Lindsay and severide meet the press

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lindsay and severide meet the press

Chicago PD (TV Series) Fan Art: Kelly Severide and Erin Lindsay .. Sophia Bush - Erin Lindsay {Chicago PD} We can't wait to meet Detective Lindsay!. Erin Lindsay and Kelly Severide are both highly dedicated to their work and .. " She's really excited to meet you" Erin enthused, the mental picture she Press the call button if your waters break" The midwife instructed upon. “This is less of a cheap, tawdry gimmick than is usually the case,” he promised. 4. Severide and Lindsay meet again. Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Lindsay.

That she doesn't take crap from anybody, and I mean anybody. She's a —— she's just a she's a tough cookie, my little cookie. Why haven't you told him you're gay? He seem like a—— Platt: I did half the guys in my class in the academy.

Because as a coward, Vaughn. If you are a member of either department, you are not safe. If you are a family member of someone in either department, you are not safe. This is just the beginning. I deal with things in the moment. I make the best decision that I can.

And I accept that, and I move forward, knowing I did the best I can to protect this city. I have my convictions, and I don't give a damn what anybody thinks of 'em. You have yours as well, Jay. And I respect that. A Beautiful Friendship [1. Can she even type? She can, smart ass. What kind of a dog do you think I am? You hear about Jeff Gamble today? He went out in a blaze of glory, huh? Shooting at cops it's Get My Cigarettes [2.

I'm just saying, Jay, you got a target on your head and you don't seem too phased.

lindsay and severide meet the press

Overseas, my unit and I, we always had a bounty on us. Most gangs only pay 10G for a cop. If you're really worthI should take you out myself. Pay off my mortgage. Coke dealer, one time, put a million dollar tag on me and Voight. How'd you handle that?

Well, you dust yourself. Never go home the same way twice. If a car follows you through one, you chamber a round and you handle business. For the last 10 years, you've told me I. And I meant it. Cops who go after other cops are the lowest. I never did that. I played a game with them to get my job back. A game I won, I might add. Parents do dumb things, the kids take the brunt. I didn't think a 70 pound girl could lift a grown woman like that.

Yeah, I dragged you into the bathtub.

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Kept filling it with ice cubes. Just sitting there hoping you didn't die. Do we really have to bring up all this negative stuff? And do you know what you said to me when you woke up? Yeah, my boss is old school.

He doesn't much like electronic footprints. Well, we're getting there. Dude, it was just some graffiti. You tagged the entire scoreboard at Cellular Field. That's a class three felony. Like I said, you got a little more work to do, but this? It's a good start.

lindsay and severide meet the press

The Weigh Station [2. What are you doing here, Nadia, answering phones for 12 bucks an hour? Hey, it's a start. No, pumpkin, it's an end. You're going to be up there until your boobs are bouncing off your knees, and all you're going to have to show for it is free dental, maybe a couple of flings with some married cops.

I'm going to be a cop one day, and a damn good one. Not going to happen.

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Not with your resume. So they got you in protective custody, I hear. You got a lot of enemies in gen pop, don't you? I got friends everywhere. The warden used to be a cop. I know you're afraid to die, Oskar. I could always see it in your eyes. So I'm here to give you one chance to live.

lindsay and severide meet the press

You call off the hit on Halstead, and you tell me who it was tried to take him out at that bar. Wait, wait we're talking about the Detective Halstead that killed my brother? I'm giving you one chance. Trying to get my head around that. I mean, most Poles are Catholic, right? Remember hearing about purgatory?

I mean, if you weren't paying attention, it's it's a way station between heaven and hell. It's like this place.

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Heaven, for you, is upstairs. Cup of coffee, comfortable chair, we talk. You tell me why you opened up on two cops, put a girl in the hospital with a hole in her neck, clinging to life.

It's a place we call the silos. About a minute drive from here. Later, Voight took her in and raised her like a daughter. When she was 16, Voight had her enrolled in the St. Ignatius School for a new start, however the girls at the school quickly found out about her past.

She has a close working partnership with Detective Jay Halstead that could develop into something more personal later on. However, Voight has strictly forbidden any non-professional relationship between the two.

This is partly due to Lindsay's implied commitment issues stemming from her rough childhood. Lindsay has compassion for vulnerable young people as she can relate.

She tries twice unsuccessfully to get a year-old prostitute and heroin addict, Nadia, to enter rehab. She later succeeds and Nadia now works for District 21 Intelligence as Administration. In Chicago Fire Edit Lindsay visits Firehouse 51 to warn the firefighters about possible unsavory characters during a blackout.

She is first on scene when a thug named Vince Keeler attemps to attack a man at the firehouse.

Erin Lindsay

Lieutenant Kelly Severide forces Keeler out and is given a death threat. Shortly after the blackout, Keeler and his gang kidnap Severide's sister Katie as retaliation. Lindsay is a go-between for updates on the case.