henry, and they introduce themselves to each other. Gold looks on, unsettled by the knowledge that his own grandson will be his undoing.


Regina visits Belle Emilie de Ravin in the hospital; upon determining that Belle doesn't remember anything useful, Regina magically renders her unconscious and levitates the contents of her purse, locating a note with a Dewey decimal number. This leads Regina, Cora, and Hook to a map hidden on a bookshelf in the library. Hook deciphers the map, but Cora then attacks him magically and knocks him unconscious, her use for him at an end.

She reveals to Regina that her plan is for them to use the dagger to command Gold to kill Mary Margaret, David, and Emma, leaving Regina blameless in Henry's eyes.

Greg Mendell Ethan Embry tells "Her" over the phone that he has been released from the hospital but will remain in Storybrooke; he explains by sending her a video of Regina using magic. This episode marks a promotion for previously recurring guest star Colin O'Donoghue Captain Hook to series regular.

Ratings[ edit ] This episode posted a 2. The episode placed second in its timeslot behind the twenty-second season of The Amazing Raceand placed third for the night, behind The Amazing Race and Family Guy. Entertainment Weekly critic Hilary Busis gave it a good review: Emma was understandably paranoid that her relationship with Neal was all part of some larger scheme set in motion by Rumpel, while Neal was in no great rush to reunite with his father after Rumpel abandoned him to a land without magic, to grow up lost and alone in our world just as Emma did.

It was a creepy and effective character design, and it will be interesting to see how her prophecy about Henry plays out in the coming weeks. Before this episode I didn't think he'd be willing to go back to such a dark place, but since he's been rejected by Baelfire? It's time to worry about Henry. He offers her his scarf to cover up the stains.

They exchange numbers, start dating and then become engaged.

Neal Cassidy

One side of the postcard reads, "Broken", and the other is a photo of the Storybrooke Clock Tower with the phrase "Greetings from Storybrooke", which is sent to him by August. When the person on the other line says there is a UPS delivery for him, for an unknown reason, he flees out the window and down the ladder escape.

He runs away from his pursuer until they both careen into each other and knock heads. Neal is stunned to see the person chasing him is Emma. She accuses him and his father, Mr. Goldof deceiving her. Not wanting a confrontation out in the open, Neal succeeds in getting Emma to a nearby bar where he reveals that he is, in fact, Baelfire and they discuss their past.

Neal makes note of the fact she is still wearing the necklace he gave her, but Emma takes it off just then and hands it back to him. He suggests that they go their separate ways and that she tell Mr. Gold she lost him. Although Emma agrees, Neal decides to go back to his apartment as he knows what his father does to people who break deals with him. Gold from threatening Emma and commands him to leave, but feels confused when he sees Henry, who he does not recognize.

When Emma states Henry is her son, Neal admanantly demands to know how old he is. Henry shouts back he is eleven years old, which is the exact amount of years since he and Emma were together.

He realizes the boy is his son. Gold blackmails Neal into talking with him as that is the only way to fulfill Emma's bargain. Gold that since he himself as an abandoned boy never got closure, neither will his father.

once upon a time emma and neal meet again

Emma allows Neal to get to know Henry, but warns not to break his heart. Neal tries to tell Emma something important, but their conversation is interrupted. Neal and Henry head back up to the apartment room to fetch a camera for the museum visit only to rush back to see Mr. Gold has been stabbed by Hookwho Emma has already knocked out. To everyone's surprise, Neal admits he is already acquainted with Hook.

Emma curiously asks how he knows Hook and how to pilot a pirate ship, though he evasively says the land without magic is not the first world he arrived in, because if it had been, he would been over three-hundred years old by now.

David explains to them Cora and Regina have possession of the dagger which can be used to control Mr. They arrive at the pawnshopand once inside, Mr. After distracting Cora and Regina, Emma proceeds to draw another barrier outside the shop's back room to protect herself, Neal and Mr. Gold for a little longer. Gold's emotional phone conversation with his girlfriend BelleNeal realizes that his father has changed. As father and son share a close moment, Cora breaks through the barrier.

Though Neal and Emma rise to defend Mr. Gold, she teleports the them to the town forest. Henry is horrified about his family's possible intent to kill Regina to end the feud.

Emma takes an upset Henry to the diner where Neal hangs out with him. He orders him a nice dessert, but Henry knows Neal is in on trying to sweeten him up so he does not try to get involved with Regina. Neal asks Henry to move to New York with him where he will be safer. Henry agrees, and then goes to the bathroom.

Emma comes back to check up on them, and is incredulous that Neal fell for the "I'm going to the bathroom" trick; especially since Henry took his backpack with him. They try to catch up with him, and get to the mines with help from Ruby and realize Henry took dynamite to blow up the wishing well to get rid of magic. They hurry off to the well, and nearly have a heated battle with Regina, but Henry manages to get everyone to stop. Henry convinces Regina to not use the spell on him, and she willingly burns the paper.

At some point, he returns to New York alone and discovers Hook missing from the storeroom. While he is staying at Storybrooke's inn, Emma and Henry visit him. Sending Henry to grab three hot cocoas from the dinerNeal tells Emma about Hook's disappearance, and then reveals Tamara will be arriving shortly. She dislikes the idea of another outsider in town, and pushes Neal to tell Tamara about his true identity. The foursome have an awkward breakfast in silence, but the conversation picks up when Henry asks how the two of them met, to which Tamara briefly relates the story.

Once Henry and Emma head out, Neal shows Tamara the book and tells her about his life in the Enchanted Forest; stating all the fairytales in the book are real. Perceiving this is a ploy to drive her away so he can be with Emma, Tamara angrily berates his story, and storms out. Later, in front of the sheriff department building, he witnesses a wooden August die with his last words warning Emma about "her".

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After Mother Superior arrives and transforms August back into PinocchioTamara arrives to see the workings of magic. Unknown to Neal and the others, moments earlier, she was the one who killed August since he was trying to expose her to Emma.

Once Upon A Time "Manhattan" Emma finds Neal

Feigning surprise at witnessing actual magic, Tamara decides to stay in Storybooke for Neal. At the end of the day, he brings home a worn out and asleep Henry. Emma tucks him into bed and then the two sit down to talk. She casually asks him if he would go back to the Enchanted Forest if there was a way, but Neal states he spent his whole life running from it.

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He returns to the guest room to find Henry waiting outside. As Henry struggles for a reason for his appearance, Neal notices that he is kicking the door.

Recognizing the door tactic as his own, he bursts into the room to find Emma prying open a loose floorboard. Emma explains her suspicion of Tamara as possibly being the person August was warning them about.

Neal goes out on a limb and allows Emma to open the floorboard, but nothing incriminating is found in it. He asks Emma whether her reluctant behavior is due to Tamara being in Storybrooke. She strongly denies it and leaves with Henry.

Later, Emma informs him Regina is missing, and she strongly believes Tamara is responsible. While he continues to be skeptical, Emma notices sand on the floor left by Tamara's shoes, which indicates his girlfriend has not recently been running in the woods as she claimed, but near the beach. As they comb the beach, Tamara casually jogs up, explaining her reasons for changing her jogging spot, before heading off again.

Believing Emma's behavior is influenced by Tamara's presence, he expresses sympathy for her difficulty, but she denies being jealous. When Emma tries to walk away, he admits wanting to go back for her when she went to jail in his place.

Neal admits he truly wanted to, but was too scared to face Emma; thinking she might never forgive him as he never forgave himself for leaving her.