Meet stuart kevin and bob minions trailer banana

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meet stuart kevin and bob minions trailer banana

Awe Minions Bob, Minions Images, Minion 2, Minion Movie, Cute Minions, Aww look at bob Minion Movie, Sassy Quotes, Minion Wallpaper, Minions, Banana I wanna be Kevin Stuart & Bob's big boss Minion Movie, Minions, Boss . Minions - Official Trailer (HD) - Illumination - - - Meet Stuart, Kevin and Bob as they. Minions - Official Trailer 3 (HD) - Illumination Minions is a spinoff and prequel to Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2, but The new movie centers on three Minions — Kevin, Stuart, and Bob . serve (since the movie occurs before they meet Gru, it's the catalyst that . 9) Why do Minions love bananas?. A great clip is when he is with Dave meeting Silas Ramsbottom for the first time. Stuart and Dave are the minions Gru paints purple at the end of He is a very sensitive guy, as we see when Kevin teases him for Minions Banana Song: Bananaaaah! . they left out Minion Bob! that's who I would Vote for.

Dave Dave Dave is a two-eyed minion who is a lead character, especially in Despicable Me 2. He is one of the smart minions who is loving, kind, and, of course, very funny.

He and Stuart are very close to Gru, as shown when they come to Gru's rescue when he is captured and stuffed in the boot trunk of agent Lucy Wilde's car. He loves playing video games with Stuart. He also loves ice cream—the ice cream party is a great clip!

meet stuart kevin and bob minions trailer banana

Another great clip of Dave is from Despicable Me when he fires his rocket launcher out of excitement. He of course gets a punch in the arm for this, and the way he hangs his head shows his remorse, but it is such a great scene.


He is also the easiest soft toy to find in stores at the moment because, let's face it, who doesn't love Dave? Stuart Stuart Stuart, a one-eyed minion, is playful and funny. He loves playing video games with his best friend Dave.

Above, you can see him on the left, acting nonchalant until he gets the final laugh. A great clip is when he is with Dave meeting Silas Ramsbottom for the first time. Jerry Jerry, a two-eyed minion, is short and plump with spiky hair. He is a very sensitive guy, as we see when Kevin teases him for being a coward. He also gets scared easily as shown in the scene when he hears strange noises.

He loves to play the guitar, as he does on the minion beach after he is abducted, and he sings a caring lullaby to the girls when Gru asks him to look after them.

He is the first minion we see abducted. Kevin Kevin Kevin, another two-eyed minion, loves to tease others, as you can tell when he teases Jerry for being a coward. He is often seen in golf attire, so he must love the game.

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He isn't the smartest of minions—when Jerry is abducted, he just waves goodbye. This is hilarious though! Also, when it is his turn to be abducted, he grabs the cat, poor thing!

He is transformed into an evil minion via PX serum after Phil. Tim is a tall two-eyed minion with a sprout hair cut. He is usually dressed conservatively, perhaps because he is a bit more mature than the other minions. Marlena voiced by Julie Andrews: Gru and Dru's mother. Her neglect of Gru's ambitions is identified among the main reasons why he became a supervillain. In the denouement of the first film, she admits to him that he is a better parent than she. Marlena later makes a silent cameo appearance in the second film at Gru and Lucy's wedding.

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In the third film, Marlena reveals to Gru that after she and Gru and Dru's father divorced, they each got to take one son with them, with Marlena saying that she got "second pick". Fritz voiced by Steve Coogan: Dru's courteous, well mannered butler who speaks with a British accent. He takes Gru, Lucy, and the girls to meet Dru at his mansion in Freedonia. Silas Ramsbottom voiced by Steve Coogan: Director of the Anti-Villain League in the second film. The Minions and Gru make fun of his surname.

Valerie Da Vinci voiced by Jenny Slate: In the first film, Gru's rival, and the son of Mr. Perkins, the President of the Bank of Evil that supplies loans to villains in their schemes formerly including Gru.

Perkins voiced by Will Arnett: The enormous and equally strong President of the Bank of Evil, responsible for giving out loans to villains in their schemes.

Miss Hattie voiced by Kristen Wiig: The charismatic but cruel owner of the orphanage from which Gru adopts his daughters. She sends Margo, Edith, and Agnes out to sell cookies and makes them sleep in cardboard boxes if they fail to meet their quota. A Mexican-accented supervillain in the second film. As El Macho, he was believed to have died after strapping pounds of TNT on himself and riding a shark into an active volcano.

However, it turns out that he actually faked his death, and he became the owner of a Mexican restaurant. He has a son named Antonio, with whom Margo is infatuated at first, until Antonio abandons her.

meet stuart kevin and bob minions trailer banana

It turns out that Eduardo was aware of Gru's life as a villain and plans to abduct most of Gru's minions and turn them into hairy, purple, savage, evil minions with a dangerous chemical compound he stole called PX and send the mutated Minions to major cities to take over the world. In the final battle, as Gru manages to restore the mutated Minions to normal, Eduardo drinks the compound himself, turning into a big purple furry monster to fight Gru.

He is defeated by Gru and Nefario. Balthazar Bratt voiced by Trey Parker: A supervillain in the third film.

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A former s child star, he adopts the identity of his supervillain character after the onset of puberty leads to the cancellation of his television series. He is obsessed with s pop culture and uses a giant robot armed with a laser and inflatable bubble gum to exact revenge on Hollywood.

meet stuart kevin and bob minions trailer banana

Clive voiced by Andy Nyman: Scarlet Overkill voiced by Sandra Bullock: