Crosstalk where life and scripture meet pdf merge

crosstalk where life and scripture meet pdf merge

He practiced as a family physician for 12 years before joining. CCEF. He has authored the book: CrossTalk: Where Life & Scripture Meet. Mike has served at . Michael Emlet addresses this problem head on in his book, CrossTalk: Where Life and Scripture Meet. The book explains how to understand and apply the Bible. Editorial Reviews. Review. Michael Emlet has written a readable and insightful guide on how to move from the ancient text to our present situation. This book is.

Now that does not mean such a verse should be thrown out. Portraying such a pericope as a ditch passage simply means that just as a ditch is relatively easy to step across, so also are the typical passages used to address life issues easy to use for those common situations we face.

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Understanding what Scripture is and what it is not is a first step in the process of properly exegeting and applying its truths. Those directives come to us clothed in redemptive garb. Emlet provides the example of using Joshua 1: While that may be a valid approach, it is also important to understand the context of Joshua 1: Emlet builds on this redemptive-historical approach by noting the overall story found in Scripture.

Rather, God reveals himself to restore relationship with his people. He enters history to rescue his creation and then proclaims that fact through the many writers of Scripture. We are part of the same story line. This is not a declaration to just read all of Scripture although that is certainly included in that concept. In reality, what Emlet is proposing is the necessity to view Scripture in light of the Messiah.

Since all of Scripture points to Jesus, it is a necessity to read the entirety of Scripture in light of that fact.

CrossTalk: Where Life & Scripture Meet by Michael R. Emlet

Furthermore, for those who view the Old Testament as a product of a by-gone era, Emlet challenges those who take that route to take a different tact. Nothing should be overlooked or viewed as unimportant to what God is revealing in His word to His people. Yes, this means reading through those seemingly monotonous lists of names in the book of Numbers and reading through the Levitical laws.

It means not skipping over Acts in order to get to the Pauline letters.

crosstalk where life and scripture meet pdf merge

All of Scripture is profitable, a point Emlet consistently drives home and rightly so. As believers, it is essential to understand we live in community. No man is an island to himself as the old saying goes. Thus, when applying Scripture to our own lives and when praying for or talking with someone who is going through a rough patch in life, it is important to understand people, their worldviews, and how those worldviews impact how the people all around us view life.

crosstalk where life and scripture meet pdf merge

Emlet draws important implications from this understanding of what the Bible is. We should read it back to front and front to back. Using a bigger Bible, results in a richer ministry. Our lives should be lived bidirectionally. Interpretation and application should be a community church affair. Reading People The next few chapters address the story aspect of life.

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  • Cross Talk: Where Life and Scripture Meet

In light of the True Story, our lives are a combination of competing stories. We are fallen people.

Book Review - CrossTalk: Where Life and Scripture Meet

It is important to provide hope to those we minister to. The final chapters of the book apply the approach to two case studies.

Michael Emlet models how to apply Scripture carefully from a variety of texts both ditches and canyons to their life stories. Evaluation The book covers a lot of ground as it seeks to explain how to approach Scripture and how to approach people.

crosstalk where life and scripture meet pdf merge

Both skills are needed. I appreciated the immense practical value of this book. We need to minister to our own selves and speak the Word into the lives of those around us. Readers will find the book laid out in a helpful way, and very easy to read. Discussion questions after each chapter make the book ideal for group studies.

CrossTalk: Where Life & Scripture Meet

The pattern for personal application of Scripture for use in ministry to others will multiply that change exponentially. You need to get this book! About the author Michael R. He is the author of many counseling articles and the booklets including: Asperger Syndrome, Angry Children: Freedom for the Obsessive Compulsive.