Davina and kaleb meet me in st

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davina and kaleb meet me in st

See more ideas about Kol and davina, Vampire diaries the originals and Davina claire. Davina and Kol/Kaleb The Originals Season 2 Episode 7. Skylan Winn. See more ideas about Vampire diaries the originals, Kol and davina and kaleb westphall and isaac lahey - Google Search . yo no me la imaginaba tan así. Klaus: Well, the way I see it, if Davina wants to use Mikael to kill me, we just have two options. [The two begin to walk down the street and head off to Davina's cabin] [Lenore/Esther and Kaleb/Kol are in the greenhouse of the Lycée, where .

That she was barren? And she grew so desperate for a family that she begged one of the most powerful witches in history for help. Of course, Dahlia's price was high. She agreed to make our mother fertile, but in exchange, she sought the first-born as sacrifice. Having no other choice, our mother gave away our beloved Freya.

Esther gave her away. The pain, the grief. She loves us more than you realize.

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She was trying to protect you from Dahlia's curse! Dahlia demanded the first-born of every generation. Had your child lived, she would have paid the price!

And, if anyone had tried to protect her, Dahlia would come and destroy us all. Klaus glares at Finn, who looks almost scared [ DINER ] It's nearly dark, now, and Elijah is still sitting at his booth as the waitress from earlier slowly walks past him.

davina and kaleb meet me in st

After a moment, Rebekah walks into the restaurant, with Hope in her baby carrier. Elijah immediately stands when he sees her, and she smiles at him. When she makes it to the booth, she sets Hope's carrier on the table, and Elijah smiles widely as he gazes at her.

He and his sister share a hug, before he focuses all his attention on his niece. Rebekah sits down while Elijah picks up Hope and holds her Elijah: I can't imagine the joy of spending every day with her.

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It feels so human. But, she's made me realize how much I want that child of my own, that I know I can't have. Unfortunately, it's one that's just beyond our reach, considering the curse of our existence. Seems Esther's attacking with her usual fervor. Yes, Mother tortured me for days with memories I thought I'd buried long ago. He licks his lips nervously Then, she made an offer Rebekah looks stunned You see, sister, Mother believes that by placing us in new bodies, we can then reclaim some kind of We can begin families of our own again.

And, I have to confess, Rebekah Rebekah looks at him sympathetically, and stretches her arms across the table so she can take Elijah's free hand in her own. He continues to gaze at Hope, not noticing when Rebekah spots a smear of blood on the sleeve of his shirt and becomes concerned. He notices her concern and misreads it Elijah: Rebekah licks her lips and puts on a fake smile before standing on her feet and grabbing Hope's blanket Rebekah: Looks like this little one needs her diaper changed!

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Elijah stands so he can hand Hope back to her Rebekah: She heads toward the bathroom across the restaurant. Rebekah's eyes widen in horror as she notices a smear of blood on the counter while she passes it. There's another bloody smear on the door to the kitchen. The waitress from earlier washes her hands at a nearby sink and has presumably been compelled to ignore the blood, because she seems unbothered by it, nor does she seem to mind that Rebekah is about to enter the kitchen.

Rebekah gently kicks open the kitchen door and gasps when she enters sees a dozen bloodied bodies strewn around the room. She turns and shields Hope's face with her blanket to keep her from seeing any of the carnage. I'm done leaving messages, Elijah.

To say that this is urgent would be a gross understatement. We need to speak immediately. When he hangs up his phone, he senses Davina approaching him and sighs before turning toward her Klaus: I was wondering whether you would show up.

I'm afraid I'm not done torturing your darling Kol. You best run along while you still can. I'm not going anywhere, Klaus. Marcel hears Klaus and Davina talking and rushes downstairs to intervene Marcel: Whoa, D, today is not the day. Actually, I think it is. She holds out her hand and twists her wrist, which snaps Marcel's neck and causes him to fall down the stairs.

Klaus looks at her, unsure of what to do Davina: Looks like it's just you and me now. I know you're angry and scared, but we are a pack. One of the werewolves leans stands up to address him Werewolf 1: You've been checked out for months.

Why should we listen to you? You got a problem with that? Suddenly, Hayley appears at the door at the back of the room Hayley: I want to hear what Jackson has to say. Jackson looks shocked to see her. Hayley walks to the front of the room to join him Werewolf 1: This is a pack meeting.

davina and kaleb meet me in st

You're not one of us anymore. Suddenly, Hayley's nails start to grow out like claws. Her hands start to transform into wolf paws, and her eyes glow gold. After a moment, she shifts back, and her arms and face go back to her human form Hayley: I am still a wolf. And, I didn't need any magical rings to control when or how I change. You want the same? Then, sit down, shut up, and listen. You're not as powerful as you once were, Harvest girl. She thrusts her hand in front of her and telekinetically throws him across the room.

His body flies through the closed double doors and breaks them, shattering them into broken pieces of wood and glass. She stops and confidently walks toward him, but when she gets to where he landed, he has disappeared. Suddenly, he vamp-speeds toward her and throws her down the hall. She screams as she flies toward a wall, hitting her head so hard her forehead starts to bleed as she rolls over and gets to her feet Klaus: And from one who bleeds so easily. She laughs darkly He was right about you, you know?

Klaus loses his temper and vamp-speeds toward her. He grabs her by the hair and pulls her head back so he can bite her neck. She screams in pain, but after he drinks a couple gulps of her blood, he starts to choke and gasp until he eventually falls unconscious. Once he is incapacitated, Davina smirks in triumph After the break, Davina is still looking at Klaus' unconscious body when Kol sneaks up behind her, somehow freed from his manacles Kol: What exactly did you do to him?

I channeled dark objects through my blood to poison him. She notices he's no longer shackled How did you get free? Oh, it's a long story. Better question is, if he's not dead, then what are you gonna do when he recovers? We have an hour, maybe less. Enough time to chain him, bleed him, durmp him in the river. That's a bit harsh, isn't it? Since when do you care what happens to Klaus?

Marcel suddenly awakens from his snapped neck with a loud gasp. He pulls himself to his feet Marcel: We're going to be going up against Esther, assuming Klaus is upright. Davina looks at Kol, confused and slightly betrayed Kol: Look, Nik is a pain in the ass, but, well I don't give a damn what happens to Esther. Cami arrives and joins the conversation Cami: Yeah, well, I sure do. She notices Klaus' unconscious body and looks horrified Should I even ask?

Marcel shrugs and rolls his eyes toward Davina Davina: Cami, you should go. I woke up with puncture wounds all up and down my spine and no idea how they got there. According to my uncle's files, they're part of this ancient spell, and I don't know about you guys, but when I see ancient and spell in the same sentence, I think Esther. Davina looks at Cami in concern [ ST. You all need help, and you know it. Now, whatever it is that you think of me, I was born a Crescent.

I'm the last of the Labonair line, which makes me an alpha. She looks over at Jackson Jackson is your alpha.

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Now, I don't know how many of you bought the story you grew up with, the Unification myth. Well, it is all true. The crowd starts to whisper among themselves. Jackson looks over at Hayley, confused Which means The Crescents start to whisper louder Jackson: What needs to be done. They look at each other for a long moment before Hayley turns to address the crowd This isn't just about uniting our pack. It's about forming a new community. It will give us the strength we need to defend ourselves.

In the audience, Aiden looks at his moonlight ring nervously Then, and only then, can we finally have peace. Hayley walks down the steps to face the Crescents Hayley: The choice is yours. Keep the rings and be somebody's bitch, or be part of the greatest pack that ever lived. The Crescents begin to chatter amongst themselves as Aiden rises to his feet to join Hayley and Jackson at the front of the room Aiden: Jackson grins, happy at this news, and nods at him in confirmation.

Aiden takes off his moonlight ring and drops it onto the floor. Marcel sits near her Kol: That's Mom's work, all right. She must have wiped your memory. Not the first time that's been done by a member of this family. What does it mean? It's a byproduct of a To make her a vessel. Davina and Marcel both look horrified, and Cami looks confused and scared Marcel: He means Esther prepared your body for someone to jump into.

I mean, knowing Mother. Marcel looks at him suspiciously. Cami becomes overwhelmed Cami: Cami goes to the ballroom, where Finn is still hanging from his wrists by his manacles.

She storms toward him and immediately smacks him across the face Cami: Out of everyone in this city? No one would question any personality changes, and, as I discovered from my sessions, Niklaus would never allow you to be harmed.

Do something to stop it. Only my mother can. I will step in front of a moving truck before I let your mother take over my body. She was preparing you for Rebekah. Cami's eyes widen in shock. She looks over toward Marcel, who is standing in the doorway [ DINER ] Rebekah finally comes out of the bathroom after changing Hope's diaper and returns to the table with Elijah.

Hope begins to whine restlessly, alerting Elijah to their return. He stands to help her put Hope back into her carrier Rebekah: Well, she is all sorted, and ready for an adventure! Aren't you, my love?

Elijah smiles and watches as Rebekah settles Hope into her seat Elijah: It's difficult to believe we were this innocent once. He sighs deeply We mustn't let the world ever hurt her. Rebekah comes up behind Elijah and watches him suspiciously as she rubs his arm Rebekah: She quickly grabs Elijah by the chin and snaps his neck, allowing him to fall to the floor, unconscious.

How long do I have? Well, now that Esther knows where Rebekah hiding The only way to stop it is to stop her. Marcel's a vampire, you both are powerful witches. We go up against her He looks at Davina We're going to need Klaus. No, we can do this without him! Uh, I'm never gonna say this again, but Marcel's right: Davina sighs, clearly unhappy, so Cami approaches her and grabs her hands in her own Cami: Davina, I know this is asking a lot, but please.

Davina, understanding Cami's dilemma, walks over to Klaus' body and kneels by his head. She places her fingertips on his temple and murmurs an unintelligible spell under her breath. Klaus suddenly gasps as he awakens, and rolls onto his side before he begins to pull himself onto his feet Klaus: All you need to know is that I beat you.

And yet, you relented. You need me, don't you? Davina rolls her eyes and sighs as he smiles Did I really lose? I'm sorry I sprung that on you. You know, I always thought it would be me popping the question instead of being the one put on the spot.

davina and kaleb meet me in st

He smiles at her good-naturedly, and she chuckles Are you sure you want to do this? The two of them remain silent for a long moment as they stare at each other. Jackson gulps nervously Jackson: I know you're only doing this to help our people. But, I promise I will be a good husband to you. Hayley smiles at him, and Jackson rises to his feet, moving in front of her so they are on the same level. He takes her left hand in his and rubs it with his thumb Jackson: Hayley Marshall, will you marry me?

He starts to eat a croissant while he talks to Davina Kol: Quite nice of you, coming to my rescue like that! You know, it's a good thing you didn't steal the stake from me. Or I would have been the one torturing you. Does that mean you trust me, then? Davina just smiles and gives him a look, which makes Kol chuckle.

Would you bring me the recruits, now, Sam? Oliver, Aiden-- I have a task for you. What's going on here? Tonight is Luna Sanguinis-- a blood moon. Now, one thousand years ago, your people marked this celestial event with a rite of passage.

davina and kaleb meet me in st

Electing not to shrink from their nature, but to embrace it with pride by slaying a human being and activating their curse. Tonight, as unturned wolves, you will kill with the singular purpose of unleashing that warrior that lives within you. Aiden, we can no longer afford to hide our children from the horrors of war.

From now on, you're either with us, or you're against us. The crest of our clan. First lesson-- always be on your guard. I would have torn every muscle rather than let him see me strain. And, had I-- [He attacks her, and she barely blocks his blow] -- He would have corrected me.

Mothers love their children. Fathers make them strong. My mother tried to sacrifice me, and my dad took off when I was born, so Do not let me see your move before you make it.

I hurt my ankle. The ability to end your pain is a warrior's true weapon. Master that, and nothing holds power over you. She leans against the staff for support. Perhaps you've actually learned something today. You're the one who hijacked my afternoon to drive me along to this revenge fantasy of yours! Excuse me if I need a drink to take off the edge before the killing begins.

So, that's your plan, is it? Ply me with alcohol and prattle on until I'm convinced to leave Davina and Mikael alone to plot my death? My plan is to listen. You could have eavesdropped on that phone call and vanished before I even knew you were there. So, let's just get to the part you really want me to play. Therapist, stenographer, drinking buddy. Call it whatever you want, I know why I'm here. To give you the one thing you've never had-- someone to hear your side.

You want to kill your father? She whimpers in pain as she gently touches the top of her foot, and, seeing no other options, picks up her phone and dials a number] DAVINA: Um, I'm sorry, I know I haven't called in a while. Don't be silly, love. I'll text you the address. And maybe a list of some things you can bring me? Alright, I'll be right there. She goes to punch his chest, but he blocks it] Elijah: Let's try this again, shall we? You know, with the nice teacher? You are my responsibility.

There is a music, there is a meter, there is a pattern. Let that rhythm beat within you. The two spin and continue practicing] Elijah: And then, once you've established your cadence-- [Gia spins out of his grip, kicks him, and presses him against the wall while he's distracted] GIA: Now-- the head, or the heart? What if I can't do it? Elijah winces in pain but looks at her proudly. Gia takes her hand out of his chest and lets go of him.

We need to talk. Just hear him out. I suggest you be succinct. I need your help. The witch wants soldiers. So now, it's either join up, or pay the price. I've known my brother Finn to be merciless, but I'll admit, this exceeds even my expectations. Marcel, you know the Quarter like the back of your hand. If anyone can get them out of here, it's you. And take 'em where? There's still wolves deep in the Bayou.

Ones that didn't take a ring. They can look after them. The ones that never sold out, you mean. You wanna look at it like that, that's fine. We did what we had to do. Which is why it is time you bring Camille in. I've spelled this to subdue her without causing bodily harm. Once Klaus has been duly influenced by his father, we will need to act quickly. No, there's no need for this. As he walks through the forest, an unidentified man stands nearby with a knife in his hand. Eventually, Klaus, noticing the man's breathing and heart beats, vamp-speeds over to where Ansel has been watching him and pins him against a tree] Klaus: I have no intention of taking Esther's bargain, and no desire to be remade a mortal being.

Now, kindly piss off. I'm in a hurry to help my real family. You seek the merlock orchid. How did you know that? I saw you carry Elijah home last night. Who do you think used to find the orchid for your mother to put Mikael to sleep?

Without my help, you could search forever. My mother brought you back from the dead. My sense of strategy tells me that it wasn't to play a father-son game of hide and seek.

You can storm off in a fit of stubbornness if you like, but I suggest you do so toward the west. They're listening to classical music, Davina's favorite, but Kol uses magic to turn the station to blues music. Amused, Davina leans over and hits the button to turn off the radio] KOL: You were a witch before you were a vampire, right?

None of my siblings had tapped into their power. I was a bit of a child prodigy! I loved the power, I loved the rush Went through a bit of a dark period. Yeah, well, I'm a thrill-seeker. I couldn't get that from magic anymore, so I looked elsewhere.

I actually spent quite a lot of time with witches. You know, learning from them, teaching them. Trying to get back what my mother stole from me. Is that why she brought you back as a witch?

Well, she felt like this body would be best for the task at hand-- spying on the prettiest witch in town! Oh, no, she sent me to follow you. The flirting bit was me! Cami said Vincent wants to meet at Preservation Hall.

But, he won't be unprotected. Can we keep this alley open? Alright, I'll wait there and rip Vincent's head off. Vincent's head stays on. He'll have a hard time answering questions without it.

Marcel starts to go through the contents of the box] CAMI: I've been cataloging them according to Kieran's notes. As far as I can tell, these can be used against witches specifically. Ah, I remember these!

A hundred years ago, the Human Faction waged a war against the Voodoo Queens. They had a traitor spell these manacles. Slap 'em on a witch, they can't do magic as long as they're on. Alright, we're not gonna get the "Handcuffs of Doom" on him while he's surrounded by a werewolf entourage. We can just lure him away. I can do that. Cami, if we do this, you're the bait.

Are you sure you're okay with that? Cami looks slightly nervous, but she shakes it off] CAMI: Make it look convincing. The guy's really smart. A thousand years estranged, and you choose to walk in silence? Surely you have questions for me. I'm afraid the price of my expertise is conversation. You know, I used to tell myself that my real father must have had no idea I existed.