Goku and his father meet

Why hasn't Goku ever met his father Bardock? : dbz

goku and his father meet

Finding the Dragon Balls and summoning Shenron, Goku plans to meet his birth parents. Rated: Fiction M - English - Adventure/Humor. None. Bardock died before the events of even original db, either to freizas deathball or a couple centuries before planet vegetas destruction. I'm happy enough for the "cool main character meets cool main character's Goku doesn't really seem to care about his Saiyajin heritage.

SaiyaPrincess18 What happends when Veget Goku and their sons get kidnapped, by there so thought dead fathers, and are forced to live up to there birth rights?

Sorry if the first few chapters sound bad, i rushed them, after the fist 2 things sound better! It was then that strange ki energy was sensed. But who could it be? But if it makes you feel any better I can go check it out if you want. Thanks for coming, do you feel there power now? Now if my senses are correct the power we're feeling should be strait ahead about miles.

Then both of the Saiyan's noticed that there were two large pot holes side by side, which looked as though there were space pods in the centers of them.

goku and his father meet

Both Vegeta and Goku lowered to the ground searching the area well, making sure not to miss anybody. Both Vegeta and Goku were facing there fathers for the first time since the plaint Vegeta was destroyed. Is this the way you treat your only father after not seeing him since you were just little? That must be why you look so much like me?

goku and his father meet

Option one is you come back into space with us nice and easy. No broken bones, damaged pride, just plane and simple.

goku and his father meet

Vegeta said crossing his arms. We make you come back with us. But I wouldn't recommend option 2. It was then nothing but an empty and dark void. He was without clothing.

He was lost in the middle of the darkness itself.

Goku and Vegeta'a Fathers Chapter 1: Default Chapter, a dragon ball z fanfic | FanFiction

This has gotta be some sort of limbo. Gine, if you were only here. Soon the passage of time faded and it felt as if time and space were no longer a constant.

Everything felt frozen in place. As months felt like they passed he began to grow enclosed to this never-ending nightmare. That is until he heard a voice. You did the right thing Bardock. You tried to save those who some would deem not even worth saving. I failed in the end and now I am paying the ultimate price for my sins.

But if you don't die protecting what means the most to you, then you may as well consider yourself in limbo the moment you gave up. But you didn't and that's what matters. Thank you my son.

goku and his father meet

However, it was a bittersweet reunion, since both Bardock and Gine found it best to hide who they were, with Goku remaining oblivious to their identities during their interactions. Even more impressively, Masako Nozawa also provides the voice for nearly every male member of Goku's family. Nozawa voices Goku, his father Bardock, and both of his sons, Goten and Gohan.

It's not enough that every member of this family looks identical, they also sound the exact same! Cell, as his name implies, was created using the cells of the world's greatest fighters, their DNA providing him with great powers and abilities.

This made him one of the strongest beings in the world before his defeat.

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What does all this have to do with Goku's family? Since Cell has some of both Goku and Gohan's DNA, it means that he is, in some way, related to them - making him a cousin of sorts to the Son family. It's a good thing he was defeated, though, since we can't really imagine Goku and Cell getting along at a family reunion! That reveal was, of course, that Goku was a Saiyan from the planet Vegeta. He was sent there to destroy the planet and prime it for being conquered, but a bump on his head caused him to lose his Saiyan battle instincts.

It's wasn't Vegeta or Nappa - no, it was Goku's own brother, Raditz, who told us everything we needed to know about the Saiyans, their race, and their power.

Despite the fact that Goku has a great capacity for forgiveness, even when it comes to some of worst villains in his rogues gallery, his brother never got this treatment.

Will Goku Ever Meet Bardock : dbz

Not that there's anything wrong with Goku's choice - Raditz was pretty evil - but other, more evil villains have been forgiven for much worse things than the minor acts of evil that Raditz committed. It's actually kind of sad that Goku couldn't even forgive his own brother. Sure, they were battle-hungry warriors who were always looking for a fight, but they never really seemed to want to expand their empire.

Their Great Ape forms served as powerful tools for conquering planets, since a single Saiyan could destroy an entire race in a single day. Upon seeing this child, he recognized him as a Saiyan, and because he didn't actually know who Goku was, the only Saiyan he knew who had any sort of resemblance to this child was, of course, Raditz.

Yes, for those who don't remember, Frieza mistook Gohan to be Raditz's son, both because he had not known about Goku and because he wasn't aware of Raditz' passing.

goku and his father meet

In fact, you could broaden that to the fact that they aren't very typical as people, either. She herself spent her younger years fighting and running from monsters while wearing a helmet with a blade and laser on it, which is anything but normal. Then there's Goku, who is, as we all know, an alien who was sent to earth to destroy it, but after getting hit on his head and being raised by a kind old man, he became a noble martial artist.

In fact, Goku's upbringing in the woods, and the eventual passing of his Grandpa, left him a bit naive in the ways of the world. Because of his lack of understanding of most aspects of society, Goku agreed to marry Chi-Chi when they were both very young. The reason for this is that Goku thought a wedding was some kind of food and, being the big eater that he is, he agreed to marry Chi-Chi, forgetting his promise until she reminded him many years later.

It's not all that far-fetched to say that he is the strongest mortal warrior in his Universe, and even if he isn't, he's pretty dang close.