Camp rock shane and michie meet the fockers

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camp rock shane and michie meet the fockers

All she knows is that he's a sweet understanding guy who she's never met who just Mitchie is in a car crash with her parents, she is the only one to live. both of her Takes place after Camp Rock, both Shane and Mitchie promise each other Michie is going back to camp rock to be an instructor, and connect three is. Read "Camp Fire" from the story nate gray camp rock 2 by LahavMccall (gurlitzliz ) Shane and Mitchie join us and we walk to the seats(front)and sit down like this- Alex: michie!! Highest rank: #1 in Camprock Meet Stella, she's Mitchie's cousin. in by the Torres family a day after the accident that killed both her parents. He was the only one she ever told besides her parents. She hated "We met him at Camp Rock," Shane said in an obvious tone. "Yeah.

Since the family cannot afford the tuition, Mitchie's mother, Connie, arranges to cater food for the camp, thus allowing Mitchie to attend. In return, Mitchie must help her mother out in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Shane Gray, the spoiled and arrogant lead singer of the popular music trio Connect 3, has been assigned to be in charge of dance classes for one month at Camp Rock by his bandmates Jason and Nate and is forced to record a song with the winner of Final Jam.

camp rock shane and michie meet the fockers

Shane accidentally hears someone singing on the first day and falls in love with the voice, but does not know the identity of the singer. During Opening Jam, Mitchie learns that many of the campers have notable roots and is embarrassed that she was only able to come to the camp because of her mother's catering service. She convinces Tess Tyler, a girl known for her famous mother and her popularity, that her mother is the president of Hot Tunes TV China.

Tess, impressed, invites Mitchie to bunk with her group. Caitlyn warns Mitchie that becoming one of Tess's background girls will not be as she expects. When Mitchie overhears Shane's new song, she compliments him.

camp rock shane and michie meet the fockers

Shane, doubtful that his record label and his fans would accept the song, begins to fall for Mitchie. In the cafeteria, Tess and Caitlyn begin to throw spaghetti at each other and Mitchie gets in the middle of the fight.

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Brown, the owner of the camp, breaks the fight up and Tess frames Caitlyn for the incident. Brown punishes Caitlyn by having her work in the kitchen and Mitchie, who is worried that Caitlyn will learn her secret, does not help her out. The Dare by live-in-dreamland1 reviews I dare you to kiss him" While waiting at the train station, Caitlyn and Mitchie notice that Shane Grey is standing a few feet away from them. Caitlyn dares Mitchie to walk up to him and kiss him.

Does Mitchie go through with it? Mitchie Torres is a Jersey girl with a naughty job. How are these two connected? Confessions on Hotel Paper by Moliver reviews He said it would be hard, we both knew having a secret relationship would be difficult. Especially when he was in one of the world's most famous bands and I was just a nobody. We really had no idea as to just how hard it really would be.

She doesn't want to leave all the new friends she's made. What happens when Brown and Dee make a major announcement the last day of camp? But what will happen when pop-star Shane Grey and his prize thourobred move in next to them?

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Boy meets girl and love happens. All written by a boy in love.

camp rock shane and michie meet the fockers

T - English - Romance - Chapters: Whta happens when Shane calls the cops? Will Mitchie be ok? Whta about Nate and Caitylin and Jason? Now she's off to college, but happens to run into a certain Connect Three member.

Mitchie is the invisble girl who's lived in Loch Arbour her entire life. Part 1 complete; part 2 up! Shane never heard Mitchie at Camp Rock.

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After they return from camp, Shane still has his bad boy attitude and Mitchie creates a video blog. We meet again by kbells reviews It has been 6 months since Mitchie has had any contact with Shane. But what happens when Caitlyn comes with a surprise? Shane, this cocky, jerky popstar comes across it. A video, a response, a story to begin? AU - Rated T for possible language. The Other Gray by Seventeenforeverxoxo reviews When Shane, Nate and Jason left their hometown to become Connect 3 they left something very important behind.

Now they're back and desparate to make it up to her. But 7 years is a long time-people and relationships change.

But can these friends handle it? So why was his time being wasted with some wannabe singer? Because he couldn't ignore the undeniable feelings he felt for her. Moving Forward by x. Shane cheated on Mitchie and they broke up. Now, Mitchie returns for a second summer at Camp Rock. But what will happen when a certain popstar also returns? The only problem is that Shane forgot everything about her. He may pose to be happy but he's broken inside.

Not like he'll notice me since his heart is crushed into a million pieces. What will happen if Shane makes some bad choices leaving Mitchie heartbroken? What if she runs to Nate's arms? What is Mitchie goes back to Shane?

What happens when Shane moves because of his career and then one day they meet in camp? Everything was great when they were kids but growing up made the no blood-relation statement take over. Mitchie and Shane need to find the way to tell the truth without being rejected. And just like Romeo and Juliet, everything seemed to keep them apart.