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The Japanese anime television series Soul Eater is directed by Takuya Igarashi, and produced The plot of the episodes follows Maka Albarn, a "meister" of the Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA), and . Black Star and Kid learn about Excalibur, the Holy Sword whose legendary powers are said to surpass those of . Crona meets Excalibur Humor - Crona, Death The Kid, Excalibur, Ragnarok - Words: 2, - Reviews: 36 Settling down into his seat, Black Star crossed his arms and huffed, . "Wait, didn't I see that in a movie some-". An "Excalibur Face" describes the unique face made when individuals meet the Great Old One affiliated with the Madness of Anger, the Holy Sword Excalibur.

Ox lowers his head in frustration, as the phrase, "Please take good care of things" presumably another provisionappears on screen. A City Flashback Edit At a nightclub, Excalibur invites many attractive women to drink as much as they want, because all drinks are on him. This feat impresses one woman, wearing a fox stole. That evening, the fox stole lays atop a chair in a bedroom.

As well, so does Excalibur's cane. The woman lies in bed under sheets, one strap lowered on her shoulder. Someone next to her--Excalibur--silently draws a smoke from a cigarette in his mouth.

Caption appears to warn against smoking in bed. The woman's back is turned towards Excalibur, while he lies on his back, eyes open. Excalibur narrates that he was all dried up.

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Later, Excalibur departs through the streets at night, seeming to wobble as he walks. He narrates how nothing satisfied him. He drives away in a car, using his cane to reach the foot pedals. He attends a bar where the bartender shakes swiftly his mixed drink.

At this bar, he eyes a woman, Cathy, who toasts to him. Excalibur finds love with Cathy Excalibur spends time with Cathy, reinvigorated by life. The very presence of his transformation makes the air in the immediate vicinity vibrate and when its considerable powers are initially invoked, the surrounding area is bathed in a brilliant dazzling light. In addition, each swing slices through space itself. A pair of bright golden wings are given to anyone who is wielding Excalibur, giving them the ability of flight at high and capable speeds.

In addition to this, Excalibur is also shown to summon forth wings on his own Weapon form to fly independently. Excalibur's ultimate move in Soul Eater: Excalibur transforms into his holy sword form, shooting himself downward onto the ground close to the opponent and releases a very powerful explosive wave.

Those wielding Excalibur can teleport instantly from location to another. It is then that Crona uses Screaming Resonance, causing the ship to split in half.

Kid begins to chase Crona across the sea, but he allows Crona to escape due to his obsession with symmetry. Meanwhile, Maka visits Medusa and explains to her about having coughed up black blood. In response, Medusa prescribed Maka a bag of pills that enhances the presence of black blood, though Maka is unaware of it. Stein also goes to see Medusa, being investigative about the pills, ending up convinced that she is a witch.

Therefore, he sends Sid and Mila Naigus to Medusa's house to further investigate, finding out the truth about Medusa's evil scheme regarding the black blood. However, they are caught by Eruka, who was sent by Medusa to retrieve a briefcase containing black blood to carry out the plan.

Kid returns to the DWMA and asks his father a question concerning the presence of kishin within the academy. Nomu, Utsu, Kau, Ittoku? However, upon meeting him, he discovers that the holy sword is not quite what he expected, forced to listen to the sword's one thousand provisions as well as his tales. Excalibur tells about his times when he was resided in a ghettoized city, when he performed at an opera house, when he incorrectly solved a crime case, when he accompanied an expedition into battle, and when he suffered a heartbreak from his first love.

After Excalibur sings a song about himself, he finally gives Ox the opportunity to be his partner. However, Ox chooses to abandon him, negatively commenting on his personality. Soshite Maku wa Agatta?

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During the festivities, Stein confronts Medusa to ascertain her plot before Sid arrives to warn everyone about her trap. Medusa escapes to launch an assault throughout Death City with the assistance of her minions.

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Free traps everyone in his Independent Cube. The group of heroes follows Medusa underneath the city where they make their final preparations to stop her. Kid goes further ahead to pursue Free and Eruka, who possess the black blood intended to awaken the kishin Asura.

Black Star attempts to engage Crona in combat, but Maka, seeking revenge, convinces Black Star to catch up to and assist Kid while she fights Crona instead. Before Maka can be defeated again, Soul confronts the Little Demon within himself and encounters Maka, whose consciousness was brought within Soul's by the demon in an attempt to claim both of their souls.

Maka discusses with the reluctant Soul her intention to use the black blood's power and gain the same madness Crona has, hoping it will allow her to reach some understanding about Crona's wavelength.

Soul relents and allows Maka to go slip into madness, promising to pull her out of it before it's too late. Kawaita Kokoro, Tamaranai Kodoku no Naka de? Maka determines that the source behind Crona's madness is the neglect he suffered as a child under Medusa, causing Crona to withdraw from other people. Maka's contact with Crona's will throws Crona's soul into chaos, and Soul successfully pulls Maka from her madness.

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Maka then comforts Crona, purifying Crona's soul and befriending Crona. Fujimi no Otoko ga Shikaketa Karakuri? Thanks to Black Star's timely intervention, however, Kid deduces that the Free they are fighting is actually an illusive Free projecting himself, as the actual Free is trying to buy enough time for him and Eruka to reach the shrine of the kishin.

The two enter to find themselves immersed in the madness wavelength of the kishin, which causes them to hallucinate and nearly commit suicide, but they regain their senses in time to uncover the sleeping kishin. Fukkatsu to Genkaku no Hazama de? Kid keeps Free at bay while Black Star chases down Eruka, who sticks a syringe of black blood into the sleeping kishin.

In one final desperate attack, Black Star seemingly succeeds in destroying the syringe before the black blood is injected, only to discover his victory was a hallucination induced by the madness wavelength of the kishin.

Stein cuts Medusa down as she expresses her joy, but it does nothing to prevent the kishin Asura from awakening.

The two gods clash in an epic battle over Death City, but without a weapon, Lord Death unfortunately lacks the power necessary to properly fight Asura, who flees to spread his madness across the world. Lord Death orders various Death Scythes from around the world to be summoned to combat their new enemy, and Medusa seemingly dies after her battle with Stein. However, a snake can be seen emerging from the sewers. Azusa searches for Asura while Justin remains on standby. After the meeting, Lord Death discusses his concerns with Death Scythe that Stein may be reverting to his old ways of insanity.

Later, Maka and Crona are assigned by Lord Death to investigate an incident in a Czech village involving a berserk golem. They encounter a man named Girikowho turns out to be an insane weapon involved with the golem.

Maka is nearly defeated by Giriko and the golem until Crona steps in to assist her.