Mlynska dolina eat and meet menu


mlynska dolina eat and meet menu

Mlynska dolina is a student town within Bratislava surrounded by nature, with services Catering services are provided by the “EAT and MEET” and “VENZA” high-quality seasonal ingredients and plan their menu to reflect the wishes of. us in the student halls of the dormitory Mladosť Block D. Daily menus offer a wide . The aim of the application is to provide a simple and quick access to balances and transactions of student's e-wallet at Comenius University in Bratislava.

At the moment you can train Thai boxing, boxing and MMA. You can find it in the area of Atrium houses, block E. It also actively cooperates with the Institute of Applied Psychology and organizes practical and theoretical seminars. If you want to deal with a fight strategy, look for advantages in every situation and want to use psychology in difficult and stressful situations, this is something for you!

The center can be found in the Atrium houses, block E, ground floor. Post If you wish to receive post at the campus, please ask the sender to include precise identification of the addressee as given on the official website.

mlynska dolina eat and meet menu

The addressee will be notified of the delivery of mail by e-mail. A person collecting post must present their own valid Mlyny accommodation card. No other documents will be accepted.

If besides copy service you also need to buy stationery, use Internet or laminate something, your choice should be XC copy service which you can find in high-rise building block C, second floor.

They provide services for ladies as well as gentlemen.

mlynska dolina eat and meet menu

Newsstand During weekdays you can buy newspapers and cigarettes at a newsstand opposite to the main bus stop. It operates from 6 am till 6 pm. Parking If you have a car and want to be parked as close as possible, it is possible using special parking cards.

Drivers of motor vehicles must register a card or take an entry ticket with an hourly charge to enter the campus. If you are interested in reserving a parking space, you need to contact the marketing department via marketing mlyny. You can also rent a special space with a lockable column.

These are free of charge!


In case you own a bike, use the convenient bicycle storage with a lockable store room. Every day they prepare two kinds of fresh soup, at least 7 main courses and various side dishes that you can combine, including refreshing salads and desserts.

You can look forward to choosing from a selection of 8 meals with a focus on traditional recipes. Opening hours are weekdays from 7 am — 8. VENZA is closed at the weekend! Sit inside, on the terrace or in the smoking area. They have a hours take away service and provide food delivery as well.

Come here to watch live streaming of favorite sport matches or to use the free WiFi! Some pizza, beer and wine is offered at Lucka — a small place with Slovak and Czech beers, open daily from 5 pm till 2 am. Besides teas and water pipes, you can also have other drinks and small snacks such as waffles, pancakes or sausages. The place is open seven days a week from 6 pm till 2 am. You can check the upcoming program of the place here.

If you look for a place to enjoy some beer with friends, stop at Musicat — a stylish pub often with live music where you can also watch live streaming of sport tournaments and get to dance! Come for religious masses, but also concerts, theater and workshops. The menu changes on a daily basis and every day they have only a couple of dishes, divided into several categories. The daily menu always contains a huge breakfast selection, one soup, several spreads with bread, one meat main dish, a vegetable one and a salad.

They are open till 4 pm only so dinner is not an option. So if you order a soup and a main dish for lunch, you will pay here more than somewhere else probably — but if you come for single meals, the difference is not that big. Ideal for a weekend family breakfast!

And dogs are welcome, too. Meat-lovers might be disappointed, as they only serve vegetarian meals. You can choose from the buffet menu and combine the current offer of fresh raw and warm salads with the warm dishes. You pay for a grammage on your plate. We found the price — 1 euro for grams — fair enough. Water, usually flavoured with some fruit is for free.

If you feel hungrier, add some vegetable soup and raw desert on your tray.

Slovenská sporitelňa | Mlynská Dolina

The food is indeed nutritious. Apart from various vegetables, you may find various cereals, nuts and seeds. They use either olive or pumpkin oil, coconut sugar or agave syrup for sweets.

You will hardly find meat, eggs, sugar, wheat flour, or emulsifiers there. Now some bad news. They are open only during working week from 11 am — 3 pm.

But if you come later than 1 am, you may not get all options of the daily menuas some food might already be eaten.


Be prepared that most probably you will have to stand in a queue, but luckily it moves fast. The daily menu is always updated on the black wall next to the main bar.

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A very popular day is Friday, especially the evening. Because this is when they have aperitivo! There is a set menu — Italian meals, desserts and wine: What you need to have next is bryndzove halusky — potato gnocchi with sheep cheese and bacon. If you like sweet meals, you need to try the dumplings with jam and cocoa parene buchty!

Slivovica plum taste and hruskovica pear taste are the favorites ones, there are however more fruit tastes if you have other preferences.