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Dodger told Maxine that she is his first true love. Doesn't deflect anything from Texas since he only met Sienna once and was with Texas in a. Hollyoaks star Danny Mac has revealed details of Dodger Savage's first meeting with his biological father Patrick Blake. Last month, show. Texas Savage (née Longford) was a character on Hollyoaks who aired her scenes from to First Appearance India accuses Texas of being irresponsible, and India goes to meet Cameron instead but it turns out to be a trap set Dodger asks Texas to marry him but she writes him a good-bye letter and leaves.

As a "force of nature" she almost has a "super-natural ability to make other people feel good about themselves". Texas is slightly fragile and vulnerable. She has a backstory of relationships with mad men, faced drug problems and has been bankrupted. However, when India notices that Texas' date is attractive, she ignores her own advice and meets up with him.

India is then murdered. The storyline is about "dealing with really, really strong emotions when you're relatively young. Hendrickse-Spendlove told a columnist for TVTimes that Texas has never had to organise a funeral before, so she is a "headless chicken" trying to deal with everything. Texas' self-destructive behaviour gets worse and lands her into trouble with Silas. Hendrickse-Spendlove said that it was the "perfect opportunity" for Silas to kill her character, but when Texas reveals that she was the original dating contact, Silas realises that he killed the wrong sister.

She warned viewers that next time Texas may not be as lucky. However, his enemy Lynsey Nolan Karen Hassan knows he is the killer and attempts to defuse the situation. Texas repeats something her friend said and Lynsey realises that Silas has previously said the same thing.

Lynsey realises that Silas is "out to get Texas" and arranges a meeting. When Lynsey arrives she is met with Silas and she hits him with a brick. Silas sets Lynsey a challenge to discover the identity of the victim and he will hand himself in.

In addition they released another promotional image showing the four character dressed in matching Catwoman outfits. Jodie later reveals that she is attracted to someone else and kisses Texas. However, Texas cannot dance and Theresa takes her place. Texas gets the impression that Jodie and Theresa are into each other because they get on well during dance rehearsals. When they wake up next to each other the following morning, Texas cannot remember "if anything happened between them".

Hendrickse-Spendlove explained that Texas has "got a million questions going round and round inside her head, and still isn't entirely sure where she stands with Jodie.

None of the trio complains when another is sleeping around because they all want that type of freedom. Mac added that Texas and Jodie are "testing the water" and experimenting with each other.

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Speaking of Dodger's own preference between Texas and Jodie; the actor said that "it literally depends on the day". He likes the thought that Jodie likes both sexes, but at the same time has a long history with Texas and is still "massively attracted to her".

He hoped that there would be an eventual outcome for the characters, but thought that Dodger needed to remain a "lone ranger" for a while longer. Hendrickse-Spendlove told Laura Morgan of All About Soap that Texas is the type of female who had kissed another before, but never felt any attraction.

Texas avoids Jodie following their previous kiss because she feels awkward. Texas is reminded of how much she has misses having Jodie as a friend and decides to spend time with her. At which point she felt that Texas is "pretty out of her depth" as she thinks the only solution to her feelings is to have sex with Jodie. She misses a date with Jodie to be Dodger's confidant for the evening. Hendrickse-Spendlove said that Texas is actually "shocked" to see Dodger opening up and he spends the night in her room without having sex.

She soon realises that she is mistaken and "feels sad" that she gave up a chance with Jodie, but still cannot get Dodger off her mind.

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While her feelings for him have taken over again, she wonders whether kissing Jodie was a mistake once again. It is at this point that Texas realises that she needs to decide between Jodie and Dodger. Texas and Dodger were "the main story" which meant that Jodie had to depart Hollyoaks. She developed Jodie as the character who changed Texas and Dodger's lives, leaving them questioning their self-identity.

The story arc culminated in Texas and Dodger realising what they like about each other through their involvement with Jodie. When Lynsey is strangled to death Texas fears that a copycat killer is active. The writer added that Texas would visit Silas at a psychiatric hospital to gain answers and closure. Texas makes Silas angry when she gives him India's ring in exchange for information and later steals it from him.

He killed India by mistake and has a "nagging feeling" that he could put right his mistake by killing Texas. Silas tells the police that another murder will be committed because he has an accomplice.

The police believe Silas which "delights" him because he can "play games" once again. Rawle said that the reappearance of India's ring is "very symbolic" for Silas and Texas uses it to taunt him.

He added that Texas is the "one he wants" and the most in danger from his return.

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Dodger does not want his family to know about Sienna and goes along with Texas' accusations. Will Savage James Atherton discovers Sienna's identity, but hides the truth from Texas, using it as an opportunity to console and kiss her.

Texas sleeps with Will and regrets it. The actress said that Texas feels sick and used when she discovers the truth. Dodger and Will begin separate schemes to earn money for the family.

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Dodger's scheme fails while Will's plans for a gig go well. Will tells Dodger that the gig's headliner does not exist and Dodger plans to help Will until the gig is saved by Dennis. Before leaving Walt makes a comment to Dodger and his family which makes Dodger question his motives.

Walt reveals Dodger is not Dirk's son before he leaves.

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Dodger, who got drunk after talking to Walt and trying to find his dad, turns up at Texas' house and she gives him the birth certificate before kicking him out for being ignorant to her. He looks at the piece of paper and realises his real name is Mark Blake. He finally saw his father Patrick Blake and twin sister Sienna Blake for the first time at the boat house, causing Dirk to be angry at Patrick for what he did to his wife.

Dodger's twin sister Sienna discover Will and Texas have had an affair by sleeping together. Dodger was informed by Will at Myra and Dirk's engagement party, like Sienna, Dodger was angry at Will and Texas for their affair and sex, and an incident occurred where were Will fell down the stair and was left paralysed. Dodger and Sienna did not forgive Texas for what she did. Dodger was completey shocked when his mother Anna arrived in the village, Anna tred to explain to them why she left, and how his father had beaten her, and Dodger told her how Will had suffered from depressing for the whole time she was absent.

Anna admitted that she had attempted to kill him and Sienna when they were young. Later on, Dodger forgives her, and he discover that she was drowned in a bath and was devastated. Dodgers twin sister Sienna develops feelings for him and becomes jealous of his relationship with Maxine.

Sienna tricks Maxine into leaving and messages her from Dodger phone saying he doesn't love her, Dodger realises this and plans to leave with her. Sienna then stabs him in the leg to stop him leaving. Patrick tells Sienna that Dodger is Nico's father. This makes her want him more. When Theresa gets out of prison she goes into labour and tells Mercedes to get Dodger.

Dodger arrives at the hospital and finds out he's the father of Theresa's little girl. As Dodger is about to leave for LA, Sienna kidnaps him.