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"Luffy-san's hands will be ruined at this rate," Brook said in concern. Chopper shook . Usopp once again felt a pang of guilt pulse through his chest. "If I was a better You're saying that you guys really met Laboon!?" "Yeah. What does Brook's Jolly Roger look like? Teeconomist, An awesome community where you can support and promote shirt Brook: To Reunite with Laboon!. "When I first met that brat, I thought they were all going to die before they Crocus was a good man, and Brook felt slightly guilty at his plans. He turned back to Laboon. "Do you remember the promise we made you 50 years ago? . Laboon groaned in happiness as the Captain turned to Brook again.

How he helps Luffy through the hardships of Impel Down, rooting for him as he fights the poison, how he stays behind, sacrificing himself again is just. Bon-chan truly is the real MVP. We have Zoro, Mikawk and Perona, the three of them not only being polar opposites, but they have literally no reason or means to even really meet at all in civil life.

Like, Zoro is with Luffy, Mihawk is either nagging Shanks or some random pirates, or pouting in his castle, while Perona is at Thriller Bark. And yet, somehow fate - and Kuma - brings them together, and they became the wierdest and most unexpectedly candy-colored goth family in existence.

Think about how we got to know Perona!


She was just some random annoying one timer side-villian. And, as we see on the cover pictures, she even stucks with Mihawk after that. No villianous plot against our heroes, no planned revenge, no some mystery alliance, no further advancement to the plot. They just do everyday stuff like farming and playing with baby bears. Probably daydrinking a lot. Just two very extra human beings being absolutely mundane. No one would have cared. These kind of characters are always kept separate, they live in different circles.

No one even liked her - but this is just great: Or, a wierd example at the first glance, Sengoku. Law already had his sob backstory, a truly tragic, sad, and well-written one. The amber lead poisoning, the whole Dofflamingo-Rosinante Tenryuubito affair, etc. Despite the 'diversity' of the crew, Luffy was particular to who he extended an invite to.

He had no idea as to why Luffy was in such a generous mood during this time; especially to the point that he was going to invite zombie trees of all things. Now that he knew its history, the ship now had an air of sadness instead of fear.

Brook began to laugh. Let's go find him! Before Luffy reached the railing of the ship, he looked up and saw Brook staring down at him with teacup in his hands. In the shadow of the fog, he looked very frightening. Brook nearly jumped back upon seeing himself. No wonder his future crew was so scared of him. Nami in the memory screamed in horror when she saw Brook.

Even the normally calm Sanji was shaking. Despite two of his crewmates being scared witless, Luffy kept climbing until he was on-board the 'ghost' ship. There Luffy, Sanji, and Nami stared at Brook for several seconds. Neither party knew what to say. Especially Nami who was hiding behind Sanji. He started to laugh loudly.

I wasn't able to greet you properly! I'm simply so surprised! It's been so many years since I've seen people! He honestly didn't know that he was close to shouting. Not to mention the fifty caskets that were hidden at the bottom of the ship. Brook looked past Sanji and directly at Nami.

My lady, you're a sight to behold. She was not and never would be a modest person. But being complimented by a walking skeleton would leave any normal person tongue-tied. He tidied himself up and walked towards Nami. The blunt nature of the question was funnier than the question itself. This brings back so many memories," Brook said fondly. How was that possible? Only the gods knew. Although I am a skeleton. Luffy burst into laughter. He was nearly doubled over. Brook stood back up and walked towards a table to grab his cane and tea.

Robin nodded in agreement. Truthfully, Brook's very existence made no sense, Devil Fruit or not. Sanji in the memory pointed at Brook.

What happened to this ship? What kinds of things happen in this sea? Answer all these questions now! You, join our crew! They weren't completely surprised by the question, since they knew Luffy could be whimsical. They were more shocked by how suddenly he asked it with no forewarning. He had only known Brook for less than five minutes, had no idea what his skills were, and barely built a relationship, yet he asked him to join his family.

Still, since Luffy had asked, there was nothing they could say. He was the captain. They could only hope that Brook would reject the offer. Brook stood silent for a short moment. This made Sanji and Nami in the memory's mouths drop in horror.

Luffy laughed happily as the memory faded. You guys can't control that idiot. Robin just chuckled at the whole thing. Luffy knew what he wanted and often got it despite his crew's best efforts. The next memory appeared at that moment and the Strawhats were at Thriller Bark, but it was obviously after the battle with Oars given how messed up the place was. The castle was in ruins and the ground was broken and shattered.

It was close to daybreak with the sun slowly beginning to rise in the distance. The Strawhats saw their past selves and Luffy standing in front of a battered and bloody Moriah, who was standing on top of a paralyze Oars.

The Warlord was strangely calm given that his ultimate zombie was just defeated. He looked almost insane as he glared at the Strawhats and the Rolling Pirates. We have been shown nothing that was without cause," Zoro stated. Moriah laughed at them. A true pirate does not fear death! Moriah was a lazy, annoying bastard, but he certainly was no coward. How desperate of you to use my own shadow ability against me! Just return our shadows! Moriah ignored Lola and turned his attention to a shrunken Luffy.

You really tore my place apart! Sanji rolled his eyes. That oversize zombie of yours did more damage than all of us put together. You are nowhere near ready for the New World! At the time, they thought Moriah was underestimating their power, like many before him, and took his warnings as an empty threat from someone who had lost.

Now, they all knew that Moriah was correct. They really weren't ready. He had a completely crazed look on his eyes, " Sanji shook his head. He knew that sea and the power it takes to survive there. Luffy was taken in by Moriah's words. Unlike Luffy's other opponents, het felt compelled to listen. Check out the sky! There was also an edge of regret in his tone. It was obvious by his demeanor that his crew was far more than just his minions.

Luffy inhaled sharply when he heard Moriah's words. The memory flashed and a vision of the Baron appeared. Luffy breathed hard as he remembered himself being pinned to that rock as the Baron taunting him about killing his crew.

You have lost all your friends. That reality will never change. What are you going to do now? Almost every captain has chosen death over living a life in solitude. That is a wise decision. One man cannot be a pirate alone and a captain who can't protect even one of his friends is worthless. Now, I'll ask you again. What will you choose? Luffy started to stare at Moriah with new eyes. There was a glint of sympathy for the Warlord. Brook lowered his head, remembering his own lost and pain.

As if reading Brook's thoughts, the memory shifted again and the Strawhats were on the Thousand Sunny. It took them a moment to realize that they were watching the first meeting they had with Brook inside the galley. Brook was telling the crew about his Devil Fruit and how it grants one a second life. He also told them how his crew and he met their end in the Florian Triangle to a powerful foe who overwhelmed them.

Everyone died, but he was allowed to come back after a year of wondering the fog. Since that time, he has been on a ship filled with the bodies of his lost crew, alone and unable to leave the cursed fog because the rudder to his ship was damaged during the battle that killed him.

To further add to Brook's misery, his shadow was stolen from him five years ago, forcing him to stay within the confines of the Florian Triangle for an eternity if he couldn't get it back. So, not only was he alone, but he was also sentenced to a lifetime in darkness. Most of the Strawhats felt tears fill their eyes when they reheard Brook's story. At the time, it was a sad tale from an eccentric and scary stranger that they didn't know.

They felt sorry for him, but their sympathy didn't extent any further than that. Now, this man was their crewmate, a part of their family. Hearing his story again after so much bonding had happened hit all of their hearts. They were now back at Thriller Bark as Luffy continued to stare at Moriah. Although the Warlord didn't know it, there was now an aura of understanding around Luffy. All of you experienced the pain of watching your crews die. With everything he had seen from Luffy, Brook wondered if his past with losing his old crew played a part in why Luffy wanted him so badly despite barely knowing him.

He knew Luffy was interested because he was a walking skeleton and a musician, but looking at that last memory, something had changed in his captain's eyes when he told him about his past.

Perhaps Luffy felt his loneliness and wanted to do something to ease it by giving him a place to belong. His zombie army was not only supposed to be an immortal pirate crew able to conquer the New World, but a way to protect himself from feeling the pain of losing his friends again.

Shadow-like tentacles suddenly sprung out from Moriah's feet and started to spread. Eternal warriors that can be replaced if they fall! With my army of the dead, I will once again aim to become Pirate King! You guys should be grateful to be serving as my slaves! He may understand Moriah and feel for his loss, but he would be no one's slave.

The shadow tentacles ran past all the pirates and attached themselves to the zombies in the area. Moriah gave an evil grin as he began to suck up all the shadows from across Thriller Bark, making his power increase greatly and 'killing' his zombie army. Then, I will take He was almost as tall as his castle. Moriah roared and stomp around like a wild beast, splitting the ground of Thriller Bark.

The Rolling Pirates nearly collectively crapped themselves when they saw Moriah's ultimate transformation. In their eyes, there was no hope of winning against such a foe. Not when Luffy with only one-hundred shadows took apart Oars who had defeated the entire Strawhat crew, twice. It didn't help their dwindling hopes that the sun's rays were peeking through the rubble of Thriller Bark and was burning some of the pirates up.

Luffy, who had finally changed back to his normal size, stared defiantly against Moriah. Even with this new form, Luffy was nowhere near ready to give up. Like all the Strawhats, he understood that Moriah was already defeated and was just running the clock. The Rolling Pirates ran for cover, all except their captain who stood defiantly before Moriah and the rising sun.

She refused to run and hide anymore. She would rather die in the sunlight than live another day in the shadows. Besides, she had faith in Luffy and the other Strawhats who also stood by their captain's side as they prepared for the final showdown with the Warlord.

For Zoro, Sanji, and Robin, this showed the faith that they had in their captain since none of them currently had their shadows. They would rather disappear than leave his side. I'm going to be a bit reckless.

Still, nothing could be done to prevent it. Luffy was the only one who could take down Moriah with the time remaining. At that point, they were nothing but cheerleaders. And, he hated himself for it. They were forcing Luffy to carry and protect all of them again. It seemed since Water 7 the burden Luffy carried got heavier to the point that it was slowly crushing him.

He knew after this, he was going to be out for a long time. Nami, Franky, Usopp, and Chopper could only stare at Luffy, knowing what was going to happen after Luffy lost consciousness. Sanji couldn't stop himself from glancing at Zoro, who stood as stone-faced as ever.

Regardless of everything he thought about Zoro, he certainly took care of Luffy. Although, it was in a way that Luffy wouldn't approve of. Luffy slammed his fist down as he went into his horse stance. He pumped his legs as he entered his Second Gear.

As soon as he did that, the memory began to shake slightly and fuzzed. The Strawhats also heard a grunt of pain from Luffy. On top of that, he forced himself to wake up to use his Third Gear to defeat Oars. He's already beyond his limit. He's literally running on willpower at this point," Chopper said in a tight voice. The memory cleared a little, but not by much.

Moriah made the first move and attempted to punch Luffy with his huge fist. Luffy easily dodged the sloppy punch and Moriah attempted to follow up the attack by grabbing the boy captain. Luffy was too fast and easily avoided Moriah. Luffy bounced off some of the rubble and grabbed Moriah's belt. He stretched his arms back and launched himself at the Warlord, ramming him in the neck. Moriah fell back as pain filled his body. He screamed in agony and as he did so, shadows started to spew out of his mouth.

Luffy used this time to nail Moriah with a Bazooka to the stomach, causing him to lose even more of his shadows. Luffy mercilessly hit Moriah with two more Bazookas, making the Warlord reel back. Moriah could do nothing as shadows flew out of his mouth at a rapid rate. Luffy landed against a nearby wall, ready to smash into Moriah again.

Despite losing much of his power, Moriah was far from done. He used his Brick Bat to encase Luffy in box made of shadows. The memory went dark, keeping the Strawhats from seeing anything.

There was suddenly a booming, crunching sound as Moriah proceeded to smash the shadow box. The crunching noise was unnerving to some of the Strawhats, despite knowing that Luffy's rubber body would protect him from being crushed.

He's just keeping Luffy busy," Zoro said with his arms folded. The Strawhats could hear their past selves screaming Luffy's name in horror. Luffy finally managed to break out of the box, without any sign of injury. Moriah was surprised that Luffy didn't even get a scratch from the merciless assault. Even so, the memory was darker, showing that Luffy was close to passing out from exhaustion.

At the edge of the memory, the darkness was beginning to close in. Moriah grinned at the cocky proclamation. On what ground do you make such a baseless claim? You simply make yourself appear more inexperienced! This made Moriah growl in anger and for some of the Strawhats to chuckle. There was truly no time left. Luffy put his thumb in his mouth and bit down hard. There was a noticeable cracking noise that almost sounded like bone breaking and veins popping. The memory fuzzed and darkened and turned a light red, almost like blood was covering Luffy's eyes.

Chopper was left horrified by what he was seeing. He didn't know that Luffy had pushed himself this far. It looked like he may have torn veins in his eyes from the pressure of using both Gears. Knowing how Luffy's Gears work better, she half imagined his heart working overtime just to keep up. It sounded like Franky was talking through water since the yells were so muffled.

Stream rushed out of his body. With the increase speed granted to him by his Second Gear and the pure power of his Third Gear, he nailed Moriah right in neck, making the Warlord's eyes roll back. He was practically vomiting shadows. Moriah quickly covered his mouth to keep anymore from escaping. The memory became redder and began to pulse violently. It was nearly impossible to see anything save for the silhouettes.

The Strawhats could also hear Luffy's heart pounding in their ears like a humming bird along with his labored and strained breathing. Both were so frantic it sounded like either could stop at any second.

The edge of darkness grew closer and it was obvious that Luffy was seconds away from completely losing consciousness, much like Moriah. Zoro winced as he looked and listened to the memory. He knew the pain Luffy went through in this fight better than anyone. He experienced it first-hand.

Still, it was terrible to witness what Luffy's Gears did to his body, especially so soon after his battle with Lucci. Does Luffy still experience this even now? Sanji bit down on his cigarette as he took in everything. He didn't even want to imagine the pain Luffy was in, especially since that pain would soon be passed on to Zoro. Robin felt much the same as she frowned, not happy at all at how Luffy was hurting himself. Although, she found it kind of ironic that both Luffy and Moriah were fighting each other when they were half-conscious.

Lola started to coax her shadow to come back to her, but Luffy was too out of it to catch everything as he fought to stay awake.

He heard enough, however, to understand what Lola was saying. The other Rolling Pirates also started to scream for their shadows to return to them. It became almost like a chant. Using the last of his strength and will, Luffy slammed into Moriah stomach, pushing him into one of the castle's towers. Luffy lost control of his breath and released all the air from his body.

He fluttered back like a deflated like a balloon. As he flew back, blood came gushing out of Luffy's mouth and his eyes rolled back into his head. The darkness around the edge of the memory completely engulfed the Strawhats and everything went blank. In the New World! What a true nightmare there is None of the the Strawhats spoke as they took in the events shown to them. The battle with Moriah was something they had all seen, but they didn't know how much pain Luffy had caused himself in those final seconds before the sun rose.

Luffy could have killed himself if he had not blacked out when he did. In all honesty, Luffy did more damage to himself than Moriah and his entire crew. Chopper was practically shaking in anger. He knew that Luffy really overdid it by using his Gears like that. There had only been a couple weeks that passed since Water 7 and Luffy went and did this, causing himself great harm.

He shouldn't be so careless with his life. Within seconds, the memory started to return. Thriller Bark was even more in ruins and it looked like a bomb had gone off in the area.

Of course, all the Strawhats knew that was exactly what happened. Around the wrecked pirate ship, everyone was scattered across the ground and was hurt to some degree and were only now regaining consciousness.

Luffy was one of them as he slow sat up from the rubble, looking a little dazed and confused. He also seemed surprised as he patted his body, as if looking for damage.

He had a baffled expression on his face. That bafflement didn't last long before he jumped to his feet and began to dance happily. Luffy's happy dance caught the attention of some of his hurt crewmates, who were just now peeling themselves off the ground.

After seeing what just happened in the memory, how the heck was Luffy okay?

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He was dead as a horse when Kuma was fighting the crew. Not to mention he slept through a freaking bomb. Chopper nodded, still not believing what happened. Even stranger, his body was actually in better condition than it was when he arrived on Thriller Bark. It's like none of his fights happened. Luffy had a lot of muscle and nerve damage.

Those kind of damages shouldn't just heal in a few minutes. I was kind of hoping these memories would shred some light on what happened.

What matters is that Luffy is healthy. Sanji and Brook became very uncomfortable while Robin's expression remained blank. Zoro stared at the scene silently. Although he tried to hide it, he was happy to see that Luffy was not only unharmed from his ordeal, but also completely revitalized. After witnessing the damage Luffy did to himself fighting Moriah, he was glad that he was able to take that pain away and bear some of his captain's burden. After everything Luffy has been put through, it was a small mercy for him to have.

Brook in the memory stood some distance away from the crew. He had a forlorn expression, despite having no skin. It looked like he wanted to say something, but chose to remain silent. Luffy was so lost in his revitalized body that he didn't notice that Zoro and Sanji were missing.

The euphoria ended, however, when Sanji's screams echoed across the battle torn ship. He sounded closed to panic. If Sanji was scared, then something was very wrong. The Strawhats rushed towards their distress crewmember and were completely shock at what they saw. They saw Zoro standing in a puddle of his own blood. His eyes were blanked, showing that he was either unconscious or dead.

Strawhats find out about Brook & Laboon's relationship Reaction Mashup

All the Strawhats had seen Zoro bleed before. It was actually an on-going joke among them about how many pints of blood Zoro could lose in any given battle. This, however, was different. Did the Warlord do this!? Where does it hurt!? Luffy couldn't speak as he stared at his injured swordsman. His faced was drained of all color and it looked like he was actually going to faint. She too was shaken by all the damage over Zoro's body to turn away. Where did the other Warlord come from!? Luckily, he did not interfere with our battle with Moriah," Robin said.

Luffy was in shock, still not believing what he was hearing. As you were, you couldn't have done a thing. That Warlord beat Sanji and Zoro like they were children. I'm not sure," Chopper answered honestly. He was fighting to keep his voice steady. He's going to need surgery and a blood transfusion. I'm not even sure how he's still alive. Zoro side-eyed their Usopp in annoyance. Like Luffy needed to know about Kuma willing to spare the crew for exchanged for his life.

Usopp blushed as he watched the memory. He almost caused Luffy an unbearable amount of pain. If Luffy knew the truth about what happened, he would undoubtedly blame himself. He must have done this after he knocked all of us out. He was shaking in rage. If I was stronger, I would have been awake. The Strawhats were left in silence. What ability did Kuma used to cause so much damage? His Devil Fruit was powerful, but she couldn't think of a technique he could have done to hurt Zoro that badly.

Also, why was only Zoro mortally injured? Didn't Kuma intend to kill all of them for not surrendering Luffy? Even if Kuma did end up being an ally who saved them, he seemed pretty committed on killing them. Zoro lowered his head. He knew Luffy would feel guilty. That's just the way his idiot captain was, especially with Luffy still blaming himself for the Baron incident.

He had no regrets. He would do it all over again, a thousand times if necessary. He didn't want Luffy to protect him. He wanted to be the one protecting Luffy. As Ace said, it was the crew's duty to lay down their lives for their captain. Sanji glanced at Zoro, but remained silent. The next memory appeared and the Strawhats were in a large room. The room was filled with the Rolling Pirates, who were drinking and celebrating having their shadows back and surviving two Warlords.

Some of the Strawhats were also celebrating their traditional after battle party. One of the few who were not partying were Chopper and Nami. They were both by Zoro's side as he slept deeply on a mattress on the far side of the room.

He was covered in bandages and didn't stir at all despite all the noise. He had a huge grin on his face as he greeted his crewmates. He did love his sake. Although, he did prefer to be conscious when he drank. Chopper in the memory nodded his head. Nami nodded in agreement with her past self. Nami smiled as the pirates danced happily to the music. After a few minutes, Brook suddenly changed the song. The musician was now playing and singing Bink's Sake.

Luffy stopped and listened with wide eyes before a huge grin broke on his face. He hadn't heard that old pirate song since Shanks was in his village. He walked over towards the piano and laid comfortably on top of it. He listened to the song for a few more minutes before talking.

You can sail the open seas now. If I don't fulfill that first, then I'm not qualified to be a man," Brook said somberly. After a moment, he then started to play again, but this time much slower. Brook was left speechless. Luffy couldn't stop himself from smiling as he stared at Brook. The boy captain began to tell Brook the tale about how they came upon Laboon and the promise they made to the whale before they departed.

I can't believe that you were one of the pirates he waited fifty years for! Brook started to play Bink's Sake faster throughout the story. You're saying that you guys really met Laboon!? Even though he was not well tamed, he loved music! He's a good boy! He's still waiting for me at that cape I still think of him. He began to sob into his bony hands. So, he's doing just fine! Luffy just smiled at Brook, knowing that they were tears of happiness. There, the memory concluded.

Brook was nears tears as he watched Luffy's interaction with him. Learning that Laboon was well and still waiting for him after so many years warmed his heart, despite not having one.

He couldn't wait for the day he got to see him again. And, he needed to thank Luffy personally for saving his life.