Finlay and hornswoggle vs tyson kidd natalya meet

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finlay and hornswoggle vs tyson kidd natalya meet

Natalya (center) along the other members of The Hart Dynasty, Tyson Kidd (left) and David Hart Smith in . The following month, Natalya saved Hornswoggle from an attack by Rosa Mendes, thus turning face in .. She made her in-game debut at WWE SmackDown vs. .. "ECW: Hart Trilogy keeps Finlay guessing". On the May 12 ECW, Kidd's match with Finlay was interrupted by DH Smith, now using the The Hart Dynasty (from left to right) Kidd, Natalya, and David Hart Smith as the .. "Caldwell's WWE Superstars Report 6/ Ryder in his hometown, Kane vs. Curtis top-notch main event, Hornswoggle authority figure, new stars to. Finlay & Hornswoggle (Smackdown ) James fought to earn a shot at McCool's belt in a decent match against Natalya and The Glamazon. Non-title match: Intercontinental Champion John Morrison vs. In the post-match, Tyson Kidd brought Vickie Guerrero back to the ring, holding her ex in place.

Done with Jean TheGuardian! She's with John now, but Christian still weighs heavily on her mind What's a girl to do? Completed Wrestling - Rated: Amidst many piratical, familial squabbles emerges Elizabeth Swann; determind to change Ashley Sparrow from a cavorting pirate into a lustrous lady. Pirates of the Caribbean - Rated: There had been no other initiative.

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Stone Cold comes back, New friends, enemies, and possibly even love. Trish's feelings for Stone Cold grow, she has a heart to heart with Lillian. Jeff and Trish hang out, but how far did he go with Stacy? How will Trish react?

finlay and hornswoggle vs tyson kidd natalya meet

Will Trish and Jeff get back together? I know, i know. Gone In 60 Seconds - Rated: Stacy falls in love with Kane, Will Steph and Jericho get together? Is it over between Trish and Bubba? No one notices me or cares that I feel. He cared enough to save me. Bourne with a clothesline for a two count. Burchill catches Bourne and hits a uranage slam. Burchill channels Rikishi but he misses with a double knee charge and Bourne gets a near fall.

Bourne with a reverse rana and then he goes up top for the Shooting Star Press and gets the three count. Evan Bourne We have a video package for Vladimir Kozlov and he destroys bottles with his feet and fists. We are back and WWE sells a lot of tickets in Europe or runs small buildings. Sloan with a waist lock but Kozlov with a hip lock take down.

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Sloan tries for a forearm but Kozlov with a head butt to the chest followed by the head butt as Sloan comes off the ropes. Kozlov with a spinebuster for the three count. Vladimir Kozlov Jack Swagger is walking very slowly in the back and he has his title belt with him.

We go to commercial. Tiffany welcomes us to the official contract signing.

finlay and hornswoggle vs tyson kidd natalya meet

She brings out the challenger first and that man is Christian. Tiffany asks them to sit down and then she points out that the contracts have been reviewed in her office so it is time to sign them in public because it is not possible to do it in private.

She will also give them a chance to make their final comments. Christian signs the contract first. Swagger signs the contract and the match that has been announced for a week is official.

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Jack tells Christian that he comes back to the WWE after being gone for years, and he expects to pick back up where he was? He gives Christian credit for winning the Elimination Chase. He figures that Christian felt good after winning on Thursday night because he thinks he has the chance to be a champion again. Jack says that he can see that those feelings are gone when he looks in his eyes.

That is why Christian has nothing to say. Christian has something to say. He says that he would like nothing better than to have some fun at his expense.

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Christian asks what it will do for him at the end of the day. Christian says that he will focus on Backlash and he will focus on making Jack the biggest, strongest, and fastest former ECW Champion in history. The Hart Dynasty — [ edit ] Main article: The match also involved Beth Phoenix. Afterward, Smith offered to shake Kidd's hand, but Kidd refused and instead slapped him across the face.

Eve went on to pin Layla and become the new Divas Champion.

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Four days later on SmackDown, Natalya lost a match to Kelly. Post-match, Phoenix jumped into the ring and delivered a 'Glam Slam' on Kelly, then Natalya applied and debuted their new submission manoeuvre the 'Pin-Up Strong'. Post match, Kaitlyn solidified her heel turn after joining the Divas of Doom, however the segment was cut from the broadcast and not recognized by WWE.

finlay and hornswoggle vs tyson kidd natalya meet

In earlyNatalya was characterized as being notable for smelly flatulence ; this character development was heavily panned by critics. At the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, Phoenix successfully defended her championship against Tamina, in a point where her association with Phoenix started splitting up, [96] and on the March 22 episode of SuperstarsPhoenix teamed with Eve Torres against Natalya and Tamina, in a losing effort, with this effectively ensuring the ending for the team.