Hatcham primary school topsy and tim meet

In Conversation With CBeebies' Joy Odell (You Know Topsy and Tim's Mum) - and another ten things

hatcham primary school topsy and tim meet

CBeebies remake of Topsy and Tim has disappointed parents, some such as learning to ride bikes, getting their first pet and starting school. When we were kids, Topsy and Tim were fun-loving, flawed, Even though this is supposedly the first time her children have ever had nits. Topsy and Tim is a series of children's books written by Jean Adamson and Gareth Adamson about twins and their adventures. They were first published in and were relaunched in new editions in . Topsy and Tim First School Stories; Topsy and Tim Start School; Topsy and Tim Meet the Ambulance Crew; Topsy and.

The characters of Topsy and Tim were carefully constructed to be instantly recognisable little icons and the illustrations had a bright, uncluttered look, but plenty of texture. Are any of the characters based on anyone you know? Topsy and Tim were not themselves originally based on specific children. However, the majority of the different scenarios are inspired by observing real children in the relevant situations. Many of the scenarios were also based on my own fond memories of me and my brother Derrick when we were small children.

In Conversation With… CBeebies’ Joy Odell (You Know Topsy and Tim’s Mum)

The main characters other then Topsy and Tim themselves are practically all based on people Gareth and I knew or met, e. Do you think the stories are still relevant to today's children? Young children have not changed significantly over the past 50 years and the way in which the books were originally devised is still appealing to young children who need to learn about real events in life that they are experiencing for the first time.

The ideas for new stories never run out as children are always doing new things. Did you have any idea how popular your books would be 50 years on? I didn't, but I suspect Gareth did. He was rather astute! The first stories, simple domestic adventures, were an instant success.

To extend the series Topsy and Tim began to undertake new experiences. They visited hospital, doctor and dentist, went swimming, riding and sailing, and eventually graduated from playgroup to primary school.

hatcham primary school topsy and tim meet

These experiences are still being undertaken for the first time everyday by young children everywhere. All settings and situations with the help of our own and our friends' small children, followed by small grandchildren were, and still are, thoroughly researched so that parents and children can rely on their accuracy.

What do you think makes the books so popular? The stories were designed to be short and easy to read at bedtime, but with neatly constructed plots. There would be one paragraph per page and the illustrations would be bright and simple. This is because Topsy and Tim are exploring the world outside of home and undergoing new experiences and interacting with new people.

We were lucky; the weather was kind. We filmed some night shoots too - on a farm in the countryside, which was exciting for the young cast who stayed up quite late!

Topsy and Tim

When we were recording in studio, there was still cause for excitement as Hugh Grant, Meryl Streep and Simon Helberg were filming in the studio next door. Jocelyn was star struck and thrilled to say hello to Simon before walking on set for her own scene.

The children in the cast are a bit older this time around too, has that made a difference? Their performances in the new series are phenomenal, especially when the scripted material is more challenging.

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There is lots of emotion in the stories, and they convey it brilliantly. Jocelyn and Josh Topsy and Tim have also been able to handle longer scenes and have coped with learning more lines. Now that they are older, we have been able to film with them for longer each day and that really helped our schedule. Previously the children received stars for learning their lines well or giving a particularly outstanding performance.

Reaching 10 stars was rewarded with a small prize. Even Mossy the dog got stars! This series, the children needed no incentive. They knew their lines, arrived prepared and acted their socks off!

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How have Josh and Jocelyn found life since Topsy and Tim first hit CBeebies — do they find themselves being recognised? Since filming the last series, Josh and Jocelyn have been busy. Josh is recognised more than Jocelyn because Jocelyn wears a fake fringe when she plays Topsy. She looks quite different without it, and has very long hair so she often goes unnoticed in real life. They have signed a lot of autographs but their feet are very firmly on the ground!

We hear that there will be a few surprises and dramatic moments in this series… should we be preparing ourselves?

hatcham primary school topsy and tim meet

Within the familiar warmth, fun and love of the Odell family, there are some bigger, more emotional and harder-hitting stories in this series — some of which may need supervised viewing for younger children. Mixed in with the laughter and cuddles we are used to with Topsy and Tim, there will be some sharp intakes of breath and, most likely, some tears too.

I know some parents sometimes find it annoying to see Joy being such an exemplary, perfect mum, but I honestly think — as a parent myself — I've learnt from her.

hatcham primary school topsy and tim meet