Yoona and jessica relationship advice

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yoona and jessica relationship advice

Jessica is usually regarded as one of the prettier SNSD members, . of Girls Generation and doesn't go anything beyond a couple OSTs and as such, Yoona or Jessica are usually the two members that are When I'm tired I talk to Tiffany unnie, she listens to me and gives me advice and prays for me. A good blazer does wonders to instantly make you put together. It's such a simple article of clothing to have, but when tailored well and with the. 'Radio Star' SNSD ripped apart, revealed Yoona-Sooyoung dating I thought that it was more like some sort of program that offers dating advice. [+, - ] When Jessica comes on Radio Star, she has the best jokes ㅋ.

Originally posted by sooyoungsexual When Tiffany learns of another member having feelings for you, she perceives it as a huge joke. Tiffany remains unconcerned through the entire situation. Although, she believes any course of action to be irresponsible, Tiffany decides to approach you in the instance that you might want to confront the member.

As the problematic situation diffuses, Tiffany begins to make lighthearted jokes about the member and you. Originally posted by girls-generation Hyoyeon is astounded and humored by the discovery that one of her members has feelings for you.

To her it seems extremely implausible.

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For a while she even makes jokes about you and her member being together. Until the jealousy starts to settle in, watching you two interact agitates Hyoyeon.

yoona and jessica relationship advice

Because Hyoyeon is quite an aggressive person, confrontation is inevitable. Thus, she approaches her member angrily in hopes to end the situation. Although it causes a brief drift between Hyoyeon and her member, their discussion helps diffuse the situation significantly. Originally posted by coffeeyuri Yuri immediately becomes sulky and worried when she learns that one of her members has a crush on you. She is a self-assured person, however, it seems to be an aggressive situation, a cord of insecurity runs through Yuri.

Seohyun crossed her arms and did not expect Yoona to act that way. They already agreed beforehand that Seohyun would give out the presentation and that Yoona would not be participating in it.

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It is an emotional act. An expression of love. It is an act that involves intimacy, vulnerability, acceptance and trust. You only feel intimate with the person you love. When making love, you feel vulnerable because you strip yourself bare.

yoona and jessica relationship advice

You don't let other people see you naked, you only allow the person you love to see you like that. You show your naked self to that someone who you know accepts you, accepts your body for what it is, accepts you for who you are or how you look. Making love is all about trust. You trust the person you love to satisfy you, to make you happy, to let you experience new things.

Making love is something that you shouldn't take for granted. You can have sex with anyone, but you can only make love to that one person who you love, who you accept, and who you trust," Yoona said and smiled at Taeyeon and Tiffany who looked at each other with shy smiles. Yoona, the girl she knows for a long time, the girl who made her experience things, but now, the girl who made her feel something more, something like love.

Seohyun didn't know that Yoona's words could have that effect on her. Yoona looked at Seohyun with a piercing glare. No words were exchanged between the two of them. Taeyeon and Tiffany looked at the two and felt the tension in the air rise. This time, it was Jessica who opened the door and a bubbly Minyoung with a tray of food in hand came in. I was thinking that you could be hungry.

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She was hoping to hear about what the girls could be teaching her daughter, and maybe, apply those teachings to herself too. What happened to our planned presentation? You call that a presentation?

yoona and jessica relationship advice

A presentation about pornographic images?! That's not just what making love is all about. Or was it really more like a reflection of what we are, of what we have. The room went still and quiet. Tiffany exhaled deeply when she felt Taeyeon's warm breath on her sensitive ear.

yoona and jessica relationship advice

I think the two have let their personal lives interfere with their professional ones. Apparently, Yoona here is affected with Seohyun's view about sex.

While Yoona here thinks that sex shouldn't be called sex, instead it should be called as making love and that you need love to be doing that. You get what I mean? Does that mean that after everything that we did, you just think of me as your sexual partner and not as someone you love?

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Taeyeon and Tiffany gasped. I'm your boss and yet I didn't know that you two are a couple! As a fan, I was disappointed at their disbandmentbut as a colleague, i am still cheering them on. As I can still listen to their music.

It also sounded out at a candlelit vigil demanding the impeachment of former President Park Geunhye. Among people in their 20s who have participated in idol culture, SNSD became a language.

Video about SNSD mistreating Jessica come to surface

A language of the heart that makes you feel a sense of unity in song. Our girl groups do not show individual emotions. If one person works hard, a different member does as well. Whoever sets the precedence, we all give and receive positive influence.

yoona and jessica relationship advice

The fact that we greet others well is also a strong suit. We know the preciousness of popularity. We wonder if that incident made SNSD even stronger.

Like a riddle, Sooyoung recited a famous dialogue from a popular drama.