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After an impossible break in at Queen Consolidated, CSI Barry Allen comes to Oliver senses there is more to Barry than meets the eye, but he's distracted Add content advisory for parents» Felicity Smoak: I was invited to a work notion. Felicity and Barry in an all new episode of 'The Flash' | Youtube Screenshot/ file. Palmer and Smoak's first order of business in Central City is to seek Barry and Expert Shares Tips for Helping Parents of Kids with Disabilities. Empire's review of the Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow Barry, who met her last season on Supergirl in the crossover "World's Rickards (Felicity Smoak), Brandon Routh (Ray Palmer/The Atom), Melissa . scene as Oliver recounts the separate deaths of his parents in front of him.

While much of reality shifted back, there were significant changes, the repercussions of which are still being felt and likely will continue to be.

The conflict is a very real one, and not one easily resolved. Things get even more complicated when Professor Stein and Jax the two sides of Firestorm reveal to Barry and Oliver an audio message taken from their time-traveling vessel the Waverider, which came from Barry forty years in the future, revealing what he did to the timeline and how no one can be trusted in the present, including his younger self.

In one of the strongest moments of the episode, Barry goes to the rest of the team who voted him leader to admit to everything that happened, and what his future self had to say. And the reveal is painful: Oliver protests and ultimately stays behind as well. But it is another strong emotional scene as Oliver recounts the separate deaths of his parents in front of him, noting that if he could have, he would have gone back to save them. Once again, Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin prove the connection they have with each other as performers.

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A very cool battle follows that, between writing and effects, truly does feel like a comic book sequence brought to life. While that battle is going on, Cisco and Felicity Smoak find the source of the mind control, so The Flash leads Supergirl on a chase there, tricking her into destroying it and freeing the heroes from Dominator control. Their final moment of victory is taken away from them, when the Dominators transport Oliver, Thea, Diggle, Palmer and Sara aboard their vessel, leading to the next installment.

Perhaps most surprising about the episode is how small a role the aliens themselves actually play in it. Arrow Season 5, Episode 8 — Invasion Starring: Things start off in an extremely unusual way: Oliver Queen is happy. He gives a device taken from the crashed Dominator ship for Curtis to try and understand the alien technology. In a short, and seemingly unnecessary scene, the three of them take her down.

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Throughout the episode, Oliver and the others are living the lives that they wished they had. For him, Laurel and his parents are still alive, his future father-in-law Quentin Lance genuinely seems to respect him and is happy to welcome him to the family, and his father believes him the right man to take over Queen Consolidated.

Ray is engaged to Felicity, Diggle is the Green Arrow in this reality with Felicity working the Arrow Cave with himand Thea is just thrilled to have her family intact.

Once the group is awake, they make their way to a pod and manage to take off, having no idea how to actually fly the craft. An Independence Day-like pursuit ensues with dozens of other space crafts closing in, before the Waverider, captained by Nate Heywood, arrives and disappears with them aboard, heading towards the final chapter in this arc.

Before leaving the Dominator-induced vision, there are a couple of significant moments. In one, Oliver has to try and convince Thea that none of this is real, but that what it has done is forced him to embrace their responsibility to other people and the world.

There is also the moment before they step back into reality, where Oliver is encouraged by the voices of loved ones no longer with him. Two complaints, one minor and one a little more significant. For the former, there are way too many shots of heroes with their hands on their hips, notably Supergirl and The Flash.

Who thought this was a good idea? Indeed, characters like The Flash and Supergirl are very much a part of a B-story although Team Arrow does discover a connection between the Dominator language and Hebrew.

Overall, a strong installment of Arrow, and an appropriate celebration of episodes. Season 2, Episode 7 — Invasion Starring: Nate suggests bringing the Waverider back to to capture a Dominator and gather intel of their own.

Oliver asks her to hang back, because he's having a hard time dealing with the situation. Apparently when he goes up against something new, he pushes back and seeks a sense of normalcy. This was born from dealing with human threats, which became meta-humans, to discovering alternate Earths, to being a prisoner on a space ship and the fact that there are aliens.

And the fact that nobody fights that? Yo, Oliver, maybe you want to claw back your normalcy after the aliens have been dealt with? There is also a wistful bit where he reflects on the fact that he used to dream about time travel and aliens, and the reality of both is anything but a dream.

Ray is no longer on the show but he was primarily a love interest for Felicity until they gave him a superhero storyline and moved him over to Legends of Tomorrow. She has a degree in computer science from MIT. Felicity's career starts to take off when she goes to work at Queen Consolidated where she meets Oliver Queen the Green Arrow.

Oliver immediately ends up using Felicity as a plot device to get information. Felicity works in a tech company solely to be able to supply the male superhero the protagonist with the information he needs to catch the antagonist. She and Oliver have a complicated relationship over the course of the show and sometimes it seems like he forgets that she's an intelligent woman in a STEM career and not just his love interest.

As the show goes on, Felicity stops being a character who makes cameos only to help Oliver, and actually becomes a main character. The audience sees her become more and more successful in her career as she becomes more prominent of a character. When the show started, she was an IT girl. In season two, not only did she become a series regular, she also gets promoted in her job to Executive Assistant.

Along with her career progressing, her confidence in what she does also progresses. By season four she knows that she's good at what she does and she's no longer afraid to stand up for herself.

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Tor Everything is looking up for Felicity until she gets shot and paralyzed. She continues to run Palmer Technologies while emotionally dealing with being in a wheelchair and trying to help Oliver catch who shot her.

Towards the end of season four, she is voted out of the company by the board of directors for neglecting her duties as CEO to help Oliver. This doesn't give the audience a positive portrayal of a woman balancing her career and personal life, and shows that you have to choose one or the other, even though that is not true. She works her way up to CEO on her own merits, and then loses her position at the whim of the patriarchy even if it was to save the city.

Felicity doesn't let that stop her though. After some unfortunate misteps that result in Felicity becoming a hacker again, Felicity takes her skills and creates her own tech company. Labs where Caitlin and fellow engineer Cisco Ramon worked. Felicity and Caitlin meet when Caitlin informs her that Barry Allenwho Felicity had previously worked with, is still in a coma after a particle accelerator explosion at S.

Depictions of Women in STEM: Felicity Smoak and Dr. Caitlin Snow

Labs which gave him powers that later made him become the Flash. When the Flash became a separate show, centering on S. Labs, Caitlin became a main character. DC Database Caitlin Snow is meek and reserved, and at her core just wants to help people.

After becoming estranged from her mother, she chose to take a job at S. We don't really get to know her much about her personality yet as she is closed off to everyone due to her husband dying, and doesn't want to get too close to anyone for fear of losing them. In season two, the audience sees Caitlin come into her own as a character more, and a completely different side of her is revealed.

When Team Flash travels to Earth Twoa parallel universe Earth, they see that the Caitlin from Earth Two was also affected by the particle accelerator explosion and in this world she is no longer a scientist, but instead a meta-human turned villain named Killer Frost.

Caitlin as Killer Frost. Wikipedia Later on Barry goes back in time and mistakenly sends them into an alternate timeline, where Caitlin never became an engineer.

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