Beca and jesse meet

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beca and jesse meet

What is going to happen between Beca and Jesse? We finally get to meet Beca's mum and explore their mother-daughter relationship. Please read and. Beca and Jesse have been attending the camp for years, a rivalry increasingly growing each summer. Despite their constant arguing and death. We learn that Beca broke up with Jesse because they couldn't handle the long The ladies meet up with the rest of their Bella sisters - Aubrey (Anna Camp).

When she arrives she is reprimanded by the older Bellas.

beca and jesse meet

As they are about to perform, Aubrey Anna Camp tries to assure them she'll do a good job, but is shot down. The group sings 'The Sign'. Cut to the start of a new year at Barden University, and freshman Beca Anna Kendrick is arriving by taxi. While she is receiving directions and her Rape Whistle, a car passes her by, and another student, Jesse Skylar Austin is singing along to the radio, and catches her attention.

Beca finds her new dorm room, and meets her roommate Kimmy-Jin, who is hostile and unfriendly. Beca's dad, a professor at Barden then arrives, and asks her how she got there.

It is revealed that Beca's parents have split up as she refers to her dad's new wife as her 'step monster', and seems very reluctant to be attending College. Beca's dad tries to encourage her to enjoy it, but Beca escapes to the Activities fair. At the Activities fair, we are introduced to the Trebles - one of the Campus singing groups, all male, who are talented and have a high opinion of themselves, especially Bumper Adam Devine the lead singer.

beca and jesse meet

Jesse and Benji approach the Trebles, as Benji is desperate to join, but Bumper is not impressed with his enthusiasm. Across the campus, the Bellas are now down to just 2 members - Aubrey and Chloe, who are trying to recruit new ones. Due to their disastrous performance at the last Championships, they are not having much luck, and are even ridiculed by 'Baloney Barb' who has tried out for them previously.

They are then approached by Fat Amy Rebel Wilsonan outgoing and quirky student from Tasmania who doesn't hesitate to demonstrate her singing and dancing abilities. They then meet Beca, who quickly rebuffs their offer to audition, saying it is lame, which immediately puts Aubrey offside.

Instead of being interested in joining any of the singing groups, Beca has much more of an interest in remixing music on her laptop. She gets a job at the campus radio station, and much to her dismay, so does Jesse. Her dad pays her a visit in her dorm, and gives her an ultimatum - if she makes an effort and joins a group at Collegebut still doesn't like it by the end of the year, she can quit and follow her true dream of becoming a DJ, and he will help her As Beca goes into the communal showers singing to herself, Chloe happens to be in the showers as well, and confronts Beca in her shower stallinsisting that she try out for the Bellas.

Although Beca is mortified, she sings along with Chloe to 'Titanium'. Finally the auditions are on, and Jesse, Benji and Fat Amy are among the hopefuls trying out, auditioning to 'Since you've been gone'.

Beca comes late, and hasn't prepared the audition song, but auditions with 'Cups miss me when I'm gone ', and Chloe and Jesse are impressed, while Aubrey is unsure. They all swear an oath and drink the 'blood of the Bellas who came before them' wine. Cut to the initiation of the new Trebles. Jesse has made it, but Benji has not. That night, there is Aca-initiation where all the groups come together for drinks and singing.

Jesse is pleased to see Beca is in the Bellas, although she seems less than thrilled to be there. Fat Amy and Bumper seem to share some chemistry, despite insulting one another, and Aubrey looks unhappy that Beca is showing an interest in Jesse.

The next day, Bella rehearsals begin. Aubrey has a very rigorous training schedule planned.

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She announces that one of the new Bellas has been kicked out for breaking the oath that you must not hook up with a Treble. She asks the rest of the girls to confess the same if necessary, and another Bella is kicked out. Rehearsals begin, and the girls are less than impressive. Aubrey and Chloe have their work cut out for them. As the girls leave, Aubrey calls Beca over and warns her not to get involved with Jesse.

Beca is flippant and retorts that Aubrey is not the boss of her. At the Bellas' first gig with their new line up they wear the same uniforms and sing the same songs they always have. They are not at all prepared, and are cut short and told they won't be paid for the gig. Aubrey is furious, especially at Chloe, who then reveals she has Nodes - 'the rubbing together of your vocal chords at above average rates and without proper lubrication', and will have to pull back on her singing.

As time goes on, Jesse tries flirting with Beca at work, who seems like she is interested in him but trying not to be. He then approaches her on campus and wants to show her his favourite movies, but she reveals she does not like watching movies, especially the endings Jesse argues that endings are the best part.

Beca says she doesn't have time to watch the movies, as Bellas are rehearsing all the time. Jesse asks if they are getting ready for the Riff Off. Beca has no idea what that is, but soon finds out. The Riff Off is a singing competition that pits the groups against each other, with various song categories. Beca is encouraged by the other Bellas' ability to listen to one another and sing together impromptu, but Aubrey brushes her off, upset that they still lost.

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Jesse and Beca become closer when she plays him some of her music remixes, and he shows her the ending of his favourite movie, the Breakfast Club.

As the Bellas rehearse for the next round of competition, Chloe and Beca try to convince Aubrey to try something different and not keep singing the same songs, but Aubrey is adamant that they will win if they keep it all the same. She gives Fat Amy a solo in the performance, who gets a bit carried away, but the audience love the energy and variation from the usual Bella prim and proper style. However, Aubrey is not impressed.

The Trebles win the trophy, but as they are all leaving, a fight breaks out with an acapella group of older men outside, and Beca accidentally breaks a window, and ends up being arrested. When her father arrives to bail her out, she is furious with Jesse for calling him.

The first year she arrived at the camp, Stagedoor Woods, it was her only escape from her parents' fights. At night, she heard the sounds of cicadas and the hushed breaths of her fellow cabinmates and not her father's fists banging against the table or her mother's sobs.

Instead of hiding in her bedroom closet all day, trying to block out the screaming and the yelling, at camp Beca was able to sing her heart out and play with computers until it was dark. Increasing the volume of her phone, Beca drowned out the sounds of happiness and hysteria that was always so equally mixed on the first day. Without a word to anyone she disappeared on the pathway, paved with a bed of wood chips. Walking through the trees, trying not to fall on branches or protruding rocks, Beca's eyes scanned the area until she saw the cabin.

It was further away than any other cabin, but Beca loved not being bothered by the blasting pop music from radios or whispered cabin talks about the cutest guys. It was perfect, not too close and not too far. She pushed the cabin door open with the side of her shoulder, on account of the phone and bags that were occupying her arms.

Immediately she was met with the arms of another girl, whom she already could tell the identity. The cabin was already clustered with duffle bags and articles of clothing strewn in every open spot.

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Windows on the sides of the cabin were open, blowing in a slight breeze that pulled Beca's hair away from her face ever so slightly. Beca tossed her stuff on the side of the bed towards the right of the room.

It was an unspoken rule that that bed was always Beca's. It had been that way since the first year she was a camper. Grasping Beca's hands in her own, Chloe ushered the young brunette outside towards the mess hall.

Campers were already congregating there, forming the cliques that would remain intact for the rest of the summer. You could already tell which program each camper was part of at first sight. The musical theater students were singing along to Glee, mimicking show choir dance moves.

In the corner, the musicians were having a jam session on all their instruments while a percussion player was maintaining a steady beat. The photographers were on the ground, trying to find the perfect angle to capture the scene and over by the food line were the dancers, clad in leotards and pointe shoes. Other groups were just funneling in from outside, after securing their beds and meeting up with their old friends.

Beca grabbed an apple from one of the baskets that were rigged up to the ceiling. Throwing it up and down in the air, catching it with ease, she locked eyes with Him. Drawing in a quick intake of breath, she spun around and walked the other way.

Chloe, raising her eyebrows in question, looked over to the group Beca had just seen, realizing the problem and following her friend as they found seats on the opposite side of the mess hall.

Why was he here? Couldn't he have let her have a summer without him, without the smirk always plastered on his face? Him and his stupid posse that followed his every move and conceded to his every whim. The two of them were the camp's longest attending campers, starting camp all those years ago. Throughout the numerous summers that came and went, campers trickled in and then many of them trickled out, but Beca and Jesse had remained.

Even though on the outside it might've looked like nothing had changed, if you looked closer you could see the small differences of young Beca and Jesse and now older Beca and Jesse. Jesse still slept on the same bed he had slept in all those summers ago, but now his legs almost hung off the ends whereas years ago he hardly took up half of it.

Beca's headphone size slowly increased as she got more used to closing off the world. The main thing that grew over the years was their hatred of one another. It all started at a riff off when Beca and Jesse were about 11 years old. The camp director had come up with the idea, hoping that all the kids would enjoy it, and most of them enjoyed it too much.

Beca and Jesse had never really talked until that day of the riff off and afterwards, all they exchanged were death stares and huffed breaths. Jesse had been trying to impress his fellow campers. He was easily one of the youngest campers that year, except for Beca.

Stagedoor Woods was a prestigious summer camp for only the most serious of young artists. Big celebrities had slept in the same cabins they did now and everytime they went to sleep, all campers hoped that someday their name would be plastered to the wall of fame. Jesse, smaller than the other children, but not lacking in talent, had decided to put himself out there.

He knew that if he ever wanted to get anywhere in the industry, he had to start by making other people notice him and he was ready to win this thing. Straightening his t-shirt and practicing his scales, Jesse had been prepared to show everyone that he wasn't just the runt. He had pure talent and he wanted to be recognized for it. He was doing pretty well, hitting all the right notes and making the crowd cheer until She came along. Beca was angry, actually she was more than angry.