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Bella and Edward meet in How can their love survive when so many factors are trying to pull the apart. Can their love survive death?. Bella Swan Married Edward Masen when she was only sixteen he died when he was only seventeen in the influenza epedemic leaving. Edward and Bella knew each other way before their meeting in Forks. Back in they were to be engaged, after losing both their parents.

The world seemed so mean to take him away from me so soon as we came together to share our life. Just then doctor Cullan came into the room I loved up into the face of the kind doctor. Masan I'm sorry to inform you that it looks like your husband won't make it throw the night.

I couldn't take it the doctor was never wrong he seemed to always know when someone was going to die. I leaned over and placed a kiss on Edwards forehead.

We Only Part To Meet Again Chapter 1, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction

Edward POV I woke up after three days of excrucating pain I opened my eyes to see Doctor Cullan looking at me "What happened" He want on to tell me that I had been turned into a vampire and that I would live for all eternity He explained to me about his vegitarin diet as he called it. If I could have cried at that moment I would have. Bella POV A Few months later I went to his grave the day I turned seventeen as I sat on the ground and traced the letters of his name with my fingers I was pulled back to the day he proposed to me the best day of my life aside from my wedding day.

Flashback I was sitting on my porch swing looking up at the stars in the clear night sky when I heard the swing move and felt some one sit down beside me I smiled when I felt a warm hand envelope my own I would know the feel of that skin anywere "Hello Edward" I turned to look into his eyes I could see that something was bothering him.

I had to let out a small smile for everyone knew that blue was his faviort color. I stared at the ring the promise that he was making I looked up into his shining eyes and smiled he bent his head towards me and placed his lips against mine he kissed me for the first time that night as he made that first promise to me.

Tears were know splashing down onto the grass around me and as I looked around at the dusky grave yard I noticed that someone else was there a older woman. When she got closer to me I noticed the red glint of her eyes I started to back away but she was to fast for me the next thing i know all I could feel was the most horrific pain of life. When the pain started to fade I opened my eyes and saw the same woman she explained to me what she had down.

All I could think was know I'll never make it to see my Edward. I couldn't stand the smell of human blood never could when I was human either so I left my crator and wondered around the country using animal blood to substain me and forever mourning that I would never die and be reunited with Edward. Loon Edward tells Bella that if he had met her when he was human he would have pursued her. My take on what Twilight would have been like if Edward and Bella were human together in and reunited as immortals.

When Edward tells Bella that he would love her in any time and any place I wondered what would have happened if they had been human together only to be torn apart when the influenza hits. This is my twist on Twilight where Edward and Bella are both vampires when the story begins. The story will eventually examine their human lives through their memories as well as their reunion. Will their love story look the same?

This is my first attempt at fanfiction and I have no beta so reviews are welcome and appreciated. No copyright infringement intended. All recognizable characters, storylines, locations, etc. I wondered why Alice hadn't already warned us. We only want peace, and if she should choose not to stay in the area she is certainly free to go with no animosity.

This new vampire had not yet made the decision to come to Forks, of course Alice would not yet see this. I could tell from Carlisle's thoughts that he was overjoyed with Tanya's proposition, but his words were calm and collected as ever. Will your family be accompanying her to Forks? I certainly enjoyed spending time with our Alaskan cousins, but with school starting again I wasn't sure I could stand Tanya's lusty thoughts in addition to those of the children at that school.

At least she usually tried to mask her thoughts and keep up the pretense of friendship. Think nothing of it.