Did chris kyle and bradley cooper meet

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did chris kyle and bradley cooper meet

Dec 22, The astonishing confrontation came as year-old Eastwood met with Star: Bradley Cooper plays Chris Kyle, the SEAL Team Three hero who became the Pride: Chris Kyle's father Wayne did not want his son's legacy. Jan 14, Bradley Cooper, who was producing Hall's script and had agreed to star, Hall had met Kyle through hedge fund manager Dan Loeb and “The first question Bradley asked me about Chris was, 'Did (the war) mess him up?. Dec 21, Bradley Cooper stars as Navy SEAL Chris Kyle in American Sniper. And we had a great conversation, but little did I ever think that would be the last time I'd ever get to talk to him, and that I'd never get to meet him. So when.

How did you learn about him? The work that I did was all based on what Taya gave me, and also training with guys who had trained Chris on sniper rifles. Was there anything surprising about his life?

Everything was surprising, because I'm from Philadelphia and I've never been in the military. It was all new to me, and fascinating. Learning how to become proficient with the. I didn't even know, really, how you pull a trigger on a weapon like that. How did you bulk up? It was a heavily regulated regimen.

We had three months. I had a goal of 30 pounds of muscle. Not bodybuilding, but to be like Chris. He was a very big, thick, strong man. It was 6, calories a day. Wake up at 5 a. Dialect from 10 to Then 6 to 8 dialect, and then sleep. I did that five days a week, with rifle training on weekends. How did you pick up his Texas accent?

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I had so much access to Chris, based on interviews he'd done and video. Hours and hours of him talking.

did chris kyle and bradley cooper meet

I had this huge document that I put on my iPhone and my iPad and I just had it on constantly. I had earbuds on that whole time, just listening to his voice, repeating what he would say. Singing Robert Earl Keen songs.

Bradley Cooper And 'American Sniper' Widow Team Up To Tell SEAL's Story

It's a very specific accent that has a lot of inconsistencies. It's almost like learning a language. Did you stay in character throughout filming? It wasn't anything conscious. I wouldn't say I stayed in character — he was inside me the whole time and I was in his voice the whole time.

But if you said, "Bradley," I would have turned around. Was it taxing to get into his skin? It was physically demanding and emotionally, it's so foreign in a lot of ways. What he sounds like, how he moves. It was utterly inspiring and ultimately liberating, and I felt a sense of ease and joy and purpose making it. Did you have any reservations about playing a controversial figure?

Despite what maybe people have said about him, if you watch what I've watched — very humble guy. And whenever people would talk about the number, he doesn't really think about that. He wished they'd record how many lives saved as opposed to killed. He didn't understand why you would mark it up as confirmed kills instead of lives saved. Each time Chris saw a Marine uniform, he feared it would be his brother Jeff. Unlike the movie, the book does not mention Chris's brother cursing the war on a tarmac in Iraq.

Did Taya Kyle ever consider leaving her husband Chris? While Chris was partaking in four combat tours, his wife Taya was struggling to raise their two children on her own. At the same time, she lived with constant worry that Chris would not come back alive.

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When he did come home on leave to visit, he was often anxious and withdrawn. Soon, the war had taken a toll on their relationship, and at one point, Taya contemplated leaving him. But if you try and you're lucky, you can find your way back to each other. Pictured on their wedding day leftthe real Taya Kyle threatened to leave her absent husband Chris if he continued to re-enlist. Did Ryan "Biggles" Job only survive for a short while after being blinded by a bullet? He survives for a short period of time and proposes to his girlfriend while in the hospital.

Kyle visits him shortly before leaving for his fourth tour and learns of Ryan's death just after he arrives back in Iraq. In real life, Ryan was blinded in battle in when an enemy sniper's bullet struck his rifle, sending pieces of the shattered weapon through his face. He survived much longer than he does in the movie. He was discharged from the military, got married, attended college, got a job, climbed Mount Rainier and Mount Hood, etc.

did chris kyle and bradley cooper meet

He died in from complications after going back for more facial reconstructive surgery while his wife was pregnant with their first child. Yes, but he holds far less significance in the book, at least in relation to Chris Kyle. He is described as "an Olympics marksman who was using his skills against Americans and Iraqi police and soldiers.

In reality, Chris Kyle never actually encountered the enemy Iraqi sniper Mustafa, who he believes was killed by other U. Chris does make a 2,yard shot in the book, but it was to take out a random combatant on a rooftop who was about to fire an RPG at an Army convoy.

During an interview with Conan O'Brienthe real Chris Kyle makes the same joke about the bounty that Bradley Cooper's character makes in the movie, "Well, don't tell my wife. She might take that number right now. According to Kyle, the bounties did fluctuate.

A rare shot of Kyle Bradley Cooper hatless in the movie. In the movie, Bradley Cooper's character uses a satellite phone to call his wife Taya Sienna Miller and tell her that he is done with war and is coming home. Exploring the American Sniper true story brings to light the fact that in real life, he never made such a call, nor just prior did he kill Mustafa with a near impossible sniper shot from over a mile away he never encountered the enemy sniper Mustafa.

In real life, Chris Kyle did use the sat phone to call home during lulls in battles or while he was perched in a position on watch. On at least two occasions once with his wife and once with his fatherfighting broke out while he was on the phone. On one occasion while talking to his wife Taya, insurgents attacked the building his team was in.

He abruptly put down the sat phone without ending the call. His wife heard most of the firefight, curse words and all. The battery on the phone ran out, and he didn't end up calling her back for two or three days, not realizing he hadn't ended the communication.

Interview: Bradley Cooper And Taya Kyle, 'American Sniper' : NPR

She was an emotional wreck. A similar moment is depicted in the movie when the convoy is attacked and Chris Bradley Cooper drops the phone while his wife Taya Sienna Miller is on the other end. She listens frantically as the ensuing battle unfolds. Unlike the movie, she wasn't revealing the sex of the baby during the real-life call. Chris Kyle left the Navy SEALs in in order to save his marriage and to spend more time with his two children, who he had spent very little time with during his years at war.

Unlike the movie, he didn't leave the SEALs because the war had become too much for him to bear. She knew I was a warrior. That was all I'd ever wanted to do. For a time, Chris started drinking a lot and he let himself go physically. He then made a decision to get his mind right, as he called it. His wife Taya says that he was always on the floor playing with his kids and had wasted no time in making up for the years he had lost with them. He had also come to find his purpose outside of the Navy SEALs, to not just be a good father and husband, but to help other veterans cope with PTSD and to assist them in finding their own purpose in life after combat.

I still do," Chris wrote in his autobiography. I'm not lying or exaggerating to say it was fun. I had the time of my life being a SEAL. In a moment not shown in the film, Chris Kyle, 38, and friend Chad Littlefield, 36, were shot to death at a Texas gun range. Chris had been involved in helping soldiers deal with PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder after they returned from active duty. Routh pictured below had been dealing with PTSD and was having difficulty adjusting to postwar life.

What does Chris Kyle's widow think of the movie?

did chris kyle and bradley cooper meet

The spirit and the heart, Bradley captured all of that. Chris's life was inspiring, and I think that the movie is one more way for him to serve" American Sniper Featurette. If people get the hardships, that's enough. If there's one other person who is married to a first-responder and sees the film and feels a little less alone, I'll be happy" LA Times.

Prior to filming, Taya lent actor Bradley Cooper stacks of photos and emails that she had exchanged with her late husband during his four combat tours.

He survived three gunshot wounds, two helicopter crashes, six IED attacks and numerous surgeries. He says that the guys nicknamed him "the Legend" when he was in Fallujah, around the time of the beach ball incident. Armed insurgents who couldn't swim were trying to cross a river, each of them holding a large beach ball. It was Kyle's job to make sure they didn't make it across.

Instead of shooting the insurgents, he shot the beach balls and they drowned the Marines put some of them out of their misery. This was also around the time he made an extremely long shot though not his longest at approximately 1, yards just under a milewhich he believes might have also contributed to his new nickname.

did chris kyle and bradley cooper meet

According to his memoir, the insurgents had their own nickname for him, al-Shaitan Ramadi—"the Devil of Ramadi. What military commendations did Chris Kyle receive? In his four combat tours in Iraq, Chris Kyle was awarded two Silver Stars and five Bronze Stars with Valor, among other commendation and achievement medals. Each has been described below: Chris said that he shot looters during Hurricane Katrina from the roof of the Superdome: This story became widely known after it appeared in the June issue of The New Yorker as part of a profile of Chris Kyle.

A few of them in turn relayed the story to the writer of The New Yorker article. Kyle had told them that inhe and another sniper went to New Orleans during Katrina and picked off thirty looters from the top of the Superdome.

When the article's writer, Nicholas Schmidle, contacted the U. The incident apparently occurred after Ventura began talking loudly about his opposition to the war in Iraq. Relatives of fallen SEAL Michael Monsoor, who deliberately fell on his own grenade, were in town for his wake and had gathered at the bar. Kyle said that when he asked Ventura to keep his opinions to himself, Ventura told him that the SEALs "deserve to lose a few" guys.

Kyle claimed to have then punched Ventura and the former WWF wrestler went down.

did chris kyle and bradley cooper meet

Kyle then repeated the story during an interview on The O'Reilly Factor. Jesse Ventura pictured here in the movie Predator sued Chris Kyle for defamation and won. Ventura, who denied that the altercation ever took place, did not drop the case following Kyle's death, causing outrage among Kyle's supporters. Taya Kyle had all of her attorney fees paid by [the book publisher's] insurance.

It was me against an insurance company. Chris Kyle claimed that he shot and killed two men who tried to carjack him at a gas station: